Så tillykke godmorgen, quadrokopter 101, here with a review of the gp toys, s921 venom hunter. What is the s2921 venom hunter? Godt, this is an upgraded version of the gp toys s920. Now the s920 came out a couple years ago, folks and it's actually wasn't too bad of a car. An rc car, especially for beginners, enter this one's intended for beginners intending to enter into the rc car hobby. This one has a few upgrades over the original out go over those as we hit upon the points of this particular car, but let's take a closer look at it. Først, first off it has a real nice canopy to it, uh top that is transparent, semi, gennemsigtig, actually now the reason being that it's, semi transparent is this: has an on off switch also, which is pretty nice for an rc car to have an auto switch. Jeg kan lide det, because a lot of times you have to plug in the battery to turn your car on and off uh this one. You can plug up everything plug that battery in and go out to where you want to drive your car and then turn it on when you get there by pressing that button. Imidlertid, there is an issue: Okay, the original had this on off switch also, and the original had an issue also with regarding this on off switchis that you have this 60 amp esc that's, combined with this on off switch.

Nu, if you reaching your finger in there, while this canopy was on, you might brush up against this heatsink on the back of the esc, this for the 60 amp esc. Now this heatsink gets very hot folks and you want don't want to go fiddling your finger in there and accidentally brush up against this, as you might burn it now, with this canopy being transparent, you can actually see where your fingers going in there. So you don't, you can avoid touching that esc, in effect folks, so that's, Hvorfor? I feel that this thing is semi, transparent folks, why it's been included? Okay let's talk more about the car i'm gon na just move the canopy over to here: um it's, Uh. 1. 10Th scale advertised 110 scale monster truck. It actually looks a little bit smaller than 1 10 vægt. For mig, though folks it looks around 112 scale i'm guessing, but you know we'll just go with that. It also is advertised with 46 kilometer mile per hour capability that i don't have the gps to attach to that, to prove it but i'm kind of duffel that it could do that. But we'll see what we go out in the field i'm, going to open it up when we get out there to see what it can do now it is four wheel drive all terrain. If you look um everything is encased, including the batteries can be encased fully. Enclosed i'm leaving that open, because i want to easily get in there, but with this encasement of all the important parts that allows you to drive through a lot of different terrains, such as grass it's advertised grass, beach sand, mudder, puddles and also rock climbing capabilities.

So that's cool, in effect it is powered by dual brushed motors. Okay. It has actually two motors inside here to power this car. They are brushed motors '0 number, 25, dj01, dj01 motors. You can find replacement motors if you need to uh being brushed motors before you to actually drive this car folks. I recommend that you, you know just put one battery in i'll, go over the dual battery capability here shortly, but just put one battery in and do some slow driving, slow circle driving until you wear in the brushes on those motors. Okay, that's very important, especially for these larger brush motors, that you do that before you go, try to open it up, Okay, or else you may damage those motors you. What happens folks is with a brush motor. You have to wear in the brushes okay, slowly wearing the brushes until they they conform to um i'm, going to say armature to conform to the curve of the armature i'm, probably wrong. There it's been a while since i took, took that class, but you need to brush in or wear in the brushes on the motor is what i'm trying to stress folks and you do that again by slow uh slowly turning the motors, you know just running it. Nice and gentle for the first battery until those brushes wear it you'll notice, as you you're driving um, slowly, that it will start to increase in speed as those brushes wear in and the motor becomes more efficient.

Okay, now i mentioned the on off switch the dual battery capability. I got to mention that this comes with two batteries: Folk, To 7.4 Volt 1600 milliamp per hour batteries. You can drive this with a single battery like the original 920.. The original 920 only had a single battery capability. Now these batteries have the dean's connector, Okay, hobby, dean's, Stik, so that's good. You will be able to find replacements in either this size or even larger, but why would you need to do that when this has dual battery capability now let's talk about that? This also comes with this adapter plug this parallel adapter plug, so you can plug both of these batteries in simultaneously and place them inside here with a plug instead of using the um cap on top of this battery, this uh all terrain cap, and you would instead Use this provided velcro strap to hold the batteries in okay, you wrap it around the belly and wrap it around the batteries. Nu, why would you want to use two batteries? This doesn't give you more power folks, you know because this is not a series connector. This is a parallel connector. What this does is, give you more run time more drive time so that you should theoretically be able to drive this twice as long as you would as the original 920, with just one battery so that's. What this is included with this extra batteries included for and this extra uh connector adapter connector is provided to provide you double the run time, not double the power.

