The great price flies great lightweight long flight times. My old freestyle seems like you had it all, and now here you are back again for version 2. Super excited to see you back better than ever let's check out the features do a little flying you guys. Here we go reptile v2. Okay, welcome back to the channel the bromance continues here. We are a new quad new design features on this one we're going to talk about this we're gon na jump right into this I'm, not gon na waste. Your time about this, the original cloud 149. It came into my channel and it did really well number one because it was a great price compared to all the other competitors out there like diatone, taken the bumblebee, the Green Hornet. They were all really good on the channel, but the thing about the reptile cloud was that it had them all on the weight class. It was the lightest out of the bunch and it scored in the top three out of my top 5. In my best of cintamu for 2020, so here we are again with another banger from reptile and this time they've redesigned the body they put in foam bumpers on here they have these printed. What looked to be like injection molded inserts in here they're, not using TPU? A lot of the other companies are using TPU when you have a crash they break. Hvis du har en 3d-printer, you can print your own and put some new ones in there, but that's a bit of a hassle.

Every time you have a bit of a hard crash, so the good news about these is that they did take some hits. We hit some solid objects in this review with these bumpers and it came back in one piece but, Vigtigst, if you are flying one of these and I'll tell you most of these quads on the bottom. If you look on the right here, you notice anything different about this one versus a lot of the other ones on the channel. I wait for it. Wait for it. Okay, if you got it right, then you get a prize I'll. Make a comment on your comment. So the the newest design for this frame is that the arms are replaceable so times pass when we are flying this quad. The problem was that you crash, and then you break one of these in pieces right here and then this piece is hanging off and there's a little tiny space there in between that m3 bolt and the edge of that frame. They put they thicken this one up. They added a couple more millimeters of extra additional carbon out on the end of this. Men, Vigtigst, if you broke this off or you broke the inside piece off, you can replace this entire arm right here. There are about four dollars for a pair. I believe on the websiteand this is great so now, instead of a unibody all around unibody, if you broke one part on the older style version and a lot of those sand whoops out there have those unibody bottom plates.

If you break that in outside arm, even with some reinforcements in the middle, you got ta replace the whole thing. So now you don't have to do that with this cloud v2, which is pretty awesome and on the top we don't have a full body sort of unibody top plate covering all of the ducts. All the way around. It does reinforce everything a little bit extra, but the problem with that also is that if you break that you're gon na be taking that whole top plate off and sometimes it's just extra screws to pull off to get to your stack. So this one has a total of eight bolts on the top. This is the minimum amount of bolts to pull off for any 3 inch sand loop in this category. So now this one also has an F for flight controller. Vi har 20 amp ESC s and we have up to 500 milliwatts with smart audio on board. You can also carry a GoPro. This one is the eye flight. Gopro holder. You can get a GoPro separate that will fit this. One I'll put the link down below it's the reptile branded one that actually fits on this one perfect and we have 1407 4s capable. I usually run a 4s 1300 på her, and these motors are 4000 Kv, with four bolts on the very and you can see that the phone bumpers are dual foam, so they come together into one piece on each side, so those are replaceable again also on the Bottom of this bottom plate, which is pretty cool if you notice that it does have a 20 ved 20 mounting option in the very middle and on the outside of that it has 30 ved 30.

So you have the option to do either a 30 ved 30 eller 20 ved 20, and in the very back we decided to go. Hd do some digital fpv on here from DJI. You can add your cat X in the very back right there. I also have heard reports of people adding the DJI air module on this one. You do have enough room just above the f4 flight controller to add the full blown DJI air module, which is great so plenty of room inside this frame front and back. We also have up front the popular cat X cos 2 på her. I believe that is a version to us to a little bit better than the original one, and in the very back we have a TPU mount that can move so that, if you hit your antenna, it will actually just bend back instead of snapping your antenna off And lastly, you have your xt60 in the back, but a lot of awesome changes for this quad in this version of it and I'm super excited to show you guys the flight footage. It is really quite good and the great news about this one is: it had almost no washout during my freestyle attempts on a really windy day. So this flight controller is tuned extremely well and it's hands down one of the best 3 inch class and whoops I've flown the best tuned 3 inch class and will flown this year so cheap great tune.

