This little micro drone includes 5.8Ghz FPV transmitter that works with most FPV racing goggles. It's intended as an introductory drone to true FPV flying. Find it here version without goggles or here version with bundled racing goggles

Little folding drone for improved portability.
– 720p HD camera
– 5.8Ghz FPV transmitter that works with most 5.8Ghz analog FPV racing goggles.
Available bundled with a set of racing goggles, or cheaper version is also available without goggles (the cheaper version is demonstrated in this video).
– 3.7V 380mah battery.

Proprietary battery.
Camera lens has very narrow field of view. This causes magnification, and makes FPV flying difficult as objects appear much closer than they really are. Additionally nearby objects just offscreen may not appear at all.
Lens is also pointed downward showing mostly ground.
Camera propeller vibrations are very apparent, and aggravated by the magnification of the lens.
The camera and FPV transmitter make this little drone somewhat heavy. If you descend too quickly it will easily enter vortex ring state causing uncontrolled drops to the ground.

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