Okay. So keep that in mind. Folk, other things about this. Okay, we talked about the esc's dual battery capability um. This comes with aluminum alloy suspension, Okay, six different shocks: now the ones in the back are just spring shocks. Just like the original 920. Imidlertid, den 921 has upgraded to include oil filled shocks in the front. Now what this should help do, folks is make this less bouncy. The original 920 was kind of bouncy when you go out in the field and open it up. Forhåbentlig, with these oil filled shocks to slow down the bounciness, this will be much more smoother driving over rough terrain and that's. The intent i believe of including those front oil fill shocks, um other things about the car. It is has some uh metal on the chassis, namely it has these skid plates on the belly here, and these are very nice skid plates. If you can see here, to provide some damage resistance for some scrape resistance for the body as you go over rocky terrain. So that's, what that's for additional thing that this has the 920 did not have is the addition of led lights, optional, led lights. You can actually install these yourself. It takes about 30 sekunder. I am not going to install it because it makes it kind of difficult for the battery to be removed or installed, but the way you install it is you just run through the wire through here, plug them in plug the leds into their respective holes up front And back and the back ones go in the back, there's also holes in the back where you plug them in and then there is an adapter plug on this.

You don't have to solder these, in that you just plug into of an available plug that's provided on the esc. You just plug it in there folks and that powers these lights. If you wish to use it, so it takes about a minute or so to install them not too hard it's, just that i don't want to install because it makes it gets in the way of the battery. I guess you can tape them out of the way. If you wish for battery installation or removal, Okay, så husk på det. Hvis du vil, if you like driving at night, it now has night capability as compared to the original 920.. Okay, other things, let's talk about the controller, fully proportional steering it's, actually very nicely proportional, as i was driving around in my basement last night, trying it out um. It also includes steering trim if you want to increase how much these wheels turn and or how fast they turn um. You can adjust that steering trim. You can reduce it. You know if you like to drive fast, i recommend reducing the steering or steering trim is for straightening out i'm. Undskyld, i was wrong on that i'm going to talk about steering dual rate i was going into, but steering trim. You know if you drive drive forward. If it's drifting, the left, you can adjust that to the right. If it's drifting right, you can adjust that to left so steering trim is to straighten out the steering, but we also have steering dual rates, and that was what i was blathering about.

Originally, you can reduce the amount of turn that this uh, the steering has so, if you want to reduce let's, just demonstrate that um. If you like to drive fast, you want to reduce that steering dual rate, so you don't flip over. If you want to drive slow, you increase or you want to drive slow, you can increase that, so you can go around uh obstacles, let's turn it on. You turn this on first and then you turn on the controller and then it locks in so right now. This is max steering weight. You can see how much those front wheels turn and if we reduce it, if we want to drive fast, we reduce the steering trim and it can just barely turn and that's to prevent you or reduce the chances of you rolling over. Okay, i'm increasing steering rate and again back to max steering rate for slow driving. En gang til, you adjust this uh for, based on the speed that you want to drive, to reduce the chances of you flipping over okay i'll turn that off turn that off, Okay, um let's see other things about the controller. The controller now includes uh. It has the original had this also, though folks, but it has reverse steering. You can flip that, if you like to do, if you want this to be left and have to be right, you can do that by flipping the reverse right now. This is right. Turn right turn left, i don't know i guess left handed people may might use it like this.

