So this is the d77 tc pelican from halo. Now we are in the unsc lib default livery. This is the one that comes as default, but there are also another uh, 10, more liveries um from all sorts of different colors, some dark colors, even some more like this and black looks pretty cool um well done. This is part of their 40th anniversary uh release from microsoft. I wonder if we can get that door open, but what we might do is uh well take this for a quick fly. I want to show you guys how this works. I know some people have been having trouble with this, so im just going to auto start it and what else we have flight mode, all right, so theres a button to swap between flight mode safety warnings, caution, warnings i might have to uh click, some other buttons To get it going, including my aviation buttons, i think, were still starting up a lot of these are inoperative. This is free in the marketplace. Just go and grab it, barometric pressure, very cool master, avionics. There we go thats. What im missing um master generator might be a good idea, cool all right, heres starting up. I think my sims turned down. Why just actually crank it up, hopefully that doesnt override my voice um. I wonder if we can have a look around. Oh, we can look at that. Is the door open not by pressing that these buttons pressable? No, but it does look cool.

Oh theres, no guns in the gun. Rack. All right heartbreak is on, but i dont want to roll around uh a synthetic vision view all right. Theres our synthetic vision, review and theres a camera view is un unavailable. I did notice that before airport nav aids, tfc train mode weather mode waypoint we dont have that already put in. We do have our alt hold auto throttle. Flc does not seem pressable. Okay, vertical speed, cool inoperative, inoperative starter button right. I did full startup anyway, though. Didnt, i maybe we need to. Can we get past that to press it auxiliary generator 2. button, one? Okay, now we sound like were starting up ive, not actually done a cold and uh dark start in this um engine ones. The only one i cant seem to turn on that throttle does work there. Stick even the left side stick works. So is there a right side? Stick? Yes, there is very cool sounds like were still starting up pitch. An aileron, wow theyve actually got stuff on the side here, actually thats it pitch another one, all right. Engine, three and four are coming on im. Guessing they go off when the um light goes off. Whats on the front there, my trigger oh yeah, i dont – have weapons engine two is off now cool auxiliary generators. Do they need to be on whoops somebodys flying another one? There very cool cant see where its gone hopping right over.

On top of me, im guessing all right were up, so weve got vertical takeoff and landing turn twist, or you can actually go sideways. So when were in here, we can left and right well, actually take it rudder turns it landing gear up. If i want to go forward, thats, actually pretty cool animation, i want to go forward. Ive noticed put the after burner buttons on and then what i can do is were still on climb now were going on forward. Now i have full control to go left and right. If i want to hover what i can do is turn off the auto afterburner button. So ive got a afterburner button, already mapped on my um flight controls for jet fighters and the likes after burn a button on which im guessing is also maybe flight mode, and then it takes over and automatically takes. Uh gives you control like a conventional aircraft. Then we can go a buzzing around master warning. Is that terrain? Yes, i know im quite low, probably also overspeed yeah, but it uh. It does actually handle quite well. That is a full left to right. But if i want to hover here, turn off the auto uh afterburners and we can almost skid this to a stop turn on the afterburner control again and we got control again well. Do is well take it back down for a landing. So, if youre having trouble flying it, map and afterburner button to your controls, im guessing that flight mode button, also, does it as well.

Now, where are we over speeding, yeah overspeed? I thought that was the case, so were doing, mark 0.73 back it off. Oh, its loading in the airport and yep theres a bit of a stutter, get that when youre loading um large airports, sydney is one of them, especially when you have all the uh information in that all right. There we go come on. All right were finished loading. It in yeah good now landing gear down. I can probably roll a landing gear down or it should actually be easy enough just to uh hit after burn a button off it automatically uh hovers now. I might need a little bit of altitude before we hit the ground or a pole. I can use a twist on the rudder or okay that lifts really quickly and you can see the camera below there. I think theyve done really well with this. To be honest, um, once you get the hang of how to fly it, it hovers really well and um. We can actually bring this back so thats hovering quite well: yeah thats automatic um hover, though thats thats, your main uh automatic mode, so throttle down, go down. Uh throttle up go up vertically, that is, and with enough control you can actually bring it around and land it back in its position. Everything else is automatic, theyve done quite well with that. You know you want to scoot over to the left or right. You just actually drag your controls over there.

You go thats the uh d77 tc pelican from halo, just a quick flight. I dont even know if i need these on. To be honest, um thats, your forward yeah my brakes are on as well, so that allows me now to probably drive around the airport but theres no steering yeah. So this is a vertical take off and landing so thats the same as the afterburner button. All right, thanks for watching just a very quick show this is uh. The 13th of june has just come out for free today in the marketplace. Uh, let me just show you what it looks like there. It is there press get and download and you can download it for free um. This is the first day of release and uh.