D80 selfie journal. It is so intelligent, gps, hovering and barometer set height, easy one key taking off or landing next let’s explore the possibilities of infinity Music, hd, video, recording and hd picture. Shooting d80 captures your wonderful moments on journey. Stable and strong brushless motor provides strong flying power. 45 kilometers per hour high speed experience the pleasure of racing. You want this point of interest orbit, making your shooting more attractive. Følg mig-tilstand, making your drone your exclusive photographer. It will follow you wherever you go and record whatever inspires you under app custom root fight. D80 will fly according to your designed route, see more and reveal more d80 features, long control, Afstand, hd, real time transmission, providing a better flying experience, headless mode function, simple operation and easy you’re flying. We yearn for nature and freedom.