5 inch quadcopter by gaypercy in this video im going to quickly go over its features and specs show you how to set it up. Give you my feedback. After testing it out and show you some flight footage, first of all in terms of packaging inside the box, along with the quadcopter, you can find plenty of gaper c stickers, a quick start guide and the user manual of the flight controller. A 3d printed tpu part which is used for securing an immortal, t, antenna, plastic tubes and rubber, covers for protecting the antennas of the ready receiver a screw and the knot which are used for securing the action camera. A spare set of jam fan d90 propellers. In addition to the one which is already pre installed on the quadcopter, announce the menu board for the codex retail 2 kamera, which is included in case you have the analog version, a spare high quality 20 centimeters long gapers branded battery velcro strap a wrench hex key And some spare screws a gapper c keychain holder, which is a nice add on an adapter which is going to enable you to power a naked gopro camera using the balanced lid of a forest battery spare bottom foam pad and an anti skid battery sticker. Four spare rubber dumpers, which are used for securing the action camera carbon fiber plate and by the way my unit was shaped with a 20 grader. Gopro hero, 10 action camera mount but im pretty sure that if you need one, you will need to purchase it separately.

In terms of features and specs, the synalog 35 is available with multiple ready receiver options and you can choose between analog and digital versions. Ive got the analog plug and play version, so i had to install my own radio receiver and, as far as i know, the digital version is bundled with the codex enabler pro digital transmission system. And yes, apparently, the nebula pro is back in stock, which is great news. The analog version features the codex retail 2 mikro, sized fpb camera and vtx by gaper c, which has a maximum output power of 600 milliwatts and secured to the bottom plate using 20 ved 20 millimeters mounting holes, which also secure the vista unit on the digital version. Derudover, the synagogue 35 features the gaper c gr2004 2550k motors, which can handle up to 4s batteries when pushing these 3.5 inch propellers, the motor wires are secured to the top plate and protected by these plastic parts on the center of the frame secure to the Top plate, you can find an all in one f7, whoop style, 25.5 ved 25.5 millimeters flight controller that features an integrated 35 amperes bles. Four in one esc, den 19.5 centimeters version of the get persimo model antenna is mounted on the back of the frame using a 3d printed tpu mount, which can also secure the antennas of the radio receiver. The battery is mounted on the top plate and connected to the flight controller, using an xt30 battery connector, which is pre soldered to a capacitor.

The battery velcro strap can be inserted in different positions and on the front you can find a carbon fiber plate which is secured to the top plate using rubber dumpers in order to reduce vibrations, and you can either mount an action camera using this molded plastic action. Camera mount or using a 3d printed tpu mount, which ive just shown you earlier. You can connect it using screws to the action camera top plate. As for the frame which, as far as i know, is going to be available separately, its wheelbase is 142 millimeters and it features a truex pattern. The thickness of the top unibody carbon fiber plate is four millimeters. The thickness of the bottom and action camera plates is 2 millimeters. The frame supports both 20 ved 20 og 25.5 ved 25.5 millimeter stacks, and the highlight of this frame is, Selvfølgelig, this massive molded plastic propeller guards. As for its weight without a battery, the analog version of the cinelop 35 weighs about 225 grams and including this new 1100 million pr forest lhv battery by gepperc, which is going to provide you well over 7 minutes of fly time, including a lightweight action camera. The total weight is about 346 gram. Derudover, the weight of the synalogue 35, along with the firefly x, like action camera and its mount, er 271.1 grams and the total weight, including a gopro hero 10 and its mount, is ‘5.1 grams. In order to set up the cinelop35 first of all in case you have the plug and play version, you will need to remove the bottom carbon fiber plate, and for that you will need to unscrew these four hex screws.

Derefter, in order to make things a little bit easier for you, you can disconnect the vtx by unplugging the two gst connectors, which connect it to the svp camera and to the flight controller and youll be able to fully access the flight controller out of the box. In case you have the plug and play version, a servo connector is going to be connected to ult1 and the flight controller is going to be pre configured to use it and the service provider is going to be set to s bus. So in case you are going to connect an s, bus receiver. You can simply cut the wires and connect them to your own, ready receiver and in case you are using a ready receiver such as crossfire that needs a full ua port. You will also need to solder the tx1 pad from the flight controller to the radio receiver. Alligevel, when installing the ready receiver, i recommend to refer to the user manual of the flight controller in order to avoid making mistakes, and preferably in order to stay on the safe side. When powering the quadcopter for the first time use a smok stopper device such as the v fly short saver, as for betaflight configuration most of the settings, including the pid tune, som, in my experience, work great, are pre configured for you. So basically in case you just installed your own radio receiver make sure that it is configured properly and just like on the binafly version after binding the radio receiver, with your other controller, make sure that all the sticks and switches are working properly.

Then i recommend to define your favorite flight modes and osd elements, and you should note when installing the propellers that the motor direction is reversed, the dump settings of the cineloc 35 flight controller are included down below. So in case you need to revert to the original settings, you can simply use them and by the way, you should note that, even when the flight controller is powered only via usb, the vtx is going to power up so make sure not to leave it on The bench for too long as otherwise it is going to overheat. The next thing that ive done is to head outdoors and test the synalog 35 and overall after testing it out. I can tell you that, efter min mening, this is a great platform for capturing hd footage both indoors and outdoors. Først og fremmest, because it is very stable and the flight footage that captured with the firefly exact camera, even without post processing, was pretty good and it also features a very powerful but yet efficient setup. When carrying the firefly xl8 camera. I got about four and a half minutes of a fast paced flight. Using this pr, 4s lsv battery by gmb, which i can estimate, is actually a 900 milliampere lipo battery and when using the new gaper c, 1100 million pr 4s lsb battery, i got over seven minutes of flight time in a mixed style flight. So i can estimate that in case you are going to just cruise around the flight time is going to be closer to 10 minutter.

Derudover, i havent tested the ceiling 35 along with the gopro 10 kamera, der er, of course heavier than the firefly x light, but i can tell that it is going to be able to carry it without a problem and i might release another video with this Analog 35 carrying this camera soon, so in case you are interested, please let me know as for its downsides. Først og fremmest, i hope that geppercia are going to sell spare parts, because in case you break a part of the frame, you will need to replace it entirely, and one more thing that you should note is that these are not ducts, so the propellers are still Partially exposed, so you should be definitely careful in case you are going to fly indoors and you should avoid flying it next to people anyway, now im going to wrap up this video with some flight footage, so i hope you will enjoy the rest of this video As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section down below dont forget to leave a thumbs up.