New design, flawless video will show you got some video coming up here. We go alright guys let's go ahead and get into the fpv flight test. Nu, let's give two styles a chance in this review. We'Re gon na do cinnamon style and we're gon na. Do some freestyle some mile freestyle I'm, also gon na try to freak out this flight controller and bang the sticks and make it try to freak out and sort of tumble if you have a windy day, you'll have more jello in some of these three inches and Whoops I'm, really looking for the jello in this fpv view and it's just not there. The tune is really solid. The snap and roll rates feel really good, and the coolest thing is that when I come out of a flip, the flight controller doesn't tumble or make the quad go out of control. That has been a big issue with three inch sin whoops and with this one I don't have that problem and the EOS two is good enough. That I can really see what I'm doing here. Just put it big screen for you, so you can see it in comparison to the GoPro and it's nice, because it's bright enough that I can line up my shots and really get a good idea. What my GoPros, seeing so, if I'm doing cinema or just flying in between obstacles, that is no problem getting in really close to things, it's, not a problem inside my fan again, no problem and let's go for some flips and rolls here let's go ahead and spin.

It one time spin it again and this flight controllers just not letting go you guys, even with a fifteen mile, an hour wind today, it's really windy up top. So that was where I was expecting to see some jello some stutter in the video in the fpv feed or on my GoPro I'm, just not seeing it with the squadron just able to do all kinds of cool stuff. Flip transitions really want to slide down the top of that roof and have some fun there and again just awesome stuff. With this plot, really nice transitions slow flying fast flying flips goals and big pans. This one just seems to have it all. As far as the redesign, the frame flight characteristics, this one even handled a massive dive down to the ground, and I attempted several dives and I didn't get a tumble or washout whip this clog. So I threw everything I could out of guys and just kept performing there's the punch out on the 4s 1300 and when the 1550 you're gon na get a long flight time around 8 minutes or more so long, flyvetid, redesigned body, great cinema and freestyle. With this quad we're gon na try a more intense dive here to all the way straight down to brown. Other three instant woods would have failed right there at the bottom and probably washed out freaked out hit the ground, and here I decided to look into the barn and see that window on the other side.

Wouldn'T be nice to fly through there, but it would be a terrible place to fail safe wouldn't be able to get it back, and I don't want to lose this one, because I really do love this one great change over the original reptile cloud. 149. The v2 is where it's at this is the one to get guys let's go ahead and give some final opinions on this quad. The love affair continues again me too. Here we go so there you have it guys. My final thoughts now on the cloud 149. V2. What did you guys think I mean super windy day, not the greatest flight characteristics for weather as far as anything with ducks on it ghosts whenever you have a little bit of wind, it just causes all kinds of massive problems for the flight controller. You'Ve got a lot of tumble and washout. What I mean by that is, when I throw a hard little port or any type of roll or flip, the flight controller will kind of lose itself and then kind of do this deal sometimes resulting in a crash. If you coming in from a dive or something like that, I threw a couple different, deep dives at the ground down that big tree about a 40 foot dive and the squad survived with the GoPro in the weight of a 4 s 1550 om bord. It just didn't wash our tumble, which is great news for the tune, and I think part of it maybe is because this is about a hundred grams lighter than some of the other sand whoops out there it just it.

Doesn'T have a lot of weight to it. Even with a battery and a GoPro on here, I think you for yer to fly this naked, meaning not with a GoPro just with a battery, and you could have some fun freestyle practice. So if you're just getting into fpvand you want to learn acrothis would be a great acro trainer before you even get into the filming aspect of things after you learn how to fly acro, then you can put on the GoPro and start learning some really Cool freestyle stuff with this quad, so friends, mine, are also doing that that are getting into a crow flying they're using these sand webs as sort of an acro freestyle trainer, and this one would be the one to do that because it doesn't have the bad flight Characteristics that some of the other ones do, and I think that the price on this one is right on around a hundred and fifty dollars, it's the analog version. If you want to go DJI, you can always upgrade it later, but also the redesigned top plate here. It is not a total cover over top of the Ducks. I think that would be a good trend for some of the other companies to follow to lighten up their designs, maybe even buy about possibly even around 40 gram. My shave 40 grams off the total weight. It also has replaceable arms which, for jer, is a win win, so replaceable arms, new design, similar power system, 500, milliwatt, TPU, bendable post in the back for your antenna, the option to add a GoPro in here you've got all the bells and whistles for a Pretty cheap price, but this one absolutely hands down my channel thumbs up for the cloud: v2, reptiles, kind of done it again and they've they've done it again and again in the past, for a good price and it's.

One of those companies keep your eye on because reptile is pretty awesome, so you can check out the links down below I'll, put the GoPro link down there, it's about ten dollars and I'll put my recommended battery for the Freestyle flight and for the long flights as Well, as my prop recommendations, you can check those out if you guys want to support me on patreon that'd, be super awesome because I'm bringing you guys the content every week as much as I can and I'm going to continue to do that in the future. So if you're, not a patreon by all means, please do subscribe and take care guys. I'M Justin Davis be well stay. Safe and I'll.