Try all right, there's a lot of trying filming. Ja, Held og lykke! You'Ll do better than i do Applause. I did hit pause comparison. I have not run rookies excavator i'm. Not sure the controls, but i think i can figure it out. I hope i would hope you've done this before you're good one go. Damn that was actually really slick and fast. I don't like fast. You can slow down now Applause. You did that really quickly, really quickly: Okay, either one Applause uh, just because i had this one pulled out, um and used in a different vehicle, and i didn't have i didn't even think it was required for today. Åh nej, i also like the sound of the brass gears in the transmission it's. Quite a meaty sound good, not for me, you're kicking ass you're flying actually, you can slow down now coming in. For my, the lifting mechanism is disabled, so we all have equal opportunity. We just tilt it back and around i go to my favorites just trying to unload it lucky that was in the way there you're killing it on time: Musik, Okay, i'm, just trying to choose which one i'm going to yeah. You have to be one side or the other. You can't go dead center, that is beautiful, Okay, you're good to go, kicking ass here, backing up and full turn around come on. You got this. This is the one that gives everybody fits this uh this corner.

I made just makes it a little harder. Almost so close, you got that tire you own it, so you can run it over. I know it's only a 10 second penalty i'd be smart. If i just took it, it feels unsportsmanlike just to burn it. 10 seconds is fast, i just burned it. Godt, you shouldn't Music willingly. We make a lot of this up as we go here. You'Re gone, so all you got ta do is get docked and unload you're sweating. How are you doing? Åh ja? I love it actually. You'Re trying to distract me right now exactly i was winning up until now, so i have to keep it that way. Musik, you have to stay between the lines. Tell me, is this harder than it looks? Ja, it totally is that i can actually feel the pressure and you're there nice Music, Ja, it's, still snowing yeah Music, you beat me, oh not quite there i beat crazy joe. I did not beat rookie. This is my first time at trailer trash. I thought it was awesome, that's, a fun game, that's a fun game. tak skal du have, hva. This was born out of necessity for practice for voting kings. Just so we didn't look bad. You mean loading. Kings might happen, it might every every few weekends.