I really do appreciate it remember if you havent done it already. Please hit that subscribe and that notify button for me, so you dont miss any upcoming videos. Today we are going to check out the c16 foldable drone from cxjtech dont. Let the plane box fool you, because this is a really cool. Looking drone so watch the rest of the video, so you can check him out. This dude has two 2k cameras on it: a front facing adjustable one from the controller and a stationary downward facing camera. You can even switch between the two cameras, while youre flying the drone around really really cool. It does a 360 degree flip. But what really sparked my interest with this drone? You guys is that its not a gps drone but its said to have follow me mode and a return to home feature on it. I cant wait to check that out and see if they both work and just how good they do work the price, not bad. At all 135 bucks on amazon right now, but they do have a 20 off clickable coupon, so you can get them for right around 115 bucks. But you know i got to take care of my viewers and i did reach out to tech and they gave me a 15 off coupon code to give to you guys. That means you can get this dude for right about 98 thats, actually, a really good price for this type of drone ill put the coupon code and the link for the drone down in the description right now i see we go unbox.

It well set them all up, then, were going to put them up in the air and were going to see just what this thing can do: Music, Music, Music, Music time here we go lets unbox the c16 from cxj. This is the box it comes in. It is your everyday standard, generic white box with the cxj drone logo. On top all right here we go very cool, looking case, thats cool, get this box out of here, get it out of her way and well just set it over here. In case you forget what drone were talking about, not that you can tell from that box. So we have a soft sided cloth case. Very nice, dual zippers. You got a little cloth handle here on the top, just like that. So not a bad case. Pretty cool and now were gon na get to the good stuff so pause. The video go, get your sunglasses, because this dude is bright orange boom there we go awesome all right, yep im going for the top first! So lets do this. So what do we got here looks like its our manual? Yes, this is the manual its really thin. I mean really thin and its in two languages, so its even thinner than that. So we got one two come on three four pages, so it does look like its got everything in here um how to trim it, how to do the camera. Your speeds, the roll headless mode, so everythings in here um still kind of thin, but i wished it had a little more detail to it.

Um it did not have anywhere in here the weight of the drone, the range of the drone, how long the batteries last? How long they take to charge? None of that good stuff which i wish was in there, but i did the homework. I got all that information for you guys and im going to give it to you in just a few minutes. Remember guys read the manual i dont care if its 100 pages or one page always read your manual dont charge, the drone up put it up in the air fly it before. You know what it can and cant do. Youll crash your drone hit someone in the head. All the other good stuff. Remember dont be a drone dummy. Then we have one looks like an app instruction guide in chinese that aint going to help me any. Is it open? Does it open? Maybe it doesnt open? What oh yeah its backwards? It opens like this english. We have an english manual, so this is the app manual. Has your qr code. You can scan for the app down here. It has what each thing on the app is for you can see. The print is really tiny and you really cant see the numbers on theres little numbers on here that you can barely see there in red to tell you what everything on the app is so thats cool. I know theres another little manual built into the app that you can open up and see it a lot better whats this.

What do we got its our goodie bag? All right, we are just going to pull everything out of here, well check it all out. So lets see what we got come on awesome cool, so we do get four obstacle: avoidance mechanisms or drone training, wheels, propeller guards. Four of those you get two thats it two replacement. Blades you get one b, one a blade. Remember they have to go on the b and the a arm doesnt matter front, a back a front b, back b, just b blade to the b arm a b f, a b, a blade to the a arm. Then you get this cool handy dandy. Looking screwdriver drone propeller removal tool, one usb charging cable cool and then we get not one but two 1800 mah, seven bolt mini lipo drone engines. This is where i did some of my homework. So when the battery gets to a certain point, the drone is going to land itself and thats it. You cant fly it anymore. From that point, i used a 5 volt 2 amp charger. I wouldnt use anything bigger than that because you dont know if its going to swell the battery or kill any of the cells, but anyway a 5 volt, 2 amp charger box, and it took you ready for this 2 and a half hours to charge. One battery. You have two batteries, one usb cable, so if you dont have another one of these laying around which im sure you do anything like my house theres a ton of these and charger boxes laying around the house five hours to charge them both.

