Denne lille fyr er sat op med tv, Crossfire. It has some dji cadets vista on here with the nebula camera we're gon na check that out, in the view it's a little bit close to twilight right now, so it's going to look a little different in the air, and i have to say my impression of This on 6s for freestyle it's, pretty locked in the tune on here, is very, meget glat. I don't see any vibes um. It is a really well tuned from the factory flight controller and i'm, not surprised from hdlrc. So we do have some sort of uh crossbars. In the front back and front here, so it can double as a race squad. Efter min mening, i think it would do good around the course is extremely fast and uh. You can also play around with some long range with it, with your tbs crossfire on there. So we've got tango 2. All set up ready to go with the win5 light. Guys let's get this one out there wind five light edition. Her går vi Musik, Musik, så musik, Musik. Okay gutter! Welcome back to the shop let's go ahead and break down the win5 light versus the analog version that came out a while back the just the standard wind wind. Five is 230 millimeters with the f7 on board. This one is a true x with front and back crossbars, which is nice for racing, so this one might be kind of like a hybrid race.

Quad, slash freestyle, slash medium range quad, but the thing about this one is is that it does not have gps on the back back there. So if you're sending this one up, the mountain kind of, do it the old school way, the guys just you know, set up some crossfire and go for it. You can do it like that if you fail safe, you're going to have maybe a hike up. The mountain, but the good news is that you can really see better where you're going with these dji systems. So if you guys don't have dji goggles yet absolutely save up your pennies for those because they're so worth the money, um that's all i've wanted to fly. This year, these companies keep sending me the dji version so i'm happy for that. But this one's all set up with cadx vista nebula on the front and it is a smaller camera and i think they were trying to save a little bit of weight for the race guys. But since this one is flying on 6s, this would this would easily be a race candidate in multi gp. It has plenty of tpu protection, camera protection up front. It is kind of a locked in camera position up here. So really you can't make it go down. Any further than that, and that looks like it's about 30 degrees of tilt right there, so you could probably cut it out if you're, a beginner and you're looking to have a 6s version of a quad.

This would be a quad like after you've had say your first three inch or so when you move up to 6s, it has a lot of power and it can be super dangerous, så umm, if you guys, are having your first 6x experience, be careful when you Plug these in you don't want this thing to bite you on the hand, um a lot of power. In these motors and speaking of the motors, we have the aeolus motors from hdlrc these series motors. They are really premium. They are very nice. We have gold hardware on the bottom here. Three bolt configuration gold motor stands bell with printed graphics, og dette er en 2207.5 1750 kv motor and man. Just look at that is that a nice looking motor, Det er, a nice looking motor you guys standard bolt on top we've got some gem fan props here and you get two of those two sets of those in the box. Det drejer sig om 5146 gem fan, kebab, FPV, designed racing or freestyle props, so they're, a fairly narrow cord in the middle and sort of a smooth taper, and the characteristic of this prop is that when you do spool up for the first time, you notice that this quad Sounds really really smooth and quiet when you get it up into a hover and i'm expecting on the 1050 batteri, like seven to eight minutes flight time, if you're cruising now, if you're ripping freestyle you're going to probably get about six minutes flight time, but there's a Huge advantage of flyon 6s, if you're going to use it for medium range, you can throw a little larger battery on this bottom mount down here and you can really get some extra range because the strap that they give you will accommodate a giant sized battery.

I mean if you could somehow fly a lion on this. You have tons of battery strap room here, so i think that's, a big positive from hglrc, giving us a huge strap there. We'Ve got a 20 ved 20 mount underneath here, and those escs are 20 ved 20. They go up to the flight controller mounted cadx vista nebula system. Her, with a button there that you have to bind up to your goggles and you'll have to use this usbc port right here to to be able to activate this, and then once you activate it, you need to update it to the latest firmware which is going To be that 50 megabit firmware update, and since that came out, you guys i haven't even been using the the actual um gopro on top or any type of air module dvr, because i feel like i don't need it because it looks so good. I only had a few instances of breakup if you go back and look at that video. There was some breakup where it had some good trees between me and the quad. Some shrubs and things like that really thick cover will sort of cause it to like kind of pixelize out and pixelate, but other than that it's it's, pretty solid, even down that long road that i went on it was still doing pretty good and by the way, This is an f7. It is an f7 22 and we're rocking some 45 amp via heli esc's on here for four to six s, and so we got some guys.

