CX10W Nano FPV Drone Flight Test Review

This very tiny quadcopter is managed by your touchscreen telephone. You possibly can each fly it, and consider what the quadcopter’s digital camera is seeing along with your smartphone, …


  1. How can I get it in India kolkata? Plz help me

  2. Don't know what's wrong mines great ..but also.binds to cx10wd tx or t8sg jumper tx with xiamoia Wi-Fi.booster get unlimited range and fpv I've flown 200 meters lol

  3. The camera is better than syma x5hw

  4. the camera is better than i though.

  5. What's the range of that thing

  6. Can this drone be controlled with an Ipad or is it only Iphones?

  7. how to go long distance this drone

  8. I didn't control this quadcopter with remote

  9. Try to fly it using Apple iPhone

  10. Hi. Thank you for your review. Do you think that we can use something like a bluetooth gamepad compatible with Android devices control that quadcopter through their Android app installed on a smarthone? (Same question about Apple devices, if someone has the answer…!) If yes, I'll get more fun with this tiny quadcopter

  11. Does the Drone stand in the air alone? that is, without pressing any smartphone buttons.

  12. plz make a 6axis drone Apex plz

  13. i love you you do the best videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Outside only with zero wind. Not impressed, $30 down the tube. Way too fidgety.

  15. gosh i cant use mine ive tried several time manually even via gyro it wong fly constantly

  16. YES this drone has a controller bt it is much more expensu

  17. Thanks 👍✨👽🍻

    Tips for rookies

    1)The more level the ground for takeoff seems to help the gyro sense better ( on our RC drone , choppers)( bring a piece of plastic if in a rocky area for a takeoff base

    2) some people can buy an expensive radio to operate all their drones, choppers , but they usually don't support cheap drones .

    3) my Bengal just jumped off his cat perch into my nuts 😳😫😲. 3 min later ..ouch!! I couldn't think for 2 min ..

    4) they really should have an accessible battery so you can get more than 1 flight!
    Who wants to always wait for charging .

  18. tbh I was scared to fly this😂

  19. Plz do about b unstoppable

  20. the saddest thing about this is that there is no BATTERY AVAILABLE ONLINE to replaced my broken cx10w battery.. im here in the Philippines.. 😳

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