Bang sunjin was fresh to say first in one of my recent videos and thus wins this shout out. Så tillykke godmorgen, quadrokopter 101, here with a review of the new emacs nanohawk. This is a tiny little flyer. Folk, i've been trying to die in my basement. Faktisk, i kind of like this thing, but let's go over what we got here. Det er en 65 millimeter whoop, another little 65 millimeter whoop weighs only 20 gram, very lightweight without its battery it's available. Only in 1s folks it's it's, a 1s flyer meant for indoor flying uh, primarily during these cold winter months, coming up ahead here. One thing you notice about it, though it has this new gmb, 27 connector what's, also known, as i think, og 2.0 they'realso calling it uh. But what is this uh? This connect particular connector is goes like so, but the idea of this is it provides a lot more current that can go through here to the motors and it virtually eliminates a voltage sag that you normally see with others that use like the ph 2.0 connector here's. A ph 2.0 Stik, these things uh, are just terrible when you really suck the juice through through it, they you'll they cause battery sag voltage drop that you'll see uh when you're flying uh. This virtually eliminates it folks i've been flying down in my basement again, i had not seen any voltage sag at all trying to fly this around the basement uh.

It does come with a 300 milliamp hour battery and again it uh also works with 250 milliamp per hour batteries like that, like you see for the us 65 uh in the us 65 pro um i've tried that already the us65 pro actually has these type connectors Under 250 milliamp hour batteriesand i tried it with this particular drone and it works rather well, but let's go over what we see here uh. I øjeblikket, this is only available in free sky, fr sky uh d8 only uh it's bind and fly i'm sure as time progresses, they'll come out with others, but right now, it's buying to fly and speaking of buying to fly the buying pin for that is located right. There i don't know if that's, focusing or not uh. This is one of those where you can plug in the battery first and then press that button and put it in the bind mode. So you don't have to need two people to do it. Like you see with others, so that makes it rather easy to bind it um it can't. The camera on this is a run. Can nano 3 camera has very good wide dynamic range, although you look at it looking at it, you wouldn't think so. You'D think this is just a little pinhole camera, but no this this works rather well. Folk, i've tried it down in my basement and you'll, see again, as i do. My practice run with this uh.

What the camera produces it does. It have nano hawk 31 millimeter propellers. These actually work rather nicely on this drum and uh zero. 802 19 000 kv motors are included on this particular little tiny little thing now with that it has a 5 Amp, bl helis esc's in here now the flight control board. On this, i i tried to open it with uh with betaflight to see what it was. It really didn't tell you much other than it's a f4 flight control board f411 um. It has like the shape of it is kind of weird too it's like gold or like a cross cross shape. Um, like you really can't, see it with the rubber bands in place, but it is an odd shaped flight control board um right now, there's, not much information on it. This is what i'm saying folks. This is kind of new okay. They don't even have instruction manuals for it yet but um again it's it is an f4 flight controller board loaded up with betaflight 2 eller 4.2.0 data june 14, 2020.. Um again i mentioned it. Has internal fr sky d8 receiver already integrated into that flight control button and i'll or flight control board, and i also mentioned the bind button for that now. Let'S talk about the structure of this: it has flexible plastic propeller protectors around they are rather flexible. I can't see these things breaking i'll tell you in a crash, although they might break right here at these points here, we'll find out all right, others will find out as time goes by with this, but with that also the actual structure is also carbon fiber down.

Here for the drone itself, carbon fiber base frame for it um let's, see i mentioned the gmb's 27 connectors and i think that's a body. Åh nej, i didn't. I haven't mentioned everything i haven't mentioned. What comes in the box. Again you get the little drone uh. You get stickers, hvilket er rart. You get a uh scan for the instruction manuals. Imidlertid, i went on board already to this emacs site with those scans and they don't have the instruction manual available. Yet for the nanohawk um other things you get in there, you get a spare full spare set of propellers. You get the 300 milliamp i timen batteri. En gang til, you can use uh 300 milliamp per hour and 250 250s actually work nice in this because they're a little bit lighter than this and uh. It gives it a lot more punch, actually a little less flight time, but a lot more punch using the 250.. You get a charger now. This charger is a usb type charger i'm. Sorry usb uh controlled. So you use this in either your computer port or a wall charger. How and, men, you'll notice it's all ph 2.0 connectors and also there's, nothing on here that enables you to switch from lipo to li hv. So this is an lihv battery, so i'm, not sure if this is a lipo or lhv charger i'm, assuming it's lipo. So it'll charge it up to 4.2 volts um. I can confirm that later after i charge it with this, men uh.

Hvis det er tilfældet, keep in mind you, you might not get the full amount of time that you get from an lihv battery, but that's also good too, because you'll extend the longevity of your battery by charging it up to 4.2 instead of 4.3 volts uh 4.35 Volt. Nu, since these have ph 2.0 Stik, they also provide you with these little adapters that you would plug into this charger and then plug into your gn. Your your connector gnb, 27, 2.7 27 Stik, like so so that's how you would it's intended to charge i'm, not going to force it in there right now, Folk, but um that's, the charger other things you get in the box. You get a spare set of rubber bands to attach your battery to the belly of the drone. Like so um. You also get a couple little rubber grommets here, for they those go between the flight control board and the camera frame and uh. What else do you get? Oh, you got a bunch of spare uh screws and a little screwdriver, so that is the new emacs nanohawk let's, take it down into the quadcopter 101 basement flight test facility and see how fly so hope you enjoy this flight good morning. Quadcopter 101 and welcome to the quadcopter 101 uh flight test facility of horror, hey it's late october, so that's going to explain some of the decorations you're about to see here. Um let's take the nanohawk emacs nanohawk for a little flight around my flight test facility.

