We had great fun playing this one. I say we because i believe you were able to play along. Yes, you were and the score i got was 23 229 Music. Yes, thats correct. I just had to check that, but that is correct. Twenty three thousand two, two nine so today were going to play this map again see what interesting locations uh we end up with birds eye locations, so you can see for miles its totally different from being on the ground and thats. What makes it so interesting and well try and be ill try and beat my previous score, and you can try and beat me lets, have fun invite friends copy that yeah im aware you can press this button, but it just doesnt work for me. Does it work for you because it doesnt work for me, lets begin? Oh, my goodness. Oh this is the most remote one weve had ive had this is oh god this could be bad. This could be bad right. The only clues really apart from just the trees, the types of trees and the landscape is is looks like its down here. So, who have we got down here because its mainly people, this guy here, looks white, pretty white like british or something um another person there thats interesting, because my first thoughts were like thailand or something these people. I can see white arms again, but could be asian too hard to tell too far away, but this dude is definitely white and bald, but obviously could be a tourist.

Probably is a tourist really, if you think about it, so it doesnt really help its just im. Just observing what we have this this guy as well, all these people seem to be white, but they could be a pack of tourists in the middle of well. Where are we its not the best quality actually picture, but im just trying to think like? Where could this be like is that is that a helicopter landing zone that circle is that how remote we are? Could this be in the usa? I dont know i dont know about that. I dont know that this could be in the usa. Could it be in australia, yes, wheres the sun? This could definitely be in australia. Um. The sun seems to be in the north over there. If anything, although we cant see it seems to be about there or even there, either way its north, so australia is likely because the trees dont look northern hemisphere, they look big and old and ancient and tall, but i i think theyre theyre so alien to me. I i think theyre southern hemispheres, so i am gon na take a a punt at this. Obviously that ties in with the white guys down here im just trying to see is there any sort of flag or anything or i mean i doubt it, but you never know i think theyre rock climbing, possibly or maybe theyre just sitting, but definitely that landscape over There could easily be australian, so im gon na go in and im gon na im, gon na say this national park or somewhere around here there.

Any huge mountains cant see any huge mountains. So im gon na oh good. We are recording yeah im gon na go yeah, i think ill go in this national park and im just gon na go cooler. Miner homestead mount ginger just trying to find like something that really camels hump. Oh, my no, i mean i dont know why im getting excited but camels hump theres, two of them. Some camels have two humps its a long shot. But if this is right, i dont know what im gon na do here we go. I cant wait to guess this wow god so excited for six points. Oh man, chilly though, who would get chilly. We were here park national im just laughing at how excited i got about the camels hump park, national nahu, el buta. I mean well done if you got that in a legal way, how you would i mean that looks like no place ive ever had in chile on geoguessr, but i guess the trees and everything well yeah. I mean ive gone on the same latitude, so i was right about something its just. I havent really got the uh amount of points to reflect that, but lets move on and im definitely not going to beat my uh score. Maybe well do this quick and well have two games so no ill just play ill just play you guys can beat me today um right. This one then seems to be a big old, hoo ha going on down here.

A big festival lets check out the people down here. San javier forget the people. Weve got writing the people, do look pretty white again, but some of them quite tanned, so could be chilly again for all. I know they do. Look quite spanishy there. Quite spanishy people about some are quite pale. This is important stuff to determine what country youre in lots of black hair, but some some brown and paler hair, but majority majority dark hair with the odd zidane thrown in the odd monk haircut, so thats interesting san javier were obviously in a spanish speaking country. Are there any flags theres got to be, this is doable isnt it i mean weve, got cars, lots of cars that we can look at and they do look sort of like the cars you would get in chile to be fair. Um lets see if we can keep looking round theres lots of clues here so id rather not rush. This id rather just have fun. Uh and uh really pick this apart to the best of my abilities without boring you right, wheres, the sun, oh theyre, all swimming in the river thats, so cool id love to do that. Sun son! Where are you oh, its very hard to say? Maybe over there in the north, or is that just what i want to believe yeah? No, i think thats thats, probably right um yeah, just loads of people swimming in the river, which i think is amazing im starting to think possibly.

This could be a bit further. North, oh i dont know i dont know theres gon na be clues on these cars isnt there that im not picking up. I was toying with the idea of yawning uh of peru ecuador, but i think ive got to go chilly again. Come on give me a flag. Its hard from above its completely different um dont think were going to get a flag here. This is where the main event is happening. Theres a band there playing there is a band. Only real miami gangsters know that song, which theyd definitely be playing on that stage. Ah right, i think ive done what i can do here, a hell of a lot of pickup trucks and things like that yeah. I think ive done what i can do and i think i think ive got to go for chili again. Have i no because chili chili gets deserty the further you go up? Could we be around this area north of santiago, or am i just thinking chile? From the last round im going chilling, yeah im going chilly im going to go around here somewhere because the cars look a bit newer yeah. I think this could be chilly, but in sort of further into the mountains, which is kind of where ive gone lets, go there its argentina, but i havent gone too far so that ive embarrassed myself this time, ive clawed some points back and actually, even with this Terrible score, i think i might be beating a lot of you, but it was argentina.

