So originally it was supposed to come on monday march 22nd and it ended up showing up on friday march 19th, which was actually yesterday. Så, by the time you see this video i’ll have had this drone for a few days. I wanted to give you guys my first impressions of it so right off the bat when you open the drone brand new from the box. You’Re gon na see the drone itself and the goggles underneath that you’re gon na see the remote controller, the charger and all kinds of accessories that come with it um. It does come with two sets of propellers, hvilket er rart. It also comes with a tool so that you can replace this hard plastic shell with the bright neon green. I actually just like this one that comes on there default just because you can kind of like see through the drone, and you can see like the inside of it, which i think is really cool. I also like the black aesthetic of the drone. It looks really nice and adding that bright, green would just make it look weird to me now when you first turn it on one thing i didn’t know, is you needed to activate it with the dji fly app? I actually opened up the manual that comes in the packaging, which is something a lot of people. Don’T do, but i recommend it and it told me basically how to activate the drone, how to start it up, and another thing i was really really confused of at first is when i grabbed the goggles i didn’t see anywhere to put the battery in the goggles And i’m, like trying to figure out like where does this battery go well, come to find out it doesn’t go inside the goggles, it connects to a wire and the battery actually just sits in your pocket as you’re flying.

I didn’t know that so i probably sound like really stupid right now, but that is the truth. Once you get the confusing stuff out of the way. This drone is super easy to fly. It has three different modes: it has normal mode, which is like a super beginner mode. It has the obstacle avoidance on the front of the drone and on the bottom, so it utilizes those sensors with normal mode. Then you can flip it into sport mode, which kind of gives you like a hybrid fpv, slash like gps, drone type of feel. So you get like the fpv look in your footage. You know you get that fpv feel but you’re not like in full manual like the drone. The obstacle avoidance is off and everything, but the drone like if you let go the controller, just like a mavic it’s, just gon na hover and then there’s manual mode, which i have not flown yet so, if you’re looking for that type of review, then you might Need to go to another video i’m, just being honest, like i haven’t, had the balls to fly it in manual mode to be honest with you, um and i’ve only done two flights so i’m, not ready for that. I definitely need more time in sport mode and to feel really comfortable with this drone. Before i flip it in the manual you know, i’m a i’m, a gps drone flyer i’ve never been into fbv.

So this is like my first real dip into fpv and this isn’t, even a real fpv drone it’s like a hybrid fpv, drone yeah. This is you know who knows i might get deeper into fpv because of this drone. Could i see myself ever building my own quad, no i’m, not an engineer, and i don’t think i’d have the patience or the time to sit there and do all that soldering and figuring out where all the different like pieces and components go. It just sounds crazy to me: yeah i’m, probably gon na stick to the dji, fpv nice and simple, open it up from the box and just get to flying. That was really my experience. Another thing that you probably want to know is noise. Is this drone loud check out this cell phone footage of the drone flying and you’ll see what i mean so yeah that’s that’s, basically how it sounds um and how it looks flying around from like a cell phone perspective, it looks really cool. It definitely catches your eye when you see it, it flies so fast, det er, unbelievable, like i think i hit like 80 eller 90 miles an hour with this thing already, so it definitely flies fast, især i sport mode, if you’re new to flying dronesand you start With this start in normal mode, especially because sometimes people think they’re ready for that, and then they find out quickly that they’re, not another cool thing about this droneis that once you have the goggles in the remote controller, dji actually has an app called the fpv.

Something fpv simulator i’ll leave a link to it in the description below for the apple app store. They probably have one for the play store as well. I don’t know how i feel about it. I tried to use it to practice and it was like i don’t know i don’t think it’s. I think the best way i can’t even get my words out. I think the best way to practice is to take this drone outside and just practice with it in normal or sport mode. Helt ærligt, like the app is cool. The whole idea of it is cool, but it didn’t really help me and it was kind of like weird, like the drone in the app like wasn’t flying fast, and it was just like slow and even when i put it in sport, it just didn’t seem like How it would really be outside so just keep that in mind, it’s more of like a game to me and a little gimmicky i wouldn’t really recommend using that to practice. I think dji needs to do more work on that all in all. For my first impressions, i think that this drone is awesome. I definitely see a lot of potential with it for cinematography and and video people. The 4k at 60 frames per second is incredible. For mig. It looks awesome and honestly, like all the complaints i’ve seen from people, especially in the fpv community, that have never flown the drone is that the video looks bad and that the propellers are in the footage.

Godt, the propellers were barely in any of my footage and the video honestly looked great. So i don’t know what you guys are talking about that’s. Just me, selvom, like i’m, actually a video guy, unlike a lot of the people in the fpv community, that you don’t think they know everything i don’t mean to be like hostile at all i’m. Bare at sige, like i’ve seen a lot of fpv people make ridiculous comments about this drone that have clearly never flown it and honestly it. It flies awesome and it shoots incredible. Video there’s really nothing negative, that you can say about this drone unless you haven’t flown it and you have a biased opinion, but if you’ve actually flown this drone like this is a pretty solid machine and i definitely would recommend it to really any video filmmaker out There, that wants to add some really awesome action shots. You know this can be used. Obviously down low, like a lot of fpv. Drones are to get those tight action. Shots like following someone on a dirt bike or in a car all in all after two flights would i recommend you buy the dji fpv drone so far, Ja, Jeg er. Definitely gon na play with this more you’re going to see lots of videos on it. Jeg er. Going to do you know tutorials on the drone itself and the goggles, but you’re also going to see lots of cinematic footage that i shoot with this drone i’m.

Actually in the process of finding some really cool spots. Where i can take this thing and really like get some cool shots with it and i made sure to purchase the three year or i’m sorry, the two year protection plan, which covers the drone for two years up to three incidences and it has a deductible of 250, the first time you crash it the second time it’s 260 dollars and the third time is 270. Jeg ved, i still think that’s kind of a joke, but to be honest with you it’s way better than crashing the drone and having to buy a whole new one like i’m thinking, det er, probably a thousand dollars just for this. I don’t know for sure it might be like eight eight hundred to a thousand dollars in that price range, but definitely be happy to spend 250 versus that yeah guys. I just wanted to share with you some of my initial thoughts. This is very exciting. I wasn’t, like i said i wasn’t initially going to purchase this drone, but after seeing people’s reviews seeing footage and just seeing overall like what a great experience people were having with it, i decided why not buy one. It could be a really useful tool to my business once i really learned the controls and it can honestly be a really fun thing to use just in general and posting it to youtube, and the drone community is really cool, and this is a big deal right Now in the drone community, so i wanted to kind of see what the hype was about and hey it’s worth it man, it really is but yeah guys.

That is all for today’s video. I just wanted to come and share my thoughts about this drone. If you liked what you saw and want to see more fpv content definitely make sure to hit the subscribe button and notification bell also make sure to hit the thumbs up button.