Her er det op til 100 milliwatt på videosenderen. Det er en 1'er 300 milliamp lille børsteløs whoop og det har 0.802 motorer på her 19000 KV. It does have a pretty durable frame. I did hit some concrete with it and i don't have any broken struts in here, hvilket er lidt fantastisk. It has a little battery tray on the bottom here as well, and a usb port for a data cable connecting to betaflight if you're brand new getting into fpv. You want to fly drones indoors and outdoors. This is an easy one to get. Det koster omkring 85 Lige nu. I think it's on a flash sale on banggood's website. They have a limited amount of unlimited amount of units. So the first thing you need to know about this little guy is that it does fly for about. I i guess, if you're just mild flying the flight time is gon na be around two and a half minutes, and i don't like to beat around the bush for that, but it does come with four batteries in the box, hvilket er cool. It also comes with a little usb charger. You can stick in the wall or any type of laptop. Det har en 2.0 connector on here and the original size smaller one, but this one comes with batteries that fit the 2.0 Stik, which is on the bottom of this quad. You have your battery tray here, just slide it in and once you have it bound up to your transmitter and all your channel maps are working you're good to fly now.

I do have a betaflight tutorial on my channel. If you want to go back and just type in on youtube, betaflight for dummies and you'll find the the process of doing this. So um that's a total other video. But this video is for the beginners up to about intermediate, because this quad is really fast and i'm, an experienced flyer but it's a lot of fun to fly, and mainly because we have a decent camera on here and up to 100 milliwatt, which will actually get You up and down the street, probably about a block and a half to two blocks down the street before you start losing reception, but the spi receiver in my experiences will only go a couple football fields out before you fail safe. One other really cool thing about this quad is that it does come with rssi set up, so my rssi is going to be in the top left hand corner of the screen when we do the flight test, you'll see that number going up and down when i Go around the house outside you'll see that that number tends to drop out a little bit, but the camera looked okay, i feel like as far as in beginner mode. You can start out in stability mode, and you can fly pretty much anywhere. You want to go. It'S actually pretty fast as well, so i had to kind of back off the throttle under 50 percent throttle here and most of the time i was cruising in about 35 til 40 percent throttle.

You can also see the throttle on the screen when we do the flight test. It'Ll be down at the bottom right hand corner of the screen, but i have to say that nothing came back broke all the struts are still here. I didn't break anything on the concrete. I did slam it down on the concrete a couple times. I got a couple scratches on the very top, but this is a really lightweight quad, også. 22 grams on the scale with the battery gets it up to about 30 grams on the 1s 300 milliamp. You could also get some a little bit larger batteries. I'Ll put some links down to some gnb batteries below that'll. Get you up to about the three minute mark and that's what most guys want for a tiny loop, but the zero two motors that are on here. These are zero: eight zero, two motors and they're nineteen thousand kv. It also has a five amp esc, all in one board on here. This is an f4 by crazy b, so it hooks up to betaflight. When you bind up your receiver, you want to type in bind, underscore rx hit, return and it'll put this little guy into binding mode. Plugging a data cable into the bottom of it, where the usb cable is, is enough to power up the board from your computer. So it will be on make sure that your transmitter is in bind mode in d8 and then you can go ahead once your your transmitter is in bind mode and it's beeping go ahead and type in bind underscore rx and then moments later you'll hear telemetry found On your radio, so you should hear that once you hear that you're bound up and ready to go, you can check out your channel maps and betaflight make sure that everything is running correctly.

But right now let's go ahead and go outside and do some flying with this little quad because i think you're gon na like it it is extremely fun and you can go a lot of places with these little guys and actually one of the best buys out There right now at like 85 dollars buying and fly with your fr sky taranis radio and by the way you can also put crossfire on this guy. So you could send it out there if you want to go a little further out but 1s, i mean you know it's kind of like a close end. Proximity flyer. You can also put dsmx and fly sky receivers on this one as well, so let's go ahead outside now. Let'S do the flight test. Så er det nu., guys let's, go ahead and do a drone camps, flight test of the uz65 from eachine we're going to get about three minutes out of this battery, hvilket er virkelig cool. So we're just going to do some mild cruising here, we're testing out that vtx to see how much breakup we get with the dipole antenna i'm. Only running 25 lige her, so it's, actually gon na, be a little better once you guys crank it up to like 100 milliwatt. You wouldn't have quite as much breakup around the chimney like that, but around any super solid objects, guys with analog fpv. If you're new to it, you can expect this kind of breakup.