If you have more cords, two and a half hours cut your charge time in half. Now you get oh, there will be a little red light on in here when youre charging it you just plug the you, the cable into here and then on the front here. Theres, a little red led light that will stay on while its charging. When that goes off your battery is fully charged. You get approximately 12 to 15 minutes of flight time, thats from a full battery until the drone decides to land itself and the battery gets to a certain point so right around what do we have 25 to 30 minutes total with both batteries so thats about average? With a drone like this, so not too bad, then we have our controller. It is a 2.4 gigahertz controller. It takes three aaa batteries use your screwdriver. It came with take the screw out pop it off its really that easy three triple a batteries. Now what i do like is, it is a top mount cell phone holder and you just damn thats loud click it open. This extends pop your phone in there i use the samsung note 20 ultra. It fits in here perfect without the case on it. So if you have a case on your phone, more than likely youre gon na have to take it out of the case for to fit right. But the phone stays in here really well, because there are some padded bumpers in here little rubber things and it just grips the phone and it stays in there great the joysticks.

They feel nice and oh man im going to leave myself open for jokes again. They feel nice and firm and theyre, not real flimsy. I like the feeling, almost like a uh, the joysticks on an xbox controller or something so i do like that. Theyre theyre, very comfortable these big knobbies on the top uh make it really comfortable for your thumbs. So on the top here this is your speed button. There is a there is. It is a three speed drone uh. It will beep uh the number of speed that youre in so beep for one one beat per speed. One two beeps for speed: two blah blah blah and up to speed three, the button on this side. This is your 360 degree flip button. Push that button in the controller is going to make a series of beeps while its doing the beeping tap this joystick up down, left or right, and the drone will flip. Whichever way you push that joystick really cool thing, that this thing does as big as it is, the flip is pretty awesome ill show it to you um when we get it up in the air im. Definitely gon na do a couple of the flips all right since were over here. This is your trim. Button here, push it in the controller will beep when you push it in and then all you do to trim the drone its really easy to do. If the drone is in the air and its drifting to the left, push this button and then tap the joystick over here.

Your right joystick to the right and the drone will eventually quit drifting and it will stop and hopefully youll get a pretty decent hover and just remember its not a gps drone. So if youre outside and theres even a slight little breeze, that drone is going to want to move with the breeze. So you wont get a perfect trim outdoors with it, its probably nearly impossible unless theres zero mile per hour wind but just remember tap it tap. The joystick in the opposite direction, the drone is drifting the next one over here. This is not a gps drone, but it actually has a return to home feature in the drone you tap this. The drone comes right back to you ill show you that when we put it up in the air, its not a true return to home. But when you tap this button, the drone just shoots backwards toward the controller, and then you push this joystick forward or backwards to get it to stop. Otherwise its going to keep going backwards over here is our headless mode button. It does have headless mode your camera and video button here. One tap of course, picture long. Press start your video youre on and off turn it on. You get a little green led indicator here. This will stop blinking once you can uh paired it to the drone. Long press shuts it off your camera adjustment. Buttons are right down here up and down, i believe its 0 to 90 degrees, adjustable thats the controller.

It feels pretty good. I, like the feel it will be a little heavier with the phone in it, which will be good itll, make you at least feel like youre holding on to something so not a bad little controller, ah cool all right guys time for the star of our show. The cxjc 16 bright, florescent orange drone there. It is super light too ill get battery out of here, thats good right. There all right check this dude out. So yes, dont, send the comments i do know im missing a silver cap. I took it off on purpose because i just wanted to show you guys that you can just take your screwdriver put it right in here and take the blade off with a screwdriver. I did want to see if these caps go back in ive had other drones. Once you pop the cap off, they never want to go back in these. They went right back in like they were never removed, but for the life of me i dont know where i did with the other silver cap its here somewhere and ill have to find it. But for now i did take it off to show you guys that screw thats in there anyway, so the arms lock into place really well, you can even hear the pop they pop right in there, so its good and strong hold yeah thats him right there. The honestly, the sole thing that attracted me to this drone was the color all my other.

