This episode is a breakdown on the cuda copter rc drone. So this is going to be the third review im doing with one of these bait deployments. This thing is super cool, so yall just sit tight for that episode. Anyways, you guys. I got my man derek kenny out here from dark side, sharkers hes gon na. Do the complete breakdown of this drone? I hope you guys like it as always. Thank you for the love sit tight and check out our leaders. Spartan, tackle fishing baby, see you soon, whats up derek. How are you bro were doing pretty good? We out here jurassic park, china buddy, put together something this weekend and we got the cuda copter trout at 5, 000 out here with us today, all right right now, im gon na do a little breakdown on a little bit. I know about it. Okay, we have this little charging box, so we can charge this battery on the beach got a power inverter a little one. Make it easier for travel, got my charging port here. Okay – and this is a 600 watt charging port. I could charge two batteries at one time. I can charge up to 16 amps, but i try to charge around 10 amps that way i aint charging my battery too fast and hurting it. That way. I have more longevity from my battery. Okay, i got the 6 000 milliamp gins ace, 100c, 22.2 volt and it holds a 25 overall, 25 volt charge overall.

So let me break that down. So basically, this is a battery here um and this is uh the whole setup. You could charge two batteries, and this is the max charge of 25 volts right there and just got a basic plug ins here, pretty self explanatory, okay awesome and then what do we do when the battery is charged when the batteries charge? We just turn our machine off and we just unhook the battery here, unplug it set it to the side. Okay, flip the truck drawn over release. This clip pull the battery box out the way i set the battery down in there, and i like to put mine with the cord this way, so i can fold it back around okay and then we just plug it in. Let me tuck that in now i take my case and i fold it under that now fold this flap well and tighten that up finger tight and then shes ready to rock and roll okay. All right lets do the bait rigging now awesome, so its pretty easy. So you know obvious normal charging stuff here: um thats a little bit different than the aqua cat and the gannet as far as the assembly, the battery casing is different, but this thing is really awesome. You guys are about to see that right now lets hook up. Some bait to it right now, Music, and how you turn this drone on is you have this little key is what i call it and you plug it in to the back of the drone right here, and it connects the power inside of the drone.

Okay, you cant fly without that thats like the key right there. Yes, sir thats thats your on and off button, basically, okay, so thats the on off button right there. Yes, sir, okay, okay, gotcha and right here we have the controller. They have a new controller option. Now that has a screen built into the controller, but i dont have that option, so i just went and bought me a 8 inch ipad, okay to hook to my controller. That way, i can watch what im doing yeah and check out my meters on how far im dropping my bait, okay and where its going, i can set waypoints. If i want to fly multiple baits and have them go to the same spot, i can program it to drop this reel here. The next drill here and the next drill there. Any time i run a bait, i can just hit shin bait and itll pick it up and fly it to that spot, and then i can click. The second bait drop and itll pick it up and fly it to the spot. I will say that the flight system on the cuda copter seems far superior from the gannet that ive flown. This operating system is amazing. All right man lets see. Uh lets get next uh the bait, beautiful man, Music, all right and how i get my drone ready to deploy bait is i just take a piece of mono 40 pound or if you aint got no extra line, just cut your little piece off your reel.

I just do you know a couple feet and i just take it over to my shoulder and i just tie it onto the end of my leader, so youre, just tying that that 40 pound mono to the end of your leader, so that youre going to take The other end of this mono and basically put it through the loop of the drone, so he made a loop on the other end right there and, as you can see, hes tying the other end to the swivel on the leader, thats, pretty cool, and on this End of the line i just had a little dropper loop yup. That way, i can slide it on my bait release and when it releases it just slides off real easy yeah real cost effective. This gets it below the drone. You can whatever length you want, but i feel comfortable with that link. Okay, all right guys so its important to note that the way this operating system works is the drones always going to return to the spot. This home point and you do not have to calibrate it so were going to hook up the loop right now. Derrick the dropper loop i tied earlier. Okay, i take it and under the drone, is this little rope and just slide that over that rope and pull your other loop right here over that little arm right there and then the drones loaded, ready to haul you back. Thats it huh now this drone they come to carry 3.

5 kgs, but i have mine custom built to carry a little heavier payload, okay and its a rated for 4.5 kg to 5 kg, which means i can safely run a 9 pound bait. I could run a little bit bigger bait, but i try to stay around seven pounds: okay, to factor in the weight of my leader, the weight of my spider weight, the weight, the dragon line in the water all right, so this is uh. This is an upgraded one that can do um five. What do you say? Five kilograms right? Yes, sir, that is a beast and i saw so basically theres a rope and this arm when you hit the control that arm on the side yeah. When you hit the control, when you get it where you want, you hit the b button and it releases your bait, okay, and it just released that okay and then ill rig it back up. Thats, really cool thats, pretty basic um looks like any issues with uh. Dropping that or does that work pretty good that little arm right there. I had no issues without standing, okay, awesome man, we ready to fly some bait out or what im ready to fly some bait and id also like to say gary. This is an awesome product. I love it. I did a lot of research before i bought one and im very pleased with it. Um awesome, bro awesome. I love it. Garys gon na be happy to hear it.

