Fourteen hundred dollar prize so go check out our Facebook it's drone camps. Fpv drone community on Facebook join up on that, if you're a graphic designer get your mascot logo and this month, because the prizes have been upped here again on the channels, so we're going big in February for that mascot design, […]

FLYPRO XJAGUAR 190 – Fuld anmeldelse – [Unbox / Byg / Flight-Crash Test / Fordele & Ulemper]

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TARANIS PLUS AlternativeRadiolink AT9S Overview & Anmeldelse

This is kind of a Tyrannis pro alternative, taranis plus alternative. I have met Terrenas here sitting to kind of show you the difference between these two radios. This is a radio called radio link it's the 89s there's, a previous version of this radio called the 89 that came out last year in 2015, […]

FrSky X-Lite review en español ¿El mejor Radio control para drones y alas? |DRONEPEDIA

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FrSky Taranis X9 Lite

Palmer på evaluering af Taranis X9 Lite Radio. Køb X9 Lite med en reduktion : banggood : Kuponkode : toyho X9 Lite Guide : $5.99 18650 2600mah batterier : $5.99 18650 Dobbelt batterioplader : $5.99 "No Slip" Greb til X9 Lite : Forskellige virkelig nyttige Radioer : $99 Taranis Q X7S […]

FØRSTE KIG – ZOHD TALON GT REBEL – Unboxing, Opsætning Tips, & Oversigt

NY' ZOHD TALON GT Rebel Fpv Plane is out! First look, unboxing, setup concepts, and overview. Medium or Prolonged Fluctuate. Subscribe for full setup particulars. Buy the ZOHD Talon GT Rebel Banggood : Kuponkode : toyho 4S 4000mah Talon GT battery : ZOHD DART XL on Amazon : ZOHD Orbit : ZOHD Nano Talon […]

Turning a piece of history into aRetro-Rocket

So as to take a look at and evaluate a number of the stuff that's arrived on my desk, I’m going to re-build my good outdated Blackout Mini-H racing quad (aka racing drone ). Going into this rebuild shall be: – DYS Race version 2207 motorer – DYS 40A/6S 32-bit ESCsFrSky built-in receiver […]

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Get pleasure from my full evaluate of the KingKong Fly Egg 100 Mini Race drone. Get it right here Use Coupon Code: rc18off Spare batteries 2s 3s SkyZone and different FPV Goggles Taranis Controller: This little quad handles amazingly effectively for an out of the field tune and might deal with 3s nice as seen […]

HolyBro KOPIS 1 Race Drone – Fuld anmeldelse – Unboxing / Opsætning / Fly-CRASH! Prøve / Fordele & Ulemper

Take pleasure in my full overview of the HolyBro KOPIS 1 Race Drone! You may't get significantly better than this. Get it right here I acquired some LIMITED Coupon Codes I needed to share with you for financial savings of virtually $100 Off! Right here For BNF model use Coupon Code: DRHOLYB (20 models restricted) […]