This is an unusual videoI will give you that! Men, So many of us understand the importance some of us put into have a driver for our newly built models. Dolls, Actions figureswhatever you want to call themI call them a Necessity! Og ja, I do have a woman in my life.. with a wonderful sonthat love's that Dad is into cool stuff! I wanted to give some insight into WHY I am choosing this crew.. and how these decisions were met.

Prior to starting the Tank Destroyer Build, (or any build for that matter), I always do a lot of research on the model, the history as well as how to make my models as great as possible. This is to make me happy, but also to entertain the audience that happens upon our videos. Sourcing scale accessories, parts, drivers, etc.. can be an arduous task that takes months, sometimes years to complete. eBay is a place I frequent often in search of things I need. From time to time, I find some really rare items, or people. In todays film, I get to feature both! Cory is an eBay seller that is also an artist. He creates 1:6 scale action figures from the WW2 era, and beyond. tysk, and Canadian figures are his specialty. I was fortunate to notice this seller was actually in a city VERY close to me.. and I was able to arrange a meetup with him, to potentially purchase a few figures for my 1:6 scale All Metal Armotek Elefant Tank Build. Every Tank needs a crew!

Cory agreed to meet with me, and showcase some of his collection for our viewers. I was very lucky to find this fella, and to have him be so open to being on film.

Here is a link to his eBay store:

When I arrived, Cory was eager to answer any questions I had about these modelsand shared his extensive knowledge and some "insider" artist info about the history, and exceptional attention to detail that he puts into these individual builds. He also creates 1:6 scale figures on custom order. This can be discussed with him, through his ebay store. I did purchase two action figures at $200.00 (Cad) hver – and I was excited to own a piece of this collection! These figures truly bring an epic edge to my already amazing project.

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