The only way you can really get rid of this type of breakup is, if you're, using dji digital fpv system, and these quads are so small and quiet that the girl didn't even turn around. She just you, Ved, it's pretty much, not something that worries people or bothers anybody. You don't want to fly up next to anybody. Naturligvis, but people in the neighborhood barely even notice that these little quads are there. Indeværende er stor 65 millimeter. Det vejer 22 grams and 30 grams with a battery on it, so it is really not a nuisance in the neighborhood, which is which is kind of cool. You know a lot of you guys are looking for something that's going to be lightweight and cheap number one. It'S really cheap to run this one. I think a new frame might cost you a couple dollars on this one. Maybe five bucks for a new frame, the batteries are cheap. You can get five packs of these i'll put some links down below for some. I believe they're, you are uav 330 milliamp batteries or the gnb batteries a little bit higher quality i'll, give you choices for both down below but i'm feeling it now and it feels like it has tons of control and stability mode there's a lot of levels to This quad, Fordi, Ærligt, you can really pick up a lot of speed and right. There notice the top left hand on the screen i'm down to 30 rssi right there, so i'm getting low on my receiver.

So if it goes down to zero you're going to fail safe, so keep that in mind now we're going to do a little bit higher throttle now with a little more control. It really is quick and feels snappy on the sticks. I will also share my pids with you guys. I did a little pid tuning on this one to make it fly a little better and it seems to have really helped smooth out the camera. A lot running try props. I dag. You can also run quad props, but really fast. If you push it full stick and the camera is good enough that i can see people coming down the sidewalk so i'm not worried about running into anybody, but way faster than whoops that we had even just a couple years ago. This squad is way faster and a lot more fun, so i'm, also going to show you guys, some indoor footage and we're just going to run through a quick indoor, flight and i'll show you guys how it performs inside not the best flight i've ever done, but We'Re going to do it anyway, it's just awesome, quad, really a lot of fun andand i i found out that inside i really had to back off the throttle a lot um. I was in around probably 25 on a cruise once i get going straight here and i level off it might drop down to about 30 in the bottom right hand, corner of the screen and look at those amazing gaps.

You can pull off with like a little tiny, børsteløs huje, underneath the table there. Just barely prop cards will help you get away with just about anything, and my friend been. There is pretty impressed with how small it is. First time he's ever seen. One of these before he thought it was super cool and again you're able to bump off of stuff. So don't worry about it if you bump into something the neat thing about this. One also is that you can fly to the other end of the house and again i'm only running 25 milliwatt here so i'm kind of pushing it to the end of the house and my rssi dropped down to about 35 out of a hundred but it's interesting Right here in front of myself, i'm about 60 til 50 down the hallway back out great little place to fly around, and he was asking me to fly up close, so he could see it of course, guard your face. You don't want to get these stuck in your sister's hair that's, going to be a bad day. If you do that so watch out for your sisters or your mom's or your wife's hair long hair, they will suck those motors will suck hair straight into them and have you have to have scissors to get them out so be careful, but stability mode? Intet problem! Acro mode indoors was pretty challenging, so anybody that is really experienced you might be able to slow the throttle down enough to be able to do acro indoors, but it's going to take some extreme practice for acro stability is just way more fun indoors and once i Here, i'm, really starting to feel it so now i'm able to find my lines and there we go.

jeg styrtede. I do crash guys. It is something that i do so. I like to show some crashes on this channel, but now i wanted to show you one. Last little quick little flight test, this battery was going to be all for acro mode. So i wanted to see how much force this quad can handle and by force i mean how much throttle and flips and rolls there's a little punch out with a flip. No problem no wash out so far, hvilket er rigtig godt, so now i'm, going to get a little more radical, throwing in a loop into that and no wash out on that maneuver now let's try dive we're going to go all the way. On top of this evergreen and back down a little bit of wash out there at the bottom right there, you kind of can see it kick out to the right so that's what we call wash out, but it wasn't bad enough that it crashed me, which is Good now, just another little loop around that power line and the camera is good enough that you can see the power lines coming, hvilket er cool. I wouldn't say this is the top camera i've ever flown with, but and right into the prius. Okay gutter. Welcome back from the flight test, so okay let's just get right down to it and let's talk about performance. First performance was as expected because when you get to something this small, you know it's going to have some tumble characteristics.

