HUBSAN H301S SPY HAWK Anmeldelse – En del 2 – [Udvidet batteri, Række Test, Akrobatik, Crash Test ?]

Endnu – and I was using a stock battery in the first video so in this one I'm using a hubsan H, 501s 2700 quadcopter battery, so we're gon na see if we get any more flight time see what the flight characteristics are and I'm just going to go Straight out this way you […]

DJI Mavic AIR 2 Flight Test Review IN-DEPTHHow good is it…Virkelig!? (BONUS CRASH TEST!)

Finally got my hands on it. If you missed the unboxing and full on set up really getting in depth and looking at it close up with all the parts and how it connects and updating go ahead and check, the video in the series I'll have that pop up here, you might want to […]

MAVIC LUFT 2 Anmeldelse – En del 1 I dybden – FLY MORE COMBO Unboxing, Opsætning, Opdatering! Fordele & Ulemper

This is the fly more combo. As you may know, DJI does not send me demo units, yet I should probably contact them again to see if I can get some, but maybe it's, because my reviews are brutally honest. I'M, not sure I do show the pros and the cons as they are. Denne […]

Which DJI Drone Is Right For You This Summer? – A Buyers Guide

I'Ll explain the unique features and benefits that each of these drones provide to help you decide which of these amazing flying machines might be right for you now in front of me, I have all five of the drones I'll be comparing the Mavic mini Mavic air Mavic. To zoom Mavic to pro and […]

MAVIC PRO MINI (TIANQU XS809W) – Fuld anmeldelse – [Unboxing, Inspektion, Flight Test, Fordele & Ulemper]

The first toy grade replica of the DJI Mavic, is here and it's called the Visio XS eight, oh nine there's, a few different variants of it. We'Ve got one variant that is just the quadcopter. The quadcopter with altitude hold, which would be a barometer and we have a camera version and a Wi […]

DJI Mavic Pro Unboxingwhy now is the Perfect time to buy it

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