Bob um ive actually had this for a while ive actually forgotten to do a video on it, which is why im only doing one now um. So some people will know that one of the first figure reviews im not even entirely sure if its still on youtube. But one of the first figure reviews i did was of this dalek right here, the resolution dalek. So if any of you watch that video, if it is taken down now, youll know that i really did like this figure um its probably one of the most impressive figures of the last few years. Sadly enough, though the paint job wasnt amazing on it, but uh yeah, i managed to pick up another one, not long after that uh for super cheap. I think its like four pound fifty um – and i made this with it eventually, because um got a 3d printer and had this lovely model um done by someone else, not for me uh, somebody else had done it and was allowing people to basically get it and 3D print it um, i cant remember who this was but yeah um. I think theyre on instagram something like 3d printing doctor who but im not sure if thats them or if it was like 3d doctor who something along those lines not entirely sure if theyre the same person. But yet you get the point um there isnt too much different, believe it or not from uh these two with this um, basically ive just taken uh the top half of this drone here, the uh just the standard reconnaissance dalek and you can kind of see where Um ive gone over with the more matte black paint because annoyingly this is a glossy um semi, glossy um black paint and so ill need to touch up that eventually, but uh yeah, basically ive just repainted this whole top section here, um even done the lights, as I thought that would be an interesting little detail just to do um.

All the blue now is uniform in this, so even the blue, underneath there is the same color um a while ago when i first finished this. It was not that similar shade. It was actually different, um, actually taking a look at the skirt as well. This this whole, this whole section here is 3d printed, its not solid resin, as you can see its hollow and you can see sort of like all the scratches on the inside, where ive just tried to get rid of some of the supports and all that um Yeah this, this is actually multiple pieces um. Well, this one giant, skirt section um, with all the hemispheres separated you can kind of tell how they are separate. Ive had to paint each of these hemispheres individually at the time with a brush as well um, i dont. I didnt use any spray paint on this, which is a really bad idea. Hopefully, one day i can pick up another one of these guys for cheap and redo this, probably in the red version. As you can tell ive done, the blue one um yeah heres, the skirt section. There are no wheels um, and this is quite hefty piece of resin as well. This is uh. This is solid, as you can see on the inside, so uh yeah its got quite a thread to it. I honestly think that this this skirt section here actually weighs more than yeah. It weighs more than the dalek um.

In fact, you know what i would say this probably weighs as much or more than an electronic tardis, so uh yeah you get the idea of the weight of that thing um overall, this is basically just a repaint with that section. There filled in with some milliput, and you can tell these daleks – are taller so uh. You know theres that um there isnt much else to say about this dialect. To be honest, its just a repaint um with a 3d printed base thats. All there really is to it thats um, yeah thats it. There are no sculpt changes other than that midsection filled in as obviously on the actual defense drone. They didnt have that uh triangular piece um. Technically this midsection isnt accurate. I would like to redo that possibly but uh i dont exactly have the effort, and i think i honestly think that this looks nice enough, as it is im really happy to have this part of my collection, so uh yeah there isnt too much to say about This i dont have many photos already said it didnt. I did, but i no longer do because uh circumstances and whatnot so uh yeah. This is just a custom idea a while ago, um not exactly in time for the special unknowingly. I was hoping to get one, but uh get one done, but um 3d printer was not set up. In fact, i wasnt entirely sure whether or not wed get one at that time, as this was before christmas, when this was planned, and this top section was done.

I was going to do this out of card, but then that took a little bit too long, so um yeah theres. This is this and if you give me a moment, ill just grab a dirty witty configure to put alongside these. So here we have the three figures: all in the lineup, from right as the shortest to left. As the tallest. You can see that the 13th doctor actually stands in between them in their sort of height range, so um she almost matches the defense drone. I suppose shes theres a less of a difference between her um and the defense draw than there is between the uh resolution dalek and her um, but yeah. I cant remember if this is accurate or not. I think she was at eye level with them um. So this might be slightly too, i feel like its like too tall but yeah on the shelf, not standing next to um Music. Any particular person like i cant, really tell to be honest, um its. It seems perfect to me so uh yeah, theres uh, not much of a difference. There im really happy with how this has come out. To be honest, i mean the figure itself, its uh, its just beautiful. To be honest, i really do like it. It looks great, but hopefully the 13th doctor not falling over, i mean. Obviously the camera angle is slightly too low um for a proper shot, but uh yeah. You can see with the dalek in the background to the right, um thats, what it used to be, and now this up front is what it is im really happy with this um.

I did do a commission for someone else and i think they did uh joe alba if youre watching this video and hello uh, i think you did the red one so um i cant actually remember if you did the red one or if you did the blue One, i think you did red, because you prefer that one but uh yeah we basically have um. There are two daleks in the world that have come from the same printer um, so yeah thats, uh thats, this little story, um yeah thats. Basically, it theres not really much. I can say about it other than its here and im, really glad that ive ive been ive enjoyed, making this um, even though it was a while ago. I really did enjoy doing this. It was a brilliant custom, figure and painful to paint absolute nightmare, but im really glad, especially on the base im, really glad that those lines came out pretty neat and crisp and thats not like it, letting the paint sink anywhere. Thats thats by hand those straight lines. So yeah i i really did enjoy making this, and i hope that someone else attempts a custom like this um and if you do please, let me know in the comments and ill make sure to check it out. If you uh, post a link to like a facebook group, instagram or just shouldnt, say its on your channel and yeah sure ill, i want to check it out.

I want to see what you guys do so um yeah. If youve done this, let me know uh tell me how its gone. If it looks good um im sure it does. I mean there are so many talented people. I mean im just glad to be able to talk to at least some of them so um. Thank you all for watching uh make sure to take care of each other uh.