Skydio 2 Drone anmeldelse

Many of you have asked for so stay tuned. Musik, hey everyone, welcome back to the channel and, as you see, were doing something different today uh. I know a lot of people have been asking about this and um mind. The the sound quality were outside its a little windy, Uh, its actually kind […]

The DroneMask ExperienceFPV Goggles for DJI Mini 2 or Any Drone

This is the drone mask now ive been flying this for a couple weeks now and im kind of liking. It uh, thanks to the folks over at movie, mask they sent this out to me to test and uh, do a review on it and give my highness a penny on it, and although […]

DJI Mavic 2 Pro – Drone Quadcopter – Long Term Review

While we go snorkeling in the bahamas, it has been to india. It has been to south america flying to machu picchu. Faktisk, we got caught by the drone police there, but in any case heres what you want to know these are still available. Ja, i know there is a new model out and […]

DJI Mini SE Beginner's Guide | Your First Drone Flight

You started for your very first flight, so lets get to it. Musik. One of the first things you want to do is make a checklist to ensure that you dont forget something. This would consist of things like checking weather forecasts 24 til 48 hours before your flight. You need at least three miles […]

DJI FPV DRONE / Open your Mind 👀

. I dont want to hear about mavic 3. i dag, im going to show you the reason ive held on to this drone, the dji fpv for so long and if youre anything like me, then youre probably going to want to hold on to yours too. Just because of this, are you ready damn […]

Contixo F20 Raptor Drone Review

This is another product review um. It should be either my four fifth or sixth video. It is a the contixo f20 uh quadcopter drone ive uh. We got it for future vlogging experiences um it has an hd camera on it. It also can mount a gopro on it and it and it comes […]

DOMIBOT EX5 PRO GPS Drone Overview | 4K HD Camera Gimbal & EIS

What im going to do is a quick overview on a brand new drone thats just been released on the market. This one came in from banggood actually today, guys and ive been eagerly waiting to feature this one on the channel when i chose it about three weeks ago, so it arrived today – […]

Review Ghost DRONE APEX Mini Racing Drone

000 pas 200.000 pas kamus banget, kan tapi ya, gua, tahu, Hvad med, murahnya, itu worthed, gak, Sama, kualitas, produk, aja, hei, gua, hari, ini, temanya, lagi, tambah, ndak, Batman, tanyakan, untuk, semua item tapi, kita, Gua, pikir, Ah masa iya item lagi, the magician berbahaya masalahnya ini, kan Lagi topiknya bukan Batman, Sama, gebetan, tapi, […]

Drone Video Part 1 – Eachine E520 drone review

So why did i choose this particular drone? Godt, if you get something like a dji mini 2, you you talk about 500 pounds plus brand new and even the second one is going to set you back up two or three hundred pounds and i clasp myself as a beginner, and i cant justify […]

Loolinn U61 Beginner-friendly Drone – Detaljeret gennemgang

I know ive been doing a lot of those lately, but i promise this ones going to be a quick one. This one is not nearly as in depth or detailed as the past few drone reviews that ive done so this one will be quick. This is the u 61 by lulin, now ive […]

Tiny and Autonomous: The Friendly Neighborhood Drone!

Building these evil drone things kevin, theyre, gon na take over the world theyre gon na just zap, my kids brains and drones do make me uncomfortable its just like building the tools to end humanity come on thats, not cool uh. Now i got ta worry about your chrono plants, taking pictures of me […]


No se siente ese idioma pero permite me permite y esta gente que viene diciendo este slo me trae esto, el mismo, muy adelante de la ley de traje, este paquete, Bueno, aqu, Hvad med, tenemos, este paquete, ac, este el paquete como se puede ver este paquete es un Drone un drone pero no cualquiera […]