officielle udgivelse – Emax Nanohawk Indendørs Racing Drone – Anmeldelse, Opgraderinger, & Flyrejser ⚡️

The new emacs nanohawk in the house and let's get this one started and let's dive into this review. Godt, we're gon na do a bunch of things in this review because you know me and emacs i've got to uh have some fun with whatever they come out with and today i'm going to […]

MOST FUN WITH A WHOOP IN 2020! – Eachine DE65 PRO 2S Whoop with Crossfire – ANMELDELSE & FLY! ?

Why would anybody put crossfire on something that only has a 25 milliwatt vtx on there well you're about to find out Music? Hey all right, fyre! Welcome back from that, quick little break a little flying sort of preview of what we're going to show you the full flight review coming up for the […]

Mi whoop favorito; el Eachine US/UK65 con motores brushless |DRONEPEDIA

KONGEN AF HOVSA – BETAFPV 85 X – Ærlig anmeldelse, Fly, & Betaflight opsætning

King of Cine'Whoops. Nye Betafpv 85 X oprigtig overblik og flight vurderinger. Fly, batteri, og prop test for de perfekte video resultater. Betaflight opsætning og forslag efter oversigten. Betafpv 85 X-websted : Hyperlinks til perfekt af 2019 droner under : #1——— Purchase a Happymodel MOBULA7 75mm Fpv Race Drone Purchase at Banggood : […]

YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS! – Skystars Ghostrider X95 3S Whoop – Ærlig anmeldelse & Fly

FIRST LOOK on the Ghostrider X95 3S Whoop. It may run from a 2S to 3S Lipo. Candy spot appears to be a 3s Lipo. Take a look at what could be essentially the most sturdy newbie quad thus far this 12 måneder. Sincere Evaluate & Flights by Justin Davis Purchase the Skystars Ghostrider X95 […]

105MPH 3RACE QUAD! – Eachine Wizard TS130 – Ærlig anmeldelse, Opsætning, & Fly

Recover from 100MPH with the $129 Eachine Wizard TS130. Trustworthy Evaluate, Diatone R349 comparability and Betaflight setup. Evaluate by Justin Davis of Drone Camps RC. Purchase the Wizard TS130 $129 Hyperlink lige her : Purchase the Diatone GT R349 $139 Hyperlink lige her : Instructed battery for each quads 4S 850mah : $17 Hyperlink right […]


Selvstudium til fuld installation, mods, og opgraderinger på din Eachine Garbage kan af Justin Davis. Video indeholder grundig betaflight opsætning, xt30 mod, sensible audio suggestions, antenna improve, and the way it flies after the upgrades. Share with a buddy who wants setup assist. Purchase the Eachine Garbage can Hyperlink right here : Greatest Garbage can 6in1 […]

YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS! – 88gram biograf DRONE – SPC Maker K1 V3 – Ærlig anmeldelse

Biograf Quad under 88 gram med 1080p HD 60fps HD-Video! Dog kan det imponere? Høj videokvalitet undersøgt på 2S, 3S, og 4S batterier. See which one makes the video look one of the best. Tremendous compact and nice video! Purchase the Spc Maker K1 95mm 1080p HD Drone right here Gearbest Hyperlink right […]

Eachine skraldespand Killer? Allerede? – BETAFPV 75 Pro 2 – Ærlig anmeldelse & Fly

Bedre end skraldespanden? BetaFpv søger for at tage ud i skraldespanden og Mobula7 med den nye 75 Pro 2S Whoop. Find ud af hvordan det skal sammenlignes i dette 100% ærlig gennemgang for mennesker. FPV og flyrejser og samlede stjerne rating. Købe Beta 75 Pro 2 : BetaFpv Website Link her : Købe den […]

DIATONE RABBIT R249 NX – 5 STAR QUAD – Ærlig anmeldelse & Fly

Diatone Rabbit R249 NX Honest Review. This quad made TOP 5 Best Micro brushless drone of the year. Watch the full in-depth review and flight tests on 2S, 3S, and 4S! Købe fra Diatone HK hjemmeside direkte her : Købe en Diatone R239NX med Runcam TX200 (hvid) her : Buy a Diatone R239NX with Runcam […]

Mobula7 Killer? – Lille GT7 2S Whoop – MEST HOLDBARE WHOOP – Ærlig anmeldelse

Den lille GT7 er den hårdeste 2S whoop i hobby lige nu. Hårdt testet på en legeplads. Ærlig anmeldelse og flight test. Se, hvordan det skal sammenlignes med Mobula7… Buy the LDARC Tiny GT7 Link here : Kuponkode : IBXPXH192H Buy the LDARC Tiny GT8 Link here : Kuponkode : IBXPXH192H Buy […]

Happymodel Mobula7 – 1 STAR or 5 STAR? – ÆRLIG GENNEMGANG

Does the Mobula7 live up to the hype? See the honest truth about the Mobula7. Complete review with bench overview and flights. Finish up with a sober star rating of this popular quad. Buy the Mobula7 below Limited $79 price at Gearbest : Kuponkode : IBXPXH192H Buy the Mobula7 from Banggood here : Anbefalet […]