H801 FuriBee Mini DroneReally GOOD – Anmeldelse & Demo

You should purchase the FuriBee right here:
Kuponkode: MCA21

https://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopters/pp_767496.html?wid = 21&lkid=12217747


Please select canada precedence line first , as a result of there aren’t any customized charges and transport is free for many merchandise.

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  1. Fantastisk. Although I don't know if I would consider it "snowing outside" as a good thing. LOL. Love my Southern California sun!

  2. https://www.gearbest.com/promotion-12.12-best-sellers-special-1807.html?lkid=12281836
    FuriBee F36 Mini RC Drone only 9.99$ during the 12.12 promotion, it will begin at 12.12

  3. I see you didn't try flying FPV by just looking at the screen to fly. I bought the Furibee H801 and found it to be lacking for trying to fly FPV. The camera field of view was too narrow. The quad is heavy or underpowered compared to the Furibee F36 and there is a small lag in the video. I agree the quad is well made and the video quality is good if not moving quick. Tak……..

  4. From what I hear, FPV kind of sucks. This seems best suited to be an indoor drone that you can fly line of sight and have a video recording of your flight to watch later. Alternatively, perhaps it would make a good platform to remove the camera, and put on a proper FPV camera/antenna.

  5. Awesome review on this drone, I am looking for a good quality one that wont break the bank, to play with while mine gets repaired.. <3

  6. Where can I get batteries for this with charger

  7. I seen one the other day at a trade show, they were asking 139.00 dollars,

  8. Do it has altitude hold??

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