This is the new version uh very interesting. That happy model is releasing a new version of the modulus 6. theyre. Not calling it a v2, but it basically is because you have a new set of motors in here. Disse er 0.702. 26 000 kv now maybe theyre the same motors, but they just have a newly designed bell, but it does look a little bit different here, but the biggest addition is going to be that this is using the all in one board that i had on the channel. Very recently that i reviewed on this uzi 80 open quad frame right here, but it is using it on here. So it has the board that is totally plug and play with your camera with your motors with your video transmitter. But in this case it is all built up for you uh, and then they also have express lrs built into the board. So you can see the very tiny espresso artist antenna right there. Nu, if you dont know express dollars, is a new control link system. That is open source, its very inexpensive. The receivers that you would put on a quadcopter are only about 13, so theyre very cheap and they have ultra low latency. Now the thing about these loops is theyre, so fun, theyre, so cheap. Men, prior to this release, you would either have to deal with the terrible built in receivers that they had on there or you had to install an external receiver system like crossfire now.

Crossfire did get the low latency ultra connected feel, but you had to install that receiver that added a little bit of weight. You had to have a big antenna hanging off the back. This gets you the low latency. This gets you a tiny antenna, thats internal that has no mounting needed and uh, and it actually saves you some weight. So this performs, unlike any other quad of this size, that ive ever flown the amount of control and speed and connection that you feel with the quad because of the system is incredible. Derudover, this all in one board also has a 200 milliwatt video transmitter system. So that means that youre gon na have more power in pushing it a little bit farther. If you were flying these, mostly in your house, because winter is coming guys. Winter is coming its whoop season and if you had been flying these in your house, you would notice that and when you get to the far corners, especially if it live in a two story, you would start to get a lot of breakup. Godt. This has um 200 milliwatts instead of 25 milliwatts youre gon na have a little bit more transmission power and your signal is going to stay so much cleaner. This kit is really nice, it comes with a charger and it comes with four batteries: thats right, four batteries. So you can really just keep one charging and just keep flying over and over and over and over, and that is exactly what youre going to want to do on this thing.

There is sort of a new style frame, ive seen green ive seen blue. I do really like the way that this looks and theyre using the new buy blade prop that we also had on the uzi 80.. This prop gets its actually the smaller version, so this is 31 millimeter on the uzi 80. It had the 40 millimeter, but i did note that these props are super durable, regular woot props are also are often very weak and they break very easily these dont. Nu, what do you get out of having four blades versus two blades? Godt, the two blades are going to spin up a little bit faster. Usually more blades is going to give you a little bit of control, but since they are putting this on such a lightweight package, you get the control and you get the acceleration. Now you want the acceleration, because these motors are tiny, even though this thing is light, so this will be able to react quicker in the air, um and thats what you get by reducing the blades. You know a lot of people that were into flying and doing tricks indoors would cut two of the blades off of their four blade props anyway. So now theyre just giving you that option set up from the get go and ive never felt a whoop fly its equal check out some of the maneuvers through the house. If youre looking for a whoop winter is coming its time to get flying indoors.

As we all get cold outside as theres snow everywhere, this is absolutely the one to get and its so nice did. You also know that if you have express lrs built into this board, you dont have to do the regular wi fi update. If you go in there and go to your cli command and hit rx underscore bind, this puts it into bind mode, then you go onto your transmitter, go into the elrs lua script and just hit bind and then its bound so easy. You dont have to push a bind button in there anywhere, and you actually dont have to update this in any way its just ready to go so really really nice job it. You know props to a happy model for coming out with another solid release. They were really really struggling in the first years. I really didnt like them at all, but now the frame is good, the quad is good and they didnt try to like do that. Scummy technique, where they just throw another new letter on that they could have called this a mobile 6.5.