Now you get about 10 minutes out of each battery, they give you three batteries, but were gon na buzz this around the room here in just a minute and check this thing out so in the box. This is everything that you get. You get a protective cage for your your drone that just snaps on over the top to keep your your drone protected from bumps and falls, and it just snaps on real easy just like that. Just to protect your propellers. If you do damage a propeller, you get four more propellers and they are labeled. So you need to make sure that whichever one is damaged you you put the correct one on and thats all in the instruction book. You get a tool to change your your propellers. You also get three batteries these batteries last about 10 minutes and with the three batteries you get two chargers, so that is super duper handy now, when you plug your battery into the charger, its gon na flash red, indicating that it is charging. So when you plug that in ive got two full batteries here, so so ive just been playing with so ive just been playing with this one. For the last few minutes, power button is on the top im going to power it off and then im going to discharge my battery and im going to stick it on the charger im, not sure. If you can see this or not, you can see theres a red light on the charger indicating that the battery is charging when its done charging.

It will turn green. You also get your instruction manual, which it is a must that you keep this handy and read it and make sure that you understand all the features that are available on this, and then you also have your remote control. Now the remote control takes batteries, but it does not come with batteries. So youre gon na have to install um three aaa batteries, three triple a batteries. So on your remote control you have tons and tons of features. You got a speed control. You got a flip button. Youve got your your left right. You got your left right. Trim! Your up down, trim your front back trim, you got your uh, your headless turn your lights off! Turn your lights on all sorts of different things. All found right here in your in your manual that you need to read so lets. Take a look at this thing. Get it up in the air now im, not a big big grown flyer. So this is much more like a beginners, and let me tell you about a being a beginner dont try to be a hero. Dont try to do everything dont try to put it on the fastest speed all at once, get used to it, learn how to fly it.