CRAZY FAST!!! – Happymodel Crux3 Micro Brushless Quad – ANMELDELSE & FLY

Måske – and here we are with the krux 3, so i'm gon na fireit up on a 2s battery we're, going to put up to a 650 on there and i'm going to show you how it rips after that we're going to come back and we'll. Do a little spec check, […]


I have the HD version, there's, also a version for analog. If you want to run that you have a CAD X, Loris option as well it's a little cheaper than the DJI version here. This is the Kennex nebula version and I've got my Vista at the very top right here mounted it's all […]

SPORTY!!! – HGLRC Motowhoop 85mm – FULD GENNEMGANG & FLY ?

Så, if you're looking for something as like your first quad, this would be pretty easy to run as your first quad we're going to talk about the components on here. We'Re going to talk about the tune which I am gon na, provide you guys with my own tune for this one, because he […]

iFlight’s SUPERCAR! – iFlight Cidora SL5 Advanced Quad – Anmeldelse

Finest iFlight quad for 2019? All the bells and whistles went into this body, and equipment on this quad. Highly effective premier XING motors, ESCs, 1000mw vtx and Cadex Ratel. May be my dream quad! Køb en, iFlight Cidora SL5 Superior, 6S model Banggood : Kuponkode : toyho Purchase a iFlight Cidora SL5 Superior, […]

NOW I AM HAPPY! – MOBULA7 HD – Ærlig anmeldelse, Fly, & Opsætningsvejledning

#mobula7hd #happymodel #cinemawhoop Locations to purchase a Mobula7 HD : ————————————————– Banggood : Banggood 10% Off coupon. Begrænse 50. Code : 10M7 Expires 3/31 In Inventory on Amazon : Authentic Mobula7 on Amazon : Gearbest : Purchase a BETAFpv 85X right here : Hyperlink to Nick Burns CLI DUMP File : ▼- VÆRE MIN VEN […]

KONGEN AF HOVSA – BETAFPV 85 X – Ærlig anmeldelse, Fly, & Betaflight opsætning

King of Cine'Whoops. Nye Betafpv 85 X oprigtig overblik og flight vurderinger. Fly, batteri, og prop test for de perfekte video resultater. Betaflight opsætning og forslag efter oversigten. Betafpv 85 X-websted : Hyperlinks til perfekt af 2019 droner under : #1——— Purchase a Happymodel MOBULA7 75mm Fpv Race Drone Purchase at Banggood : […]


See what one man can do with a palm measurement drone. Breathtaking winter storm surroundings within the mountains. Share in case you love the state of Oregon vistas. This can be a preview of the Betafpv 85X Evaluation. Full overview later coming quickly. Betafpv 85X hyperlinks : Purchase at Gearbest right here : Betafpv Web […]