Drones are gray silver black, whatever not orange. This thing is so cool its pretty well made. The top does not feel like cheap plastic, it is thin, but most of them are thats how they keep the weight down, but it does feel like it could take a couple licks and still holds up pretty well its got s5 pro over here. For some reason i dont know why its in c16 and then here on the top, we have fold series ling, ling. This is just decoration. It does not light up anything like that. So you have noticed it is brushed motors, theyre, not brushless, but im hoping one day. They will upgrade this because theres plenty of room right here for them to put brushless motors in here, and i bet you this little thing would be even more awesome with brushless motors in it. But for now we have the brushed motors so cool. So your battery, just slides into the back right here, just goes right on in there the clippy thing on the downside. Now it doesnt make a snap or a click or anything when you push it in, but it goes in and it stays in pretty good or really good. I should say not pretty good its not going to fall out on you on the bottom. Some breather vents. This is your wi fi and controller antenna, so its supposed to be there dont think somethings broke. It is supposed to be there.

Your power button is right here: press it in lights, will start blinking. Let it go. You have power to your drone here. He comes. Look out cool, led lights, theyre, really big, so youll definitely be able to see. This would be really cool. Looking at night, i bet especially with these beady eyeball leds on the front. So you do have dual cameras, one front one, one stationary bottom camera. So you get a true birds eye view, um not adjustable. Naturally, they say its a 2k were gon na check that out and well find out for ourselves on the front adjustable camera up and down zero. I believe zero to 90 degree adjustable. You can do it from the controller which is really really cool, so the specs on this dude. I did weigh it myself because, like i told you before it, didnt tell you the weight or anything like that, and those are just kind of the nerdy tech information. I like to know about all my drones, but anyway, 5.8 ounces, 164 grams. The range this is posted on their amazon page 820 feet thats, pretty damn far for a brushed motor drone thats, not gps per se, so well, get it out. Put it down the street im gon na see how far we can get it to go. Dont know if i have enough room outside to go the full 820 feet, but were gon na see what we can do with it thats pretty much the drone guys.

I think i went over everything on this little dude, so i say we get him set up ill. Show you how to calibrate it show you how to connect to the drones. Wi fi signal well go over the app really quick im just going to show you some settings in there, so you dont miss them when you get the drone to set it all up and everything um theyre there, but lets get them set up. So we can get them outside and put them in the air all right time to set this little dude up. So we can finally get him outside and check him out and see what all he does. So i did put the obstacle avoidance mechanisms on the drone. Already i left one off so i can show you guys how they go on theyre really easy to put on and they actually stay on really good too. So you can bump into stuff and they probably are not going to fall off theres. This big slot right here on the side of the front of the arms. You just take your obstacle avoidance mechanism. Propeller guard slide it right in that hole right here. Damn thats going to lead me open to another joke too in it and just push it in and it snaps right in there and theyre in there really good – and this is what this bad boy looks like with all the propeller guards on there – hes huge.

So youre definitely going to need a ton of room to do the flips with him, but thats pretty cool all right, so lets go ahead and get the controller and the drone paired its, not a self pairing, so you do have to pair it just turn on The drone long press, it till your lights, start to blink there. They go very cool and then turn on your controller press, the power button and then take your left joystick and go up and down with it, two beeps the lights blink and now they stop your controller and the drone are paired together. So the next thing we are going to do is we are going to calibrate the gyros on this drone. There is no gps compass calibration, simple gyro calibration, make sure when you do this calibration. This drone is on a flat level surface or it will not calibrate right. Super simple to do you take both of your joysticks and you go down and in with them the lights will blink really fast theyll quit your gyros are calibrated. Here we go thats it thats. Absolutely all you got to do. This thing is technically ready to put up in the air now, but now this drone is omitting a wi fi signal. So we have to connect to that wi fi signal with our cell phone. In order for the drone to send the fpv back to your phone screen and to use the app features, you do not need an internet connection to connect to the drone.