It did have some tumble characteristics. When i was flying in acro when i was really pushing it to do a loop or something like that, we would come back down, we would have some wobble some some wash out as it's called, but it wouldn't it wasn't a an end game because it didn't Make me crash um, but i think that it's, Jeg vil sige, it's a mild freestyle quad. It is okay for learning flips and rolls but that's about it, um for to be able to do a power loop. I think that might be pushing it with this quad. For a little bit and that you know that's going up and around and back over, i was able to kind of come back around, but i had a little bit of wash out on some of those loops. So one thing to think about there but flips and rolls no problem. It flies great and really really fast in acro mode. So that's one good thing as far as starting out, if you're a beginner start out in that stability mode and you're, going to have a good experience, it's going to fly fast for you, you can also change the throttle height limit, so you can set your throttle To something that you're more comfortable with starting out and that way, you're not flying 100 throttle if you set it back to about 80 it'll, be a more mild experience for you and, jeg tror, durability wise.

It came back in in one piece, so i think if you want to get a new frame for this and transfer these components over to a new frame it's, not a super hard job. At gøre det, it is possibleand this is a good place. To start start out with one of these before you move up to a five inch, quad and you're, trying to work with your soldering iron and do all that this is going to be plug and play vtx here. It plugs in the camera and the vtx plug in together here, so no soldering required there. The dipole did pretty good um. I did have some break up when i got around the other side of the house, but running 100 milliwatt versus 25. That is a great value on something like this because for 85 dollars i would expect that it. It came with 25 milliwatt, and that was it and a lot of guys. I know you guys complain about 25 milliwatt, so this one's running up to 100, which is fantastic now also, if you want to get a little bit longer flight time, i can put some batteries down below for you they're, going to be 1s 330 milliamp around. That range from gmb, just going to give you upwards of three minutes like most of you guys, are looking for so pretty easy to bind up, set up in betaflight and again i'm going to try to put a link down below for that betaflight for dummies video.

You guys can go through that and get familiar with betaflight download the latest version and and get this one running it's, not really not that hard. We also have a props out configuration here as well, which it does it does help for these smaller style loops. One other thing that i wanted to mention was that i'm, using my eachine six in one charger, and this charger is way better than the one that comes with it. One comes with it: it's gon na charge up a battery in about 10 minutes time, but this little guy right here this will charge up to six of them at once. You can get adapters for the beta fpv style plug right here, but this also does regular lipos and hv lipos, the ones that come with your quad if you're going to buy one of these, this is the hv lipo, so it's going to charge up to a Little higher standard voltage, it starts at about 3.8, so it'll charge up to about 4.3 and and then it'll stop, but it it takes a little over 10 minutes to charge one of these. But the cool thing about this type charger is that as long as i have batteries going on here, you'll see it flashing really fast. That means that it's done it'll be solid green when it's charging, and the coolest thing isis that as fast as i can charge these i'm flying them, and i just about hardly ever run out of batteries, because every time i turn around to get a new Battery there's another one ready and that's the great thing about these.

They also run on a 4s 1300 eller 1550 batteri, so you can charge a lot of 1s batteries on this type of setup and i believe these are around they're totally worth the money. I have a handful of them that i use so so far. I haven't had a lot of issues with this quad uh. This one is a fun one and at a good price, so i'm going to say that this one's, one of my one of my picks this one would be easy to get started and is suggested by my channel for all that any of the new guys getting Into it, or if you just want a whoop to fly around the house, brushless whoops, they're really fast and a lot of fun. Så, tak igen for at se min kanal fyre, i'm justin davis take care, be well and stay safe out there and uh the quarantine kicks back up. You got something to fly.