I could only find two videos that included snapton s p 510, but the overall feedback was enough for me to choose your drone for my purchase Music as a novice. I have never flown one before i read the instruction book thoroughly and found it to be well written and easy to understand. After a few failed attempts, i found the drone flew very nicely. It even seemed to fly well in a mild breeze. Regarding the camera, i found the pictures and video to be top notch. I was surprised just how clear they looked when i uploaded them. The shipping box makes into a great storage case. I would have given my review 5 stars if it had arrived with another battery. So now i will be purchasing another one Music. You can easily tell the battery status while charging and flying the flight time is about 16 til 17 minutter. Since it only comes with one battery, i will need to buy extra battery. If i want to fly more, the two 7k fpv camera is motorized, which means the camera can be tilted down and up during flight time. The quality of photo and video is not excellent, but decent and acceptable. There is an sd slot which the return to home works great. It is a big plus to this drone. It returns fast and precise, and it will tell you that it is coming down on phonak. You need to press return button again to get out of return home mode after landing, otherwise you won’t be able to take off again.