You just need to connect to the wi fi signal. If you have an old phone laying around, even if it doesnt have a cell phone provider on it um as long as its capable of connecting to a wi fi signal boom, you have a drone phone right there to use for your drones, really cool all right. So go to wherever your wi fi settings are on your phone, open them up. It will pop up give it a minute to refresh there. It is right there at the top of our list. It is the hf underscore zero one. Eight blah blah blah blah blah blah blah tap on it now, the first time you do this, you guys you may get a pop up telling you youre connected with no internet. Again perfectly okay dont need internet to fly. The drone you may get a pop up asking you if you want to keep the wi fi connection or switch to a cellular data connection, keep the wi fi connection you can see here. We are now connected with no internet perfectly. All right were going to hit done were going to get out of here. So now you need to download, which hopefully youve done already the hf ufo app its free on google play and the apple store. It looks just like this ill even put the icon on the screen, so you can see it a little better im, not sure how much of a glare there is on my phone screen, but lets open the app there we go.

It says, connect success up here in the top left hand corner. It shows you, your sid, that youre connected to over here your wi fi settings. If you tap this, it brings you to your phones, wi fi settings, so you can connect again if youre not connected or all that other good stuff. So now im going to put the app on the screen and go ahead and lets check out the settings. So the first set of settings here this is just so you can switch the joysticks around from left handed mode to right handed mode, and all that does is swaps the joystick. So instead of the left, one being your ascend and decent. That would be your forward and backward and, of course, your right joystick would now be your ascend and descend down. Here is a little bit of an update. You can click it if it doesnt. Do anything youre updated this instruction button here to the left. This is what i was telling you guys that it has that mini manual in here for the app, so you see where there you can see there. You can see these numbers a lot better on this one than you can. The printed version goes all the way through it tells you about all the controls. You can do all that other good stuff and ill show you these features when we get it up in the air. We probably wont have time with the battery limit to go through all of them, but im going to do my damnedest, so i can show you guys and we can actually see how well they work if they work so were going to hit the little button up Here on the left back out now, i did say earlier that this drone is advertised as a 2k front board, camera and downward camera.

But in the app settings your snap settings, which im imagining snap settings is the camera for pictures still pictures. It only goes up to 1080p same with the video settings. 1080P is as high as it goes so im kind of banking on the fact that this is probably going to be a 1080p cameras on both the front and the bottom one, which makes a little more sense being the type of drone that it is. But 1080p thats a pretty decently clear picture, especially if youre not going to use it for professional photos and videos but to practice flying on the fpv or with fpv goggles on great little drone. For that, so it will do the trick. Then you have your language. You can do it in chinese, dutch, french or english lets. Do french no im kidding lets not, then you got some things here. You can turn off like your hold mode im, not sure what that is. Follow me palm control, the roll all that stuff. You can turn them on or off, if youre afraid youre going to hit them, while youre flying it or whatever, but lets get out of there now were going to go to the start. Section tap on start boom says please calibrate before takeoff. We did that again. Its just down, and in on the controllers flat level surface. This is the interface of the app its very simply laid out on the top right corner.

Here is that little uh circle with the boxes and if you tap on it, it opens up all your intelligent features. You have your this first one here. If you tap on it, this is so you can take your phone and you can tilt your phone forward and backward. You can see that right, joystick is moving and thats, so you can fly the drone forward and backwards by just tilting your phone kind of neat. The next one, the peace sign, thats your gestures. If you tap on it, you give a peace sign. Itll, take your picture. A high five itll start recording video. The next one is your camera switch and this one tap it and it switches from the front facing camera to the back downward facing camera. Supposed to. Why didnt it do it hello all right, im, doing something wrong because it does do it there. We go probably not hitting it right, but anyway, you can see here not bad uh view for upside down camera, so pretty cool all right tap it. It goes back the next one here is your follow me. This is the track mode that i was telling you about. I dont know how a non gps drone has a follow me mode on it, because normally the drones lock onto your gps signal from your cell phone and they follow you this one. When you tap it in front of the camera, there will be a red box on your screen, put yourself or whatever you want it to follow in that box, tap the box and its supposed to follow you so were gon na try and see how good it Works, the high five palm.

