If you have an existing vehicle, we can modify that for you or we can take a brand new vehicle and build it up and modify that and customize it any which way. So these vehicles are completely customizable. We can make them with whatever is needed for the type of workflow that the agency needs, and for that matter we can really use any type of vehicle platform. We can use the sprinters, we can use fords. We really like our ram promasters as well, but we can really do anything that you have or that anything that you want to build upon. Even if you have an old ambulance, we can build upon that for you as well. We really want to make it the most effective manner to be able to use drone operations, and we can build up separate stations. We can build up multiple monitors. We like building up like four or five or six different display, monitors inside and have multiple stations as needed. We can customize them any which way we can actually for the charging stations, especially if youre using an m300 youre gon na, definitely want to add in an extra alternator and a different, separate power station power system in there, and we can do all that for you. So you know these builds are significant. These are major projects and, as you can see on our screen from start to finish, they are quite a project, but they are, you know theyre top notch projects we insulate them.

We put them as full air conditioning. We put shore power on them anything thats needed. We use four to five thousand watt inverters, depending upon your what youre actually needing separate batteries to operate off of them. This would be able to allow it to be able to run for at least over an hour, if needed, to be able to plug a generator in to power. The van, if you want to do that with the rv type of air conditioning, they actually sit down. Lower and actually give you less headroom, so we actually have all you know. We customized the air conditionings around that to give the maximum headroom the lighting systems the cabinetries, the countertops all custom made. You know we can do anything that you need so right now. I can be the camera operator the pallets outside and were all communicating wirelessly to the visual observers, so were all now like an effective three four or five uh person operation that the real that we can really do efficient uh planning in the back of the van. We have a 65 inch display, so we can actually have more people on the outside again. This could be switched to any of the drones that are in the air or any of the inputs that we have. We can plug extra inputs into the van. We can plug external generators in here. We have external power in here, so we we have whatever we need.

We have all kind of different options as far as for the console, a cradle point: portable weather stations, controlling the av and the monitoring systems and switching networks. So theres a lot of different ways that we can go with a portable command vehicle. So with that said, if you have any questions about this or you have one, you want to run some ideas past. What you have well be glad to talk to you consult with you about what you need and well take that next step for you.