Similar kind of you know: um longitude latitude rather a bit further a bit further north, but im not too embarrassed about that yay. Moving on wow now thats, i was gon na say no thats got ta, be australia, but no, i think this is africa. Lets have a look. What weve got down here then theres, usually something below us to to take a look at yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, cant really see what the cars are, particularly, but just the tracks that have been formed here and the bush. The bushiness, i think, is more african. How primitive yeah see these things are quite primitive, thats, quite primitive. Can we see this guy? He actually looks white. It kind of looks like thats his head thats, his arm thats interesting because, if were in africa, thats unlikely, but obviously we could be in south africa. This could be a nature reserve um, you know thats tended to by park rangers who could be white. You know if its in somewhere, like botswana or zimbabwe, got to think outside the box. So it could just be kruger. National park could be kenya, but then i think youre youre, more youre, less likely to have a white dude. He might not be white, i dont know just looks like thats his head, but im pretty sure he is, and i dont know whats going on there. This guy is that a guy i dont even know i think, hes a guy bending down, but we cant tell cant, tell um so yeah im gon na go, oh man thats quite hard isnt it.

That is quite hard. I dont know about. Kruger national park is yeah, yeah yeah ill go for it ill go krueger national park. Oh my goodness me that was the northern amazon. This is a shocking score. Isnt it a shocking score because, well i dont know these places are not not sort of places that ive studied on geoguessr for hours on end, and it can really throw you off id like to see what some of the best players like geopeter or any of The other guys um could get on this, because its well im doing terribly quite frankly, lets go for the next two rounds and see if we can pull something back. Okay, okay, we can. We can weve, got to pull something back here. Whats this malta, morocco, something like that, its a stunning place. Could that be valletta? Well, i can see a flag and yes that has got to be the maltese flag, that is stunning isnt. It and thats got to be. Valletta, surely theres the port? Ah thats. Just amazing so many forts, so many high walls beautiful. I must go to malta and visit my good friend fred, who lives out there. Great guy yeah right lets get into malta lets get into the letter because were definitely here were got to be about here and we, unless were over the other side. I think the i think the compass is right here, right yeah, so that oh hang on a minute thats the dock.

Is it so actually thats? The one were looking at there yeah that makes sense because theres actual streets uh, but there is a sort of force at the end, then theres another fort, then theres, another fort yep. That is definitely where we are its just a case. Now of how accurate is this um just tweak that were sort of in line with that road, so this road coming here, yep and then how far are we over from this side? If you had to which side would you rather swim to so from about there? Over to there or from there over to there, i think id rather swim over to that boat, so yeah yeah there yay 51 yards get in um. Apparently we were a bit more to the left. Who knows how accurate that was it doesnt matter? We got the full points, 5000 points by far more than weve got in the rest of the three rounds, never mind uh last round, then, can we crest 10 000 pounds with this tricky looking round thats our biggest clue so far lets turn around though whoa uh Whoa thats incredible weve had some stunning rounds here today, so obviously these are magnificent. These great big stacks of granite, i dont, know if theyre granite. I dont know what im talking about, but this is going to be. Our biggest clue is that italian is that spanish, its quite poor quality again this isnt going to be easy, theres a place in germany.

Is it germany or is it in the czech republic near there? That kind of looks like this, but its not quite as grand wait. Isnt there a place in greece. That looks like this im sure there is, because we were near it in that town. What was that town? I dont think this is greece though, but im just going in what was it called calabaca? Was it yeah, meteora, meteora, calabaca meteor observation deck? I i dont know if this is greece, though i think the roofs are too red, but you never know lets have a look so weve got this road going around here. Does look uh, wait a minute, ive lost it, ah keep losing it. Um yeah, oh its similar, this road layout, is similar but im not sure its correct, okay, wait there. I dont think thats correct its got to be meteora, though hasnt it wait. There ive got ta work. This out, ive got ta work it out right. Is there a okay, so weve got this one that carries on down there towards the town, it doesnt add up the roads. Dont add up, but i just im. I cant believe the idea that there theres another place so similar to meteora so similar to what it looked like, whats, that in the distance there is a river there is a big river over there guys. Oh man, that is that is messing with me. Now is that big mountains, the other side of the yeah there is okay, so ive got to reevaluate this um.

I dont think the compass is right. The compass has to be wrong. If this is meteora its just that the roads dont correlate, weve got the big river over there. I cant see a big motorway. Its not correct, lets. Try that, oh, my goodness, it was correct. Okay, okay, right yep that bit there. Maybe it was the compass that was subliminarily confusing me, but yeah thats, the one that went round thats the little peninsula of road, if you like, and that came round here so i was totally getting confused there totally wrong. If i just figured that out, i would have been certain, but i was convinced the roads didnt make sense in my head, thats quite poor. One point off im more than happy with that im, just happy that it was me tiaura i knew it had to be. I knew that that couldnt exist so similarly anywhere else right view summary, 13461, its a whole 10 000 points of my first attempt, largely because of these two guesses, but arguably that was a more fun game. There was a real range of locations there that really tested. My metal well done, if you beat me and well done, if you got, i mean if you got over 20 000 points, uh legitimately youre an absolute god at least for today, so yeah. I hope you enjoyed that guys ill do more of these. If you want, let me know in the comments if you want to see more of these and play along with more of these and, of course, drop me a like and, more importantly, subscribe.

I only need 24 000 more of you to subscribe, and i know for a fact that theres at least 24 000 of you watching this video who havent subscribed so just click that button and be part of the group of people that took me over a million Wouldnt that be amazing id be so grateful um, but even if we go up by 5k ill be happy right, see you soon for another geo. Guest avid and weve got a mission that im attempting very soon im not going to toot about it too much because it might go very badly wrong, but im doing that this weekend.