Bro all right lets see what this is capable of Music all right. So this is the home point. Im gon na put okay, so put a little mark right. There see that little mark right there lets see how close it lands back to that all right. Let me see what weve got here. Thats okay, well see what it does. Um wheres the drop wheres, the drop, the bait Music right there b for bait, okay and a is for automatic return to launch okay, so the right is drop bait and the left is return home thats it yes, sir, its that easy! Yes, sir – and this is actually, if you guys cant, see us, but this has a full gps map, it shows you the direction of the drone, no calibration for the drone, so its just basically ready to go a couple buttons there. So hes gon na basically work a lot of the automatic stuff. Is that right? Yes, im gon na fly it out there and then im gon na. Let it fly itself on, but i will be controlling it on the way out to get it where we want. The bait: okay, all right man – lets see what we got: okay, so hes going to turn it on for the software by linking connected gps, 3d plus d, gps, Music, and that thing is fast. I dont know if you guys could tell, but that is steady. I think its going steady, its a big weight, its you know a lot of weight, its very fast, its very fast, and you want to climb to 40 meters with this drone.

All right, you guys know that drone is going super fast, thats, a lot of weight on there too, and it is windy, as you can see by this flag here. It is pretty windy. It is getting after it that drone is not not playing as much that way we dont backlash, yeah hes doing it. You know hes got a little bit of drag on that reel, but i mean, if you look out here it tells you how many movers i mean. I wish you guys, could see this menu. This one is really nice, but you cant see it so its out. 300 yeah just drop it at 300., maybe Music – i mean its its booking. It so were gon na see and then hes gon na hit after you lets, see youre dropping this theres 350., all right well, 355.. All right, heres, the bait drop zoom in on that drone out there i cant, i cant all right hold it still. I hit that bait drop. Okay, it just dropped the bait. Now you hit what return home a for return to home and thats it. Okay, beautiful! Let me tighten this up a little bit Music really hard to level line. I cant really level the line here. You got that level line nice, nice, Music, roll it in and i can see the drone coming in so hes has that drone returned home now lets see how close it gets to this mark.

So i put a mark right there thats the mark so well see how good this is. As far as you know, return home yeah its right up there. I dont think i just missed it there. It is. I mean this thing is pretty incredible: Music yeah and the wind is really blowing really shaking right now, as you guys saw with that flag and hes still hands free, as you guys can see Music. My gimbal just stopped working, of course, very close. Look at that! So theres the mark very close, very awesome. Super cool super cool dude definitely appreciate it. Man that simple huh appreciate you having me out here its that simple you can. You can buy whatever kind of drone you want, but i recommend doing your research before you make a purchase and go off of you go the instinct like yeah all right, man were gon na. Do a breakdown here in a minute. Lets run the rest out right now: Music, Music aint got much to show Music all right im going to give you my honest opinion on the trident 5000 or the cuda copter trident 5000 bait deployment drone. Overall. This drone blew me away pretty much in every regard, except maybe for one thing as far as power capability, payload, quickness and steady flight, absolutely phenomenal phenomenal drone. The software is spectacular. The speed of the single attack, the spectacular the stability of flight is also spectacular. My only concern would be the battery compartment didnt appear as safe as some of the other deployment devices like the ganut pro plus that ive used and the aquacat that ive used.

But as you guys, you know, i want to point out one very important thing. As with all of these rc uh deployment devices, the warranty and repairs are vital. Okay, what were seeing right now is a lot of people are crashing drones and they cannot fix them. Theyre theyre the warranty doesnt, even matter right now, so i dont know if its because of kovid but theres a lot of frustration, because the drones that people are buying theyre crashing wide away and they cant get them fixed, so theyre just sitting there. So you know im in a similar situation as that, and you know i bring that up, because it also seems that the cuda copter is, you know doing well in that regard, uh according to derek again, i dont have my own experience with this, but according to Derek the repairs or a warranty has been absolutely phenomenal and i can tell you personally, ive talked to gary before the owner of cudacopter. The guy seems like a great guy so because of all those things i would definitely recommend the cudacopter trident 5000, but i have to tell you everyone this. I wouldnt start there with deployment. I would always start with the kayak. You know unless its a you know athletic thing or whatever you want to start with the kayak, because its super rewarding i dont know you know, im just saying its super rewarding with the kayak and its a lot cheaper, its hard to break a kayak.

You can easily break these drones, these boats, all these types of things, so my overall recommendation is start with the kayak, so you kind of learn what youre doing and then maybe after you know, youve learned a few things you like what youre doing move on to An rc deployment device, but as always guys, i want you to know that despite all of the hurrah and smoke and mirrors and theatrics and crying spartan tackle is going to continue to give you guys accurate and honest information. Every single time were here for one reason to help the new angler. All right, you guys, so i hope this helped as well.