ABSOLUTE RIPPER! – Diatone GTB229 Cube Finger Edition! – ANMELDELSE & FLY

Welcome back to the Drama Camps channel today, we're gon na check out the fingers addition toothpick from diatone it's, the GTB 229 edition I'm gon na run a 2s 450 milliamp battery I'm gon na suggest up to a 554 you guys it does have a 110 millimeter Wheel base on here – og […]

BEDSTE DJI MICRO CINEWHOOP? – BetaFpv 95X, Transtekbille, VS Geprc Raket Lite

You decide which micro you buy this year with DJI digital in there we're gon na review sort of do a mash up. I dag, we're gon na put in some footage of the rocket from gap RC. This is the rocket light with the cat X on board and I'm also going to show you […]


This quad is crazy. This is a micro brushless running 6s on board and success. Rated motors from HG LRC it's, the hdl c parrot 132 super beasty, tough, one hundred and thirty, two millimeter wheelbase with a 16 ved 16 Flight controller, mount 2.5 millimeter unibody on the bottom, and we have a pretty […]