I don't know why yeah i'm, pretty sure that's for left handed people and, additionally, you have low and high speed rate beginners you put in low and if you want to go rock climbing or going over obstacles, you put it on low. But if you've got nice flat surface and you want to open it up, you put it in high and try that 46 kilometers per hour to see if you can actually get it that's, how you do it folks, Okay, other things, let's talk about uh. What comes with the kit? I mentioned it's dual battery capability, so you get two batteries two of those 7.4 volt batteries. You also get that adapter. If you wish to uh use both of those batteries simultaneously, you get twice the drive time and also which is cool. You get two battery chargers now these are usb type um in these illustrations of the manual they say plug this into your computer. I would not recommend trying to charge a 1600 milliamp per hour battery through your computer. I recommend using a wall plug folks. If you use these adapters to charge uh with two amp or a yeah, two amp wall charger should charge these in a reasonable amount of time. Try to charge this through your computer port it's, going to take hours and hours to charge that up. So you could also charge this with a hobby raid charger, which i did. I balance charge these, because it has that dean's plug and has that um balance plug in the back too other things you get in the box.

You get a spare set of uh these cotter pins to pin in the uh the same color pins are just pins. The pin in the top uh cover on the race car, and also you get a nice little lug wrench here to tighten up or run loose. Remove your wheels from the car here and finally, you get that strap to add that second battery, if you wish and let's talk about before we go driving let's talk about the manual manual is reasonably well written. It is somewhat translated, but it's, understandable, uh throughout here, and it goes into just about everything on this car again, with the exception what's missing in the manual it doesn't mention about this connector plug and how to use the two batteries so um, but again it's kind Of intuitive you just plug the two batteries in there and then plug this in to the connector of the car, but keeping in mind that you'll now need to strap those batteries in vice being able to use this to hold the battery in there. That is the gp toys s921 overview. Let'S take this out into the field and see how it performs so hope you enjoy this drive good morning, quadrokopter 101 her – and we are back here at pleasant ridge uh for the test drive of the s921 racer from gp toys. Okay, so all we need to do to get this going here, oh by the way notice the trees are starting to change here.

I haven't seen that in years folks, let's move to california, Okay, but do you you folks back here east are used to that? Okay, i need to find that uh plug here the on off switch there. It is pushing it down for two seconds or three seconds until i see a little blue light inside light up and blue light is flashing, so we are good to go there. Let'S put it on the ground here: Folk, i'm driving in the dirt first we're going to start off with driving in the dirt and turning on the transmitter, and we have centered wheels. So we see that it is connected now. First thing i want to do is put it in low rate, we're, going to start off in low rate and we're going to see how the steering trim is and how it handles this rough rough ground here steering trim seems to be pretty good turning it around. Nu, let's open it up a little more okay, we are in low rate. This is full power, low rate, turning it around and also i'm going to reduce uh dual rate turn your turning dual rate, so i don't flip it right now, because i want to drive fast, first it's doing pretty good okay, we're gon na walk over here turn. It around and okay. I want to reduce that dual right, even more, because we're going to put it into high speed, Okay, i'm going to increase, hastighed, hastighed, hastighed, hastighed, godt, that's, it and high rate turning it turning it turning it full speed, fuld hastighed.

I don't know maybe maybe on smooth surface. We can get 46 kilometer i timen, but not here. Okay, let me go back to low rate because look what we want to do next. Let'S try this now i'm driving with two batteries. Folk, yep ain't gon na do that. Maybe if i pick up some speed, we can get up that hill going through that okay i'm going to stay in a low rate. Denne gang, selvom, i'm going to get some more speed on it. Okay, fuld hastighed, fuld hastighed, fuld hastighed, let's hit the rocks. I wasn't watching the rocks. Let me back off a bit okay, i don't want to hit those rocks. Let me get behind it. Folk, Ja, giving it speed, go up. Their speed tried the climb tried to climb, but now okay, Okay, hit that rock pretty nicely, though let's go over to big field. Now i went back to high rate. Irate seems to be more fun here. Let'S put up the uh turn the steering deal right full, because what i want to do try next is gon na. Do donuts, Åh ja! It does them real. Godt, Okay, back put that dual rate back to low let's go at the grass it's pretty thick grass. Here folks, it's cutting through it quite nicely zoom zoom, it's plowing through there, okay let's see i'm going to test. This range out here now now i'm going to try to drive over to the asphalt i don't know that's about 30 40 meter.

