Rover a hybrid between an electric scooter and an electric skateboard lets check it out. Music, a mashup between an electric scooter and an electric skateboard is probably the best way to describe this thing. It rides on three wheels and has a scooter style set of handlebars, but the bars dont turn like a typical scooters. Handlebars do. Instead, you lean the deck to cause the front wheels to turn its, not the most intuitive control system, not by a long shot, but once you spend 10 or 15 minutes on it, it all starts to kind of click in your brain. When i first started riding it, i was in scooter mode in my head and it was hard to get my brain to break out of that thinking. The best advice i can give you is to try and forget that youre holding a set of handlebars and instead just imagine that youre on a skateboard once you start leaning and reacting like youre on a skateboard controlling the cycle, rover becomes much easier. Believe it or not, theres, actually three wheeled suspension here too, the front wheels, have independent suspension and theres a swing arm in back with rear suspension for the back wheel. Keep in mind that this is not long travel suspension, though, and so its more for absorbing some modest bumps, you can still get a wheel swallowed up by a pothole if youre, not careful so dont think that youre gon na go doing anything crazy, but even modest Suspension helps prevent all of that road shock from traveling up through the deck and handlebars and into your ankles and wrists, so im glad to see suspension of any form here, and it does make a difference.

Once you get the hang of controlling the rover, you can really take advantage of its power. The rear motor here has a 1.8 kilowatt hub motor and theres a 1.15 kilowatt hour battery under the deck too. So youve got some good power and a lot of battery capacity. They claim a range of 40 miles or 64 kilometers, but my testing showed an extrapolated range of closer to 75. Of that i wasnt leaving it in the lowest power modes, though so i wasnt getting as efficient of a ride. If you max it out in the highest of the five power modes, you can get up to around 25 miles per hour or 40 kilometers per hour to be honest, thats about as fast as i want to go on the cycle board rover because it just doesnt Feel quite as intuitive as riding a typical scooter to me, though. Maybe thats, because ive spent years riding typical, two wheeled electric vehicles – and this is of course a very new type of ride. Its still quite a thrill, though, and the speed is part of that fun. In fact, i think the best use case of a ride like this is probably for joyriding. I cant really see myself commuting on it. This beast weighs 83 pounds or 37 kilos, even though the handle folds down thats a lot to lift each time. You want to carry it inside or bring it on a subway car, but as a fun riding cruiser.

I can see the appeal that being said, you have to really want something strange and out there, because this is not a cheap ride. Its currently priced at twenty six hundred dollars im not saying thats overpriced, i mean its got a huge battery, powerful 1800 watt motor and its own patented steering system, but its still a lot of money. I dont think ill be buying one myself to hit up my local coffee shop anytime soon, but i can still appreciate how much fun it is to ride something that feels so different and unique. At a time when the electric scooter and skateboard markets are more crowded than ever before, with so many different companies competing for a piece of the pie, its refreshing to see and ride something so unique, i just wish being unique, didnt mean costing so much thanks for Watching everyone, we hope you enjoyed that first ride on the cycle board rover, if you did why dont you give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe, so you wont miss any of our future electric vehicle.