DJI MINI 2 Række Test – Hvor langt vil det gå? (Skjulte funktioner testet!)

DJI MINI 2 Flight Test Review IN DEPTHHow good is it…Virkelig!?

DJI Mavic Air 2 & Mavic 2 – Affordable AIR DROP Kits & WEIGHT Carrying CAPACITY lift Test

we're going to test some of these air drops today, i've been kind of curious i've seen some on amazon. The prices are getting pretty cheap like under 40., and i just wanted to see if i could purchase them and see how good they were. So you guys know if you're looking for maybe […]

FIMI X8SE 2020 Drone GIVEAWAY! – TAK ABONNENTER! (PS. Ja DJI Mini 2 Serie på vej!) ?

X8 2020 giveaway it's been a long time coming, men jeg har været at nævne i mine videoer til um slags combo udgave. I got that i would be giving away the standard edition and just to make it uh kind of a bonus for you guys. I got this extra carrying bag […]

FIMI X8SE 2020 Edition Range Test to 0% Magt – How Far Will it Go STOCK?

Give me some video there we go. They gave me video Music, hej gutter, thanks for tuning in check it out. It'S, the femi x8sc 2020 edition we're gon na do a range test today, just going to go straight out, nice relaxing sunset range test, we're going to see how far this one can […]

FIMI X8 SE 2020 Edition Flight Test Review IN-DEPTHIs it BETTER!?

I'Ve got to be right around the 30 minute mark. Hey guys, thanks for tuning in check it out it's the femi x8sc 2020 edition. Here i got it right in here in the flamewar combo. I guess you could say it is with the two batteries and this little nice little case here. Hvis […]

Fimi X8 SE 2020 Edition Review – En del 1 In-depth [Unboxing, Sammenligning, Opsætning & Opdatering] GIVE VÆK?

I am going to be giving one of these away in an upcoming video for you subscribers, so don't forget to make sure you are subscribed to the channel. So you don't miss this giveaway because it will be coming up very soon. I know christmas is coming up. So i think it would be […]

DJI Mavic 2 Pro anmelde – En del 1 – [Unboxing, Inspektion, UPDATING Madness!]

This is gon na, be awesome, we're gon na review this. This is gon na, be the first part of a review series. I'Ve got the fly market here, I'm, also going to be doing the Mavic zoom so stay tuned, because we're gon na have a series of videos on this new Mavic let's […]

live-Q&A! PARROT DISCO 25 Mile Automated Flight From Maui to KahoolaweI lost it! ?

Tuning in this will be a little bit of a live. Vis. It'S been about, I want to say, I started at like 930 and it's 1000 næsten 1020 nu, so this is supposed to be like a 55 minute flight and I'm. Just gon na show you the screen here on the iPad. jeg […]

Navatics MITO Solar 500m Wireless Underwater ROV Review – En del 1 – [Unboxing, Inspektion, Opsætning]

This company is a sister company of B propulsion. If you remember my propulsion motor on my little mini boat, it's kind of the same company and manufacturers as that go ahead and check that out, I'll have it pop up here and it's, pretty cool video on my mini boat. I also have the […]

HUBSAN H301S SPY HAWK Anmeldelse – En del 2 – [Udvidet batteri, Række Test, Akrobatik, Crash Test ?]

Endnu – and I was using a stock battery in the first video so in this one I'm using a hubsan H, 501s 2700 quadcopter battery, so we're gon na see if we get any more flight time see what the flight characteristics are and I'm just going to go Straight out this way you […]

Bedste Mavic Air 2 Filmisk Drone Video jeg kunne fange – Honolua Bay Maui Hawaii