40 meters makes it there it's back i'm, going to walk down this way and then increase the range full speed at high rate. Okay turn it around it's, actually a nice little car, and you know that oil for those shocks in the front might be it's doing a good job. Faktisk, Okay, i'm trying again to get it let's go here. We'Re going to go out to about let's reduce that dual rate: Okay, we are about 60 meter, 70 meters yeah, så 80 meters is probably true, so good range on it coming full speed at us tuning tuning tuning tuning it's, zipping zipping on by it's, a good It'S, actually a good car, Ikke dårligt, ikke dårligt på alle. I just wish it could climb that hill Laughter, Okay, i haven't tried climbing that hill in high rate i'm in high right now so let's give it a try folks see if i can get enough speed to climb that hill. Let me get over here, whoa whoa! It did make so that's all who bumped that rock here just needed a little more speed to do it and it can do it in high rate. Try it again, oh hit a rock let's. Try that again without hitting the rock, let me get behind it. Okay, i want to line it up almost almost made it we're going to call it quits there, folks how about doing some jumps. Okay, we're gon na go back to low rate, because i'm gon na save some of that battery.

Although we got two batteries, this should actually make a nice jump here. Folk, let me get the rocks out of the way or less rocks in the way let's try it. I got ta increase the dual rates hold on it's, not turning fast enough turn. It around let's go back down. There again increase the dual rates. I should do it coming around again and ah well, how about that for a jump there you go Laughter upside down, so got to jump that that one's kind of steep, though let's see if we can well. I don't got to pick up speed in the grass that'll, be hard i'd like to try to keep it in the dirt and then hit the jump, maybe there's a better spot to try it. But i don't know where there you go let's. Try that again, this time, we'll get some more speed. Okay, så ja. This two battery version gets a lot more drive time, increasing the dual rates, a little more increasing them all the way did you do that actually? Could they go even more yeah? They can there's donuts let's, see if we can make it over the baseball diamond here, we're going to slow down here for this going into the low rate, oh it wasn't low rate. desværre, i didn't know that going over the diamond cutting through the grass grass thick grass folksoh there's, a good spot to drive real dusty, real dusty here, but plowing through it.

I want to high rate driving nicely here: drifting, there fun little car gp toys getting nice and dirty too. Okay that's enough of messing up the baseball diamond boy, that's, a lot of dirtier dust. It'S super dusty now went back over here coming back again, it's getting out of view. I know you guys are going to have a hard time seeing it out there just walking around with it doing. This turns nice proportional steering tool on this folks. Okay, now let's go on real asphalt. Oh, this thing moves on asphalt, going downhill, coming back uphill, whoa; Okay, maybe on asphalt it can do uh 46 kilometers let's go up here, we're going to go downhill, it's moving it's, moving real good on asphalt, trying to see if it'll tip well. That dirty came out of it that time, it's, nice and dirty right now well it's made to go in dirt too dirt sand mud, puddles rocks, go back to low right here for the grass i'm going around this big pile here to see if there's more jump Jump opportunities on the back here to get some air time with us sure get a lot of drive time with it with those two batteries which is cool taking our time here there we go. Let me see if i can see above it, this pile of dirt. Here for the maintenance from the maintenance workersoh it's, nice and rough up on top of it, let's see if i can get up there, we'll try slow first, ingen, no slowly, gon na work, it's digging itself in so let's let's try faster.