Ask me like well, can i fly 4s on a 6s quad? You can uh you're not going to get a whole ton of power it's just going to it's it's going to fly actually pretty decent. You probably could do a mild amount of freestyle, but we're really going to have a good time is on 6s. So you can start out if you're beginner start out on 4s on this guy and then move up to a 6s battery. Now speaking of gps, selvom, if you guys are going to send it, i would really probably rather recommend something like this from hglrc. This is the sector 5, with gps on the back and crossfire and all the bells and whistles here. But this is an analog setup. It has an f7 on board as well, and i believe these were around 45 amp to 50 amp ese's and they have als motors on this one as well, and that red sort of theme – 2306.5, 1900 kv motorer. You know red bottoms on those and this this quad is built thicker it's heavier and it's it's really made to survive like a mountain crash, it's quite a bit bigger and beastier than the wind five light, so this one's been obviously lightened up for racing and um. I think that is its main purpose here and another reason why this is a dedicated race style. Quad is the fact that it does have a shorty antenna back here.

This is the left hand circular polarized hammer antenna from hdlrc. They also have these extra posts here, but let's go ahead and put this guy on the scale, and let me show you what the win5 light weighs: Okay, so the quad itself without the battery it weighs in at 330, 329 330.1 it's it's just moving just a Little bit on the bench, that's actually a pretty competitive race weight. You want definitely want to as light of a race quad as you can possibly make it now, with the the 6s 1050 that's going to get us up to 470 470 point, one right on the money, så umm, when you add a gopro on there, it's, obviously Going to get you above, maybe above 500., so there you have it the wind light: Vind 5 light is yeah, it's it's has a lot going on for it and, i think it's, i think it's up to par with anything that, like catalyst, is making right now, As far as uh your reliability factor the quality of the carbon used here, it is it's very similar to my catalyst, america that i i flew a couple years ago. So some of these companies are catching up with those sort of custom design, type companies and hdlrc motors have come a long ways and now, i 2020, we're really really benefiting from that all that experimentation they've made micro, size motors and race motors for years. So i think that, as far as a medium range cruiser too, if you want to do that, it will do that and it looks like it'll take a beating as far as if you crashed it out there and you had to go pick it up and one Other thing that i need to definitely mention in this review is the fact that this is the v2 nebulous, so the v2 nebula i talked about it on a review a while back.

That v2 is way better than the v1. It has much better light. Adjustments um and the sky's not as blown out and you kind of saw that on the the twilight flying that i was doing, and i got to tell you um when you're flying on these dji systems close to dark. They do brighten up everything so much that when you come in and land and you take off your goggles it's kind of funny because i'm, like wow it's, actually a lot darker outside my goggles than it is inside the goggles, so dji system getting close to twilight. It'Ll really get you back home you'll really be able to see where you're going, even if you're flying around some canopy still so, if you're looking for gps, you know grab a sector 5 med gps. This one is going to probably i think this one was a little more expensive, but when you outfit this one with the crossfire nano rx, what i have on here, it's going to get you closer to four hundred dollars, the analog versions of them right now, i'll Just double check for you, guys it's, probably around the two hundred dollar price point: Ja 259 for the analog version 6s, and i think they have a 4s version. They have it listed twice on the banggood website. For this version, hvilket er interessant, i'll have to double check those links for you guys, but they both say success. I don't know what's going on good, maybe there's something different there.

It could be a cadx camera without the nebula on there, the full size, cadets, bigger camera, but again i'll have to to double check on that for you, but we're all done here guys. I hope you enjoyed my flight test with this one and i'm happy. It came back in one piece because this is an extremely nice quad and it's decent quality, fyre. I think it's it's worth the money it's a really hot, looking quad, but thanks again for watching guys, i'm justin davis take care everybody and be safe out there and happy holidays and all that good stuff. My holiday is just a little happier with the wind five light here in my hands.