We go so here we go Music, Musik. Okay. What i found interesting about this superman ramp is that i could not bring it all the way around. Even though i stayed on full throttle, i could not actually make it do a backflip that's why i landed in the long grass it's not like this is built to be a basher. This is built to be a rock racer, but i figured everybody would want me to hit the superman ramp isn't that right, they're all leaving a light. Click right now boom boom boom don't hit it too many times, selvom, because that means then you unliked it. So only hit the like button once but hit the subscribe button once hit. The bell once then hit the bell again to get all notifications then tap your head and rub your belly and jump on one leg to whatever and you might get to see. One of our videos when it's released it was it, was on their wheels. It was on its wheels. I made it back. You know what we're looking at right now, michael knight, Okay, so what do i think of the low seat laser nut number one? I am nuts about it. I know cliche i'm, a dad now uh, but at the same time it is absolutely fantastic. One of the things i'd like to see on this is maybe a stronger steering servo. I notice when it's not actually in motion. The steering itself is a little weak now.

Do you need it to be? Turning when you're staying still not usually unless you're trying to you know kind of climb up a smaller area going in a smaller speed, Uh, men generelt, i think the speed for a 3s lipo is pretty good and the durability has been fantastic. I broke nothing so far in today's, video og øh. If you guys want i'll, leave a helpful link in the video description box down below check it out, while you're dropping a like click and we'll, see you in the next episode of rc adventures now get outside.