This company has been making micro brushless since the very dawn of the micro brushless Kingdom on my channel, so guys these guys are not new to making sub 100 millimeter quad frames and vine and flies for you guys. So this is new. It is a new sort of injection molded type of frame. We'Ve got a carbon bottom plate with a little 3m padding and some rubber bands on the bottom to hold your two to four s battery on there. So this quad has a range all the way from 2 til 4 s there's two different versions to this quad on the banggood website. It is about a hundred and fifty dollars. The two to three s. Version has different kV motors. So if you're selecting that select the 11000 kv motors a little bit higher kv for the 4s version, you're going to get the lower kv version, which is going to be 8000 KV. Now we also have an F 411 Maytag, F 411 flight controller on here: 20 amp ESC s 1103. These are the 11000 version, but I'm also gon na run it on the 4s, see how it does. I don't recommend you guys do that, but I'm going to test it for you guys like that anyway, today and up front right here for a run, cam split, nano3 camera. We have quite a bit of camera protection which looks really good adjustable side play screws on the side of the frame, and it looks like about 30 degrees worth of tilt here, but to have the most fun with this quad I like to bring it way down To a 10 and then it's going to slow your quad way down and let you fly it a lot slower indoors and outdoors.

If you want to do some tree. Canopy exploration, like we do on the channel, so we're gon na do a little bit of variety of things today, we're gon na take it way up high I'm going to show you the power punch out the boost full throttle maximum throttle up we're also gon na. Do some indoor flying and we're gon na do some outdoor flying in the backyard a little bit of tree canopy exploration and see how this quad holds up see if this new frame is as durable as they say it is now? Også i kassen, you get a USB cable. You get some extra jim fan: 16. 36. 40 millimeter props. Those are the 1.5 millimeters shafts. So if you go to order those, you can check out the link down below and grab those props. They are not held on by screws, but you're, not gon na need bolts on these. These props they're actually gon na hold on just fine. So also in the back, you have a dipole. I have an XM plus right there and we have a beeper and LEDs in the back, which is kind of cool and plug and play motors. So if you do blow up one of the motors, you can go and plug in a new motor and you're off and running again, hvilket er lidt rart. But I like this sort of hybrid style frame they have created here with the carbon sort of super durable injection molded looks like ABS plastic.

Jeg kunne tage fejl. I'Ll try to put that link down below, so you guys can check out the full specs on this. One but let's go ahead outside and have some fun with the little bat 78. I think it actually looks pretty cool, so let's do some testing I'll come in and I'll give you my final review an opinion on the 78. Here we go alright, guys let's go ahead and do the flight test and we're gon na try all aspects with this quad. So first a little bit of testing indoors some indoor fun. It is a hundred percent fun for indoor and backyard flying that's. What the bat 78 is all about. Finding those lines around your house, the more batteries you fly, the better you're gon na fly these lines and the faster you're gon na fly so you're, just gon na find yourself becoming a better and better pilot. All the time, with a little quad like this, with a decent amount of power, so two to three s: it's gon na be fun around the house and outdoors in your in your backyard, even if it's a small backyard it's, not a super loud quad, so it's Not likely that, even if you flew this at like 600 in the morning, you're not gon na disturb your neighbors and now out in the field, you want to try some 4s out here and I'm gon na show you guys some 4s punchouts here in a minute, Men igen, I'm loving that camera really sees a lot of detail.

There'S, not a whole lot of fisheye to this camera, som jeg. So your videos, look pretty nice and flat now I'm. Back around the back side of this barn, I was able to make it even just running 25 milliwatt, Intet problem, no failsafe, hvilket er fantastisk, almost hit that pole there, but it's really cool, because you can go places again with this quad that you just can't with Other quads, you can really get in there and kind of explore and do those tight gaps really cool. Now let's do a little bit of a 4s punch out here, pretty impressive punch out for such a small quad. You can see Mount st. Helens off in the distance right. There see a little bit of jitter but again that's this quad being pushed around by the wind and now I'm gon na do a pretty steep dive, and I got some tumble right here, guys that that happens from time to time with these style, quads and there's. That crazy, 4s punch out again just super lit up on 4s, but really nice pants and it seems to be slow and controlled. You'Ve been doing, the flips comes back around from the rotation really happy so I'm out I'm happy with the outdoor flying. I think that's great now, what's also fun with this quad is some really tight. Proximity flying and you can do it with a lot of precision. You can do it fast or slow.