This is so you can take it your drone and you can pretty much make it go up and down and side to side with just moving your palm. The drone is supposed to do commands according to which way youre moving your palm dont know about that. One havent tried that one yet either then you have your vr mode. Just like that splits. The screen you dont need a special vr goggles to do it. Just any old pair will work next one. This is your headless mode, then you have next to that is your trace to fly, and this one were definitely going to do this when we get outside. But you can draw any kind of pattern here and the drone will start to follow it and it will do the same thing. The drone will do whatever pattern you put on there, pretty cool feature tap it its done. You can see there. Your joysticks came up. Well, get to that this next one here with the phone with the arrow around it that just flips your picture upside down, not sure what good that does, but thats what it does. Then you can close those over here, the 30 thats your speed, six dsp 200 is speed. Three, your camera, your video. The on button down here is so you can put your joysticks up. You can see here. You can actually fly the drone without the controller and just use the app your emergency stop button down.

There turn those off all the way over here to the left corner bottom left corner. That is your auto takeoff and that will be your auto land or return to home. Im really curious to check out the return to home. On this thing, your tick tock one here open it up. You got some filters. This is your album, shows you what it or all the pictures – videos youve taken the little controller. One here put your controllers up the select music. This is kind of cool tap it. It will open up a list of music and ill just tap on once you can hear it. Some of them are kind of weird tap on it and you can get some chinese music in the background for your video, a really cool thing about this is, though, down here at the bottom. You see it says: system, music, vocal, music. If you tap on the local music, you can play your own songs, while youre recording video with the drone, just a really cool effect for a video, its pretty neat, all right so well get out of there thats it this little weird looking shape here at the Top left, not the door, but the other one thats, your gyro. You can calibrate your gyros just by pressing that button. Instead of doing the joysticks so thats it guys were set up. We are technically good to go, were going to get this thing outside were going to put him up in the air and were going to check out these uh features that it can do and were going to see how well it does them lets.

Go im really excited to fly this all right guys. Here we go were going to test fly cxj c16. I do have a little bit of wind again. This is not a gps drone, so im going to shoot him up in the air ill fly him around ill. Let you guys hear how he sounds check out, how he maneuvers ill go through the speeds and then im going to show you this really cool flip. That he does dont know if ill do the follow me or that track mode, that it has ill, try it, but with the wind i wont be able to get a good uh trim on him so but well see what we can do with him anyway. He flies down to the neighbors house. Oh well, well have to go, get him, but im gon na unlock the motors and get this dude in the air. Here we go theyre winding up all right. Here we go whoa, he shoots up, so you can see him drifting. Remember not gps, so lets take him. Take him for a lap here and ill show you guys how he maneuvers he handles pretty well honestly, but you can see there. He will not stop Music. Very cool im going to switch the app and show you guys this camera real quick, so you can check it out. It does have a little bit of choppiness to it see. I can try to trim him.

You guys, but i dont know if its going to work. Let me see what i can do here with him. Oh, maybe a little, but remember any breeze is going to knock him off course. He just doesnt have the gps to stay put, but hes actually doing pretty good and ill turn toward my flag, and you can see him a little bit, but you can see theyre barely moving hes, actually holding still really well thats, pretty cool ill show you! The transition on the camera – you can see its a little choppy but thats what you get for. Drones, like these, its still not a bad camera to practice on and learn everything but thats the up and down. You can see there its just kind of a little up and down ship to it and, i believe, thats as high as it goes right there all right. So this is speed, one and im just going to take him down the street here. Oh, you can see the winds blowing a little bit. He wanted to take off on his own, so ill. Try to trim him again. He wants to go forward, but im not sure its going to work all right, actually, im gon na get him in the yard. Here: hey stop all right! Im gon na do the flip real quick before the battery goes low, because i really want you guys to see this flip. It is really cool. Remember give yourself plenty of room because he does a huge flip.