Hope you enjoyed this flight folks, Okay, arming the motors. Hey uh pay no attention to that land. Now i i really should go into betaflight and adjust that to lower the voltage threshold right now. It'S it's, an error. Okay but we're going to take off the end of the air now i'm flying with the uh 300 milliamp hour stock battery i'm, going to start off slow start out slow just to get a feel for it, whoa garden gnomes. Those are scary: Okay, boss! Stop there let's go around again a little bit faster this time now the e max nanohawk um. This is being advertised as a beginner's drone. I don't entirely agree with that. Uh. The drone does require some adjustments uh once you get it out of the box. You know you're going to need to bind it to your controller, and you should always, of course check the betaflight to make sure everything's set up properly um. It does have the switches already set up, but you know you should double check that that it matches what your your you got set up in your transfers, your particular transmitter. Um igen, you know a beginner setting this up out of the box. I can't see that happening. Uh. Okay, can i keep it in here? There we go um, they are going to. You know intermediate parts yeah. This is perfect for intermediate pilots uh beginner pilots. Ingen, i would not recommend it now.

I'Ll, just compare it to the us65. Pro which i just reviewed recently it's quite a bit lighter a little more zippier, som du kan se her, although the 65 pro can be zippy too, i better slow, my butt down here before i crash, but it is not a bad little machine. Oh there i got to do a walk of shame already. I see that's what happens when you get a little overconfident hold on folks. Okay, got back on the pad uh let's take back to the air again um. What was i, what was i talking about? Åh ja, Okay, i was talking about beginners. Another thing um i have to talk about is the connector, the gmb connector i like these connectors. Okay, they really took care of the voltage sag problems that we've seen with the ph 2.0 Stik. So hopefully ph 2.0 is gone. We won't see those anymore, because this is nice. The voltage, sag or voltage drop issue is going with this type of connector, and i like that now this again is a little quite a bit light for a drone whoa. I think i knocked my battery. I think i knocked my battery out of place there because the thing took off like a rocket. You know i did let me recenter the battery battery re centered, so that should be okay, putting a panel back on the ground. It was flying way too fast. Battery tilted forward, okay and arming again going back to the air.

So oh no! You know this is a lighter weight drone than the like. The uh uh us 65 pro, which i just released recently reviewed um a little bit lighter a little little thing, selvom. Okay, the battery is starting to get low, so we're gon na call it quits here, i'm gon na bring it in for a landing and shutting it down. Så, okay uh we're back again now i'm gon na try it with the 250 milliamp hour uh battery with et 2.0 connector very similar. If not the same as the g and b connector um, i got these from the us65 pro. I got a lot of those. So let's try it out with this uh different battery. Let me adjust my hat a little bit better. My little goggles and let's take to the air so arming the motors Music. This lighter battery is 250. It climbs a little bit faster. So let's go around a couple times: Music around the fight, this facility of fear, happy halloween, Folk, it's coming up so yeah. This is a fun endurable flyer. I keep hitting that back wall. I got to be careful, hold on walk of shame coming up. Okay. I'M. Back let's get back in the air again, but yeah i go around that back end there. I always hit those walls. Godt, this thing's a little bit faster. I think my battery needs to be centered again: let's slow it down a bit yeah i'm, just going to slow it down a bit here.

Folk, it's been a little too aggressive and i'm still not fully familiar, takes a lot of practice with these things, but we're doing good that battery's lasting a reasonable amount of time at least 0.6 Volt, so yeah and the long winter months ahead. Her. This would be a fun little drone to fly yeah. I always get stuck back here, that's a hard quarter to make just missed myself too. Okay, 3.4 volts so i'm i'm, believing the voltage here let's come around this way for once before i hit myself Music 3.4 volts coming down, men ja. This little 250 is giving me a respectable amount of flight time. Let'S go this direction now cover it around. Give it a rod there we go. I hit that goal already. You don't want to hit that goal in the corner. There he's got uh the fabric on his clothes or really gums up the motors. You want to avoid him, if possible, in this, like this test facility of fear coming around coming around yeah, this 250 billion per hour battery is actually, i recommend it over. At 300 makes it a lot more zippy and a lot more responsive than the 300. At 300 does a little bit heavy okay i'm, getting starting to get a low on battery we're, probably going to slow it down here, slow it down a bit coming around coming around still. One surprised me a long time with that 300 eller 250.

coming around coming i'm going to land it soon. This will be my last run running around the rosie here yeah coming in now, and the reason i want is, i want to save the battery power, so i make sure i get the recording from this. So let me get this pull it up and give you my thoughts, um it's, showing up there. We go so! Oh you know. This is not a bad little flyer: Okay, it's it's great for indoor flying. I wouldn't! You know outdoors, i don't know if it'd have the olympic to do it outdoors, but flying around the basements. You know throughout the house. This is great for those long winter nights ahead. So hope you enjoyed this flight of the emacs nanohawk uh quadcopter 101 log ud hej quadcopter 101. Her igen, Hej! Hvis du vil have dit eget råb i en af mine fremtider, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, bare gå til min kanal side og klik på, at abonnere og sørg også for at klikke på, at klokke knappen til højre. Ved siden af abonner knappen på den måde får du besked, når jeg frigiver en helt ny video med det samme og give dig en chance for at få det første skud på, så giv det en chance.