Turning turning, let me line it up here. Okay, that should be good, let's, see what it does. It made it kind of how about coming up this grass. Åh ja, that grassy hill is just as steep as that, except it's got better traction in the grass okay yeah that dirt is just too loose for it to climb trying to come back again. So yeah it's a long running car with two batteries: i'm waiting for that battery to die for those batteries to die, but it still feels like it's got a lot of power, although i'm driving slowly here in the grass. I don't want to hurt that those motors, because driving through grass, Som dette, really sucks a lot of power as compared to driving not an open dirt like that still got plenty of drive time on it, going back to high rate it's a long driver anything if They could have put oil filled shocks on the back there. I think that would have made this even less bouncier. It is still a little bouncy, a bit bouncy, but it hasn't tipped over much. Hvis, at all on the straight runs no see you did a hard turn there trying hard turns no don't want to tip it will slide out, but not tip so good good on you gp toys. This is actually a nice fun car. But again you know brush motor car, make sure you seat those brushes before you go out and do something like i'm doing right now, like i told you do at least one battery run in slow motion, slow driving just going around in circles in your basement, like I did right in your front street just to burn one battery to seat the motors again as you're doing that you'll notice that the speed will slowly increase on the motor with time as the brushes properly seat i'mreally bashing bastards there getting my batteries worth out Of this great running car long running car, a real long running car, i hope i have enough battery power in my camera that i don't run out of camera power, speaking of which, let me make sure that i am still recording folks, yeah still recording, still recording.

Okay, because this thing drives so long that it's battery might last my camera so yeah, i guess it was a good idea to include that second battery with this and that adapter plug now again keep in mind it's a parallel connection: it's you're, not adding uh, making Turning those two two 2s batteries into 4s it's just still 2s, but instead of 1600 milliamp per hour, it's now 3200 milliamp per hour, because it was parallel connection and that in effect, gives you more drive time same amount of power but more drive time. Double the drive time, just my wife and daughter over there waiting for me to finish so we can go, walk and go for a walk here in the park, but this is taking a long time you're going to have to wait here. I'Ll, send it over to them let's see if i can make it over to them. In the grass over there it's getting closer, getting closer, get closer, climbing the hill climb, a hill made it to them, let's bring it back. This is a cool car, fuld hastighed. Turn no tip fun car the longest driving brush motors that i've had, i hope, i'm, not hurting those motors too much, but driving this long. This long of a period, but again i did seek the motors before we came out here and again, it's two motors doing the work of what one would normally do so the power that's being imparted to them is is not much, although that esc is getting a Workout i'm sure running to two motors at once, so that's going that is going to be hot i'm going to watch be very careful when i turn that off long running car, oh almost hit the pole, long running car, so let's talk about the big advantages of The this over the original 920 again it's, the two battery power, gives you twice the drive time: oil filled shocks in the front, less bouncy and those led lights for cool night driving.

If you want to get into night driving those are the biggies. I think i got them all i'm sure people correct me down in the comments section when i missed, if i did miss something: Okay, the rates up: Okay, Lige nu, i'm trying to steer left but it's only going right. I think i might have damaged something here. Let'S, take a look here: i'm trying to steer left it's, not doing it. I got right steering but no left steering i think, once something's coming loose hold on yeah it's stuck here. I can feel it probably got a piece of rock or something in there, but i will finish this up. Yeah there's, a rock in there i'm gon na, have to remove that um we're gon na call it quits here folks, i didn't get the full drive time. I got to get that rock out of there that's blocking the steerage linkage. I can drive right. I'Ll just do right turns for the remainder of the drive here i got a rock in there and i can't get in there with my hand. I will call it quits here folks that's enough time. I think you can go 30 minutes as advertised with this thing. I just don't have the time to do it today. So this is a great, a long running car um. desværre, i got that i can just barely see that rock there right there. I got ta get in there with a screwdriver and get it out of there, but um that's the s921, a long driving, uh beginner's rc car, pretty darn cool.

It runs on dirt sand. Grass i didn't go through mud puddles. I don't really want to do that. I hit some rocks let's see if that damaged the bottom any i do got some skid marks there right there, but overall um great running car, so hope you enjoyed this drive. This is quadcopter 101, with the s921 from gp toys signing out hi quadcopter101 here again, hey if you want to get your own shout out in one of my future videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, just go to my channel page and Click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right next to the subscribe button. That way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first, shout out, so give it a try.