All right here we go ready ill do another one one more here we go ready Music, so i did notice on this one. He does not flip forward and backwards. Oh yeah nope. He just goes left and right, but he does them one after another. That is really cool. You guys, but again, just a great drone to put up in the front or backyard to practice on. If you have kids that want to fly drones. This makes a great one for them to put up, learn how they fly, how they maneuver get used to them. All all right lets go through some of the speeds and ill just fly them by the camera. So you guys can see the different speeds theyre. Actually, pretty quick, so i believe, were at speed. One yep here we go speed, one so ill. Take him down the street. Hopefully we dont lose him, but here we go theres speed. One all right lets check out speed. Two all right. This should be a lot quicker, so here we go oh yeah and look at that. Let go of the joystick and he keeps going. Oh all right, speed two over the camera man. Here we go Applause. The controller is real, responsive im, not getting any delay whatsoever. So thats really cool. Oh, you can see him shaking that wind. He wants to go with it all right, speed three, this ones gon na, be pretty quick. You guys here we go Music.

All right here we go speed. Three whoa wow v3 is not bad at all. Thats, pretty cool all right, so the wind may not be too bad guys. I think im going to open up the uh this track mode on this thing, and i really want to check it out and see how good it works. As now, i say that the winds gon na start picking up im gon na put him in speed. Three, though so he can fight this wind a little bit better its really hard to do when its like this, because you cant its hard to let him sit there. While you look at the app to see what youre gon na do look at him, but hes fighting the wind big time all right, let me open these features up see if i can find him on the app real quick before i lose him all right guys Lets check out the track mode and see if we can get it to work im, not sure how this works again, not gps, but it has like a follow me mode on it. So i can get him still enough if the wind comes in too strong im, not gon na be able to do it, but well see what we can do here. Okay, hes really wanting to move around all right hold on. Let me see what we got here. Come on dude all right, let me see if i can trim them a little bit better.

I want to show you guys this track mode. It really works, but you absolutely absolutely have to have zero wind to do it. Music, oh thats, pretty good right! There see if i can turn him without him taking off on me: oh hes, hovering pretty good, no wind, but as soon as the wind comes its going to take him away all right here we go so lets see Music. Let me bring this camera down all right there. I am oh look there. I have a box on me so lets see if hes gon na do it. Oh yeah look hes moving. Oh hes doing it. That is cool, so that is the first time ive seen he lost me there, but here he comes back first time, ive ever seen a non gps drone with a track mode. It actually works pretty good. It would probably work a lot better if there wasnt any wind but im going to close this and get out of here very cool again guys, not gps, so its not something youre going to take professional photos or anything with but hey to put it up in The backyard let the kids practice learn how to fly the drone get used to how they maneuver actually a great little drone. For that, and you got ta admit these flips are really freaking cool. All right, oh hes got to return to home. I wanted to show you guys im going to bring him down the street im going to show you this return to home its, not a gps return to home.

He will just come right back toward the controller but watch this, and he will not stop all right. Well, put him right: there, im gon na hit return to home and look here he comes, but look he wont stop you have to stop him. Whoa! Stop! Oh yeah! Look at him fighting the wind now thats speed one but hes actually doing good against the wind Music, so thats the return to home. He just goes like straight back toward wherever hes his back is facing. He doesnt come toward the controller or where he took off from so well. Hes really fighting this win now so im going to bring him over here and we are going to land him and im going to wrap this video up and give you guys my final thoughts on the c16 from cxj great little practice drone fun little drone Music, Music Applause, Music, okay, guys time for my final thoughts on cxgs c16 drone, not a bad little drone, you guys, i was really impressed out there with this little dude. It was super fun to fly it handled really well, especially for having brushed motors. I was impressed at how well it held the trim even in the slightest bit of breeze. I mean it drifted, but it was controllable, which was really cool. I mean not gps, so youre always going to have a drift to it outside if theres, even the slightest bit of wind, the camera, not the greatest, not the worst ive ever seen, im not too sure either.

One of them are a 2k camera. But again, if youre, just starting out youre looking for an inexpensive drone to put up in the front or backyard practice on learn how they maneuver get used to the controller, the fpv view the app functions all that stuff perfect little drone for that cant beat the Price 129.99 on amazon right now, but remember, grab that coupon code get this dude for right. Around 100 bucks thats, actually a really good price for a starter. Drone ill put the code in the link down in the description grab. The code click the link head on over to amazon grab you a drone and start learning how to fly guys thats going to do it for this video thanks. So much for watching guys, remember hit that subscribe like and that notify button for me. So you dont miss any of my upcoming videos.