We work anywhere from the texas coast, um all the way up to north of near dallas all the way down. So we have a wide sphere that we work and john and the dragon drone team has been there for us, whether its our coastal properties along the coast. We need drone footage shot to our vacation. Rentals to you know a land and ranch where we have a 400 acre ranch. We need shot with cattle and everything else involved, so um theyre, very versatile in the sense that theyre able to do a lot of different things for me, which i need in my business, because we dont really have the time to stop and pick a certain person. Do everything so having one place to go and with a team like dragon drone has been super super beneficial. Our clients love it weve, actually gotten listings off our photography and our video alone them. Seeing that saying hey, i want my property represented that way too. So i cant thank them enough for that. Godt, continue to use them and were excited to see what the future holds and again.