Unboxing L-900 Pro do AliexpressDrone Baratoiniciante

Do bicho de hoje estaremos fazendo para vocs, o boxe do 900 pro moderno conhecido por seus barato e muito bom para voc, comear, a ter um cheiro de como funciona esse mundo; dos drones, ento faltaram, fotos, valor, declarado, Ele foi de 20, dlares estar, deixando, For dig. Quanto tempo demorou, para chegar, ingen […]

vidio kwalitas drone murah 2 jutaan camera 4k gimbal 3eis

Ah, ah ah, i o no y Msica, no e, ah e, i Msica, ah Msica. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lM2yJ_8t4no

2021 Honda City full reviewfrom RM74k in Malaysia

Honda city like before there are four variants of the city to choose from starting with the entry level s which goes for 76 000 ringgit and goes all the way up to 106 000 ringgit for the range topping rs weve already done a walk around video detailing The differences for each trim so […]

NEXT DRONE 2021 – What You Need to Know

This month and next month, so the next two months are going to be pretty nuts for the drone industry and thats. What were going to talk about today? So a lot of you know the evo light series is coming out, theres going to be a bunch of different drones, different colors, as you […]

DJI Mavic Air 2 drone unboxing and test

This is the first in a series of videos to show you the dji mavic air 2, a brand new drone that will be officially released today here were unboxing the drone just showing you quickly, whats inside the box. Vi har, Selvfølgelig, dronen, the remote control, some booklets, the manual instructions and […]

Drone Smackdown – $20 Drone Better Than DJI?

So weve got the dji air 2s that im going to be comparing to the e99 drone pro 2. Musik, one which is very cheap and the other which is quite expensive to find out. If these drones are worth the money, we will subject them to three quality tests. The first is about portability. […]

11 meses DEL REY de los DRONES Menos de 250 GR , DJI MINI 2. El mejor drone calidad precio?

Lo que hizo dej time fue arreglar algn que otro problemita, o alguna que otra queja que tenamos en ese, mar y kimbiri cmara dos con siete casas en el bikini y ste dej time y nidos, no se incorpor la cmara, 4k como estis viendo. Ah, no s si lo veris bien pero, esta […]

when you see the Squid Game Guards outside your house, Lock your doors and RUN! (They want to Play)

You know what that is. What does that mean? Do i i dont know bro. I have no idea yeah. I dont know what that means either. What the freaking heck show me squad. This is super weird, Okay. Right now guys we got like a bunch of people working on the house, theyre actually […]

New Impressive Drone | DJI Air 2s | Unboxing and First Flight

So the first thing we notice when you open up the box, is that it comes with the carry case that has the drone and the battery packs, plus an accessory kit. So inside this carry bag, we have a few items. The first is the drone itself, two batteries for the drone, a charging […]

New LEGO SPIDER-MAN No Way Home (Vulture Drone Duel) UNBOXING, BUILD, and REVIEW

Take a look at this incredible third set from spiderman no way home. Look how great these builds! Look our minifigs as well youre not going to want to miss this! So were going to just dive right on in, but before we get started guys if youve not already subscribed to our channel. Vær venlig […]

Unboxing DJI Mini 2 Drone || Saddle Stay for Duke 250 (Fly More Combo)

Endelig, Endelig, we are done, and i mean okay, foreign, so thats. The reason why and apart from that track on gps stabilize there is no nobile and its doing fantastic job. So i mean its the area which i tried on my english very concern its a gps and it is very reliable. Det […]

Which DJI Mini Drone is Right For You? Side-By-Side Comparison

I have the dji mini se and the dji mini 2 and the reason im doing the clip is ive had so many people ask me which of these two drones would i recommend for a new flyer and thats an impossibly tough question to answer, because it really Depends on your budget and what […]