BEDSTE FPV GOGGLES 2020-2021 – Eachine EV300o & Skyzone SKY04X – BUYER’S GUIDE REVIEW ?

Kan du se nogen forskel mellem dette par beskyttelsesbriller og dette par beskyttelsesbriller? Can you tell which one is the eachine 300os or the skyzone o4x? They are extremely similar, if not identical in comparison, but they are a little bit different on the spec sheets and we're going to talk about this […]

CRAZY FAST!!! – Happymodel Crux3 Micro Brushless Quad – ANMELDELSE & FLY

Måske – and here we are with the krux 3, so i'm gon na fireit up on a 2s battery we're, going to put up to a 650 on there and i'm going to show you how it rips after that we're going to come back and we'll. Do a little spec check, […]