So it is harvest time all around us, my friends and a perfect opportunity for me to get outside and move some of these rocks around. Ja, the controller is heavy on my back, but it is a lot better than getting inside a machine like that. It just beats the crap out of me, but look at this hey all the rocks changed around new lines, keeping it fresh for myself challenging myself. Now always uh keeping myself entertained with the hobby, especially when i'm having to stay holed up due to world current circumstances or whatever might be going on. Rc is a great way to kind of take a moment and just forget about all that stuff. Let'S see here. I'M going to be able to lock up my back axle because there is a dig transmission here. Why would i do that? Because it allows me to pivot my truck, so i can change it into a better area where i want to steer. Oh look at this i'm going to have to firm up my suspension because it wants to give it a tip there, but i get the right line. Åh der, it is there. It is now rc4 wheel, drive, mudslingers are not the go to rock tire, but they are my go to all terrain tire. If you guys are watching right now, please post up what kind of tires do you use on your trail, crawlers and maybe that'll help out some of the viewers come on now come on.

I see that i'm in a little bit of trouble here, because i got ta back up, get this tire up hanging on it. Oh there we go there, we go i'm quite high up. If i was actually in this vehicle i'd, be questioning why i was in this full size, hobby and not a small rc hobby instead, and i think one of the most common misconceptions about this trail uh crawling is that this is what guys do that don't have Full size, four wheel, drive machines and, although that might be the case in some oh, this has actually helped me. When i go out on the trails because i'm able to know what my vehicle can do more, i can predict the future a little better look at this huge fall here. I can do it now i'm going to drag that back axle i'm going to lock it up and use it like an anchor just wiggle dig myself there there we go. You heard me right: wiggle, dig myself that's how that's done okay. So then i can go around. I could back up in some competitions, backups, actually matter. You get points added to your scorecard for every backup, so i try to use minimal, backups and that's. Another reason why you'd have a dig transmission and yes, this does have a two speed transmission. I could install another uh servo for this two speed, but i haven't really needed it yet i'm sure i'll get there eventually, Åh ja, lock diffs all the way around.

Now i change this, i want to see how the gladiator will do with the long wheelbase i'm i'm expecting exceptional i'll leave links to some trucks uh in the video description box down below. If you guys are looking for vehicles, you want to check out, get you in the hobby at least oh nice. Der går vi. Oh, how am i gon na do this? This is kind of treacherous itself. I must survey the land. I guess i could go straight. Oh that's going to be tough death to the right and death to the left on either side. I just got to be extra careful while i'm deciding where to go. Oh yeah got ta get that bumper clearance passed come on back up a little oh dang. Oh bye, Farvel, oh that's, why we have a roll cage there we go now, because i have that it's a penalty, and i have to go all the way back to this rock, but at least now we can get up on this rock this. Ja, Åh ja, can we get out of this? Ja, we can very lucky there and of course, i'm steering with one hand, because this radio actually comes with a thumb adapter already attached. So you can film with one hand or hold the drink in another hand and still rc whatever you want. It'S, always nice to have a pop while you're out in the hot sun. Oh yeah stay away from the tree here and tread lightly as much as i can come on, buddy plows through the tree, hmm yep.

Here we go straight through onto the second section now. These two big trees, that used to be quite little, will have more room to grow. That'S. Part of the reason why i moved all the rocks as well come on buddy come on. Here we go back up and up over, i go that's. Hvorfor? I have a roll cage now i can already hear and see the comments saying that this is uh too high and you wouldn't want it because it tips over too much. Men igen, this is in stock. This is just the way i have my suspension set up. It'S quite springy right now and i'm running a bigger tires. So you know a little of this and a little of that leads to a an interesting uh bit of engineering, but look at this totally making it up and around come on buddy. I love it all points of contact with these tires there we are up and over up and over oh yeah, see it's just my bad driving true. I laugh because it's true beautiful that was full size. My legs would be shaking on the gas pedal right now. There we go there, we go beautiful. I love the speed of low gear on this thing, or should i say, the stock gear on the two speed transmission. Look at this all the way over. Here i added a new recovery rock in case you fell over. So you didn't have to go all the way back to the beginning.

Come on got ta. Do lots of wiggle moves here, basically an austin powers just to get up onto the bridge because it's so narrow, and then i hook up my back axle dang it so like what back out in a straighter line. I guess so and then let that driver's passenger side tire depends on where you're watching from in the world. Det beklager vi! Ja, keep it going. Oh dang, it almost i'm gon na have to move it on the outside here, so let's go way around the outside and then try to get the driver's side tire up on the rock like that, and then that way i can back up properly and if i Was being scored for backups? I don't have to worry about too many of them right. There let's just get up and over this bridge without getting that axle hung up. Oh dang extra backup point, but we got across nonetheless, look at this. Nothing comes easy in this hobby that's for sure there it is there. It is much like life hey what a great day to be outside in the sun, where i am at right now. I hope this uh video has helped brighten up your day. Fortæl mig det, are you into the whole truck jeep or the jeep truck or the the trip, or what would you call it? Let me know in the comment section down below. I actually think this is one of the really cool models that came out in 2020.

Hidtil, i love the look of it. I love that i'm able to mod it i'd love to get a clear body for it and do some sort of crazy paint scheme on it. You might see me doing that in the future. My friends, if it was your choice, would you have a truck like this to drive around every day, or would you have a truck like that one to drive around every day? I want to know your thoughts and we'll see in the next episode of rc adventures.