You can do it in a crow or stability mode here and right now, I'm. In stability mode laying 25 milliwatt, so this is what you can expect from the camera on the split nano3 and the penetration is not bad for 25 mil a lot I've seen a lot worse on other quads that just don't have a very good dipole antenna and Again, I'm, not worried about bumping into things with this frame, AAB likely not to break this frame, but back into the backyard. Now let's do a little bit of canopy exploration and I really wanted that line, but I couldn't make it but up and out the top of the tree, no problem and over here by the top deck coming across and I'm gon na try slip through this tiny Gap between the house and the rail any bigger quad right thereand I might not have made that so again, this this quads going places others can't go, but how about the video on the runcam nano split? Tre, jeg elsker det. The colors really pop there's Mount Hood off in the distance, but for a backyard. Racer basher beginner quad that you can just plug in an SD card to and rip around your backyard or indoors and really kind of explore and have fun with it without worrying about breaking this quad. This is a really good one to get and it's moderately priced 150 price point is like very doable.

If it was 200, I'd say maybe avoid this one, but I think that the price is good for how it flies the DVR and for what you get. The extra frame is also nice in the box and two sets of crops and very impressive DVR footage. Really really nice looking stuff now we're gon na set it down and we'll get some final thoughts on this club. I really like this one a lot. Alright guys welcome back from the flight test with the bass 78 SPC maker. How about that a new quad, a new sort of updated version of the whale series that came out a little while back the whale, was pretty cool, but I think this one is a lot better. We have a lot more durable frame here. It does appear to be almost indestructible. It has five support braces on the bottom of this frame for each prop duck, som jeg synes er ret cool. They are not sort of thick enough to be considered like a whoop super deep Ducks. I would say that you're, probably not gon, na break this frame. If you do break this frame again, please do tell me if you break this, because I would be interested to know what you hit, how fast and and what angle you came in at the bottom plate as well. This carbon fiber bottom plate is pretty slick. I think that the design overall is fairly nice, looking as well it's one of the cooler looking micro, brushless and again, you have a power system on this, one that is sort of my micro brushless sweet spot that I really like the 1103 2 til 3 s.

You can have a lot of fun on 2 til 3 s, mainly because it still rips on 3s, and it will freestyle but what's really cool about it is that you can slow it way down. So you have again like the best of both worlds. With this slow flying through the house or just crazy, fast freestyle outside, and it does flip and roll really really good. I also like that spc maker is one of those companies that kind of like goes the extra mile. As far as the design aspect, it doesn't look like a lot of other quads out there and they have some pretty fancy stuff going on back here on the tail end of this quad to get your built in LEDs, you have two holes for your xm antennas To come out of which is kind of slick, you could probably use some zip ties and stand those up a little further if you wanted a little bit better reception and my dipole antenna back here, it's just hanging out through that back hole, I believe you could Probably snap this one off and put a new upgraded antenna on there, but it's gon na add a little bit of weight to the quad and, like I mentioned before, dipoles are kind of nice because, when you're going through really tight gaps, they don't catch on things. Like a big right hand, circular polarized antenna might or a cloverleaf, so the XT 30 back here as well.

No now we're in we're really into the trenches with yet XG 30 and what's great about the XT 30. Do you guys have an idea about that? It gives a great amount of power to the power system. First is using a jst in the old days. They were using jst s on 78 Millimeter, so I started experimenting and other companies experimenting with XT 30s and we realized that you get a lot better power and punch using an xt 30 versus the old school jst connector and that's that little red connector with the Two pins slides in there fairly cheap, but these are a lot better, so it's good to see those on they're kind of the standard these days. But in the old days of SPC maker we saw a lot of quads with their original jst. So I think this one is a good release. It has a lot of kind of really simple design to it. You can see the LED flashing under here when your videos recording it flies good. I think the tune on here probably is close to an a maybe a b plus as far as the design, a plus for the design, durability and overall fun factor is definitely a thumbs up on this one. For around 150 prispunkt, I think it's a pretty good deal, so you can check out this one in the link down below and I'll. Try to put these Jim Pham props at 1636 props down there, for you guys and you can get started, making some cool videos with your onboard DVR, so grab one of those sandesh ultras.

These are the SanDisk Ultra Plus cards. Very cheap, 16 gigabyte will get you probably hours worth of 1080p. Video so have fun with this one guys, thanks for watching my review and please do click Subscribe and smash.