Fællesskabet Spotlight! juli 2020

So we have some categories that i always choose arbitrarily, starting it off we're, going to have some good old freestyle. This is one of my favorites i'm, a freestyle pilot. This is what i like to see so we're kicking it off with a video from pdevx. I don't know how to say his […]

Fællesskabet Spotlight! April 2019

It's Group Highlight, hosted by Botgrinder and Cricket! This episode is dropped at you by Grinder Motors from Hypetrain FPV, and one particular winner in the present day will obtain a free set of motors. Keep tuned and submit your movies for an opportunity to win extra giveaways all year long. SUBMIT A VIDEO HERE: […]

Fællesskabet Spotlight! oktober 2018

Do you know of a pilot with exceptional skills? SUBMIT A VIDEO HERE: Check out Kwad Camp Online here: Visit our store HERE: Would you like a monthly goodie box?! Check out Kwad Box HERE: -Hostet af- Jeff Orta [VORT3X (VORT3X)] -Production Team- Tchad Kapper – Executive Producer Christian KapperEditor Videos Featured in this […]