But lets see if you ask me why im reviewing this drone or why im interested on this drone, i really have to say that im, not so sure i got it. I thought it was interesting and i decided to check it. Okay lets see whats in the box, then here we have some extra props tools, screwdrivers extra screws, and this prop tool that never works. We also have this remote control for the camera that you can use to adjust some parameters inside its a codex camera. We have the drone itself, look how nicely packed the props are on, which is not really normal, but it fits here. Well, the drone has a gps included. It has express lrs with the ceramic antenna. We have the place for the 18650 small. It looks quite fragile. So you dont want to crush this thing. We have some stickers and then a manual and very important the direction of the battery, how you have to feed it. The original concept, the one created by dave c its today, produced by a company called hglrc and its called the reckon 3.. This one is a happy model, crux 3 nlr and the main difference and something that attract me and and make me think about this. One and not the hdlrc, is that this one can come. You can select it with the gps. For me, when you are talking about a drone that is going to fly away long range or not, we can discuss that or we can argue if this drone is long range or not.

But anyway, if you are thinking that this drone is going to go more than 500 meters away, i want to have a gps in case that something happens. I lose it or i need help to find it. This drone also has a beeper, which is another thing that i think is important for a drone that youre flying long. If you lose it, if it landed whatever you didnt expect to land, you want to have something that tells you where the drone is. So you can search for it and find it. So this drone check those two boxes: gps beeper, the beeper is not super loud, but at least it has a beeper and its not just the motors trying to do some sound. This drone has also a 200 milliwatts vtx, which doesnt sound too much to be a long range, but lets see how it acts. In this case, when i got the drone, i thought about three things that i wanted to test the first one its how it flies and how it reacts when the weather is a little bit bad and you have a lot of wind or any amount of wind. The second one is now: i have a gps in this kind of drone, and i want to make sure that the gps can help me with gps rescue in case that i lose connectivity with the drone. The third test is about how much time i can fly again, its a 1s battery im getting the best quality battery.

That is possible, and i want to see how many minutes this drone can actually fly. So how does this drone flies when i took it out? The first time and i started flying the first thing that i saw was that the thing was shaking like hell and i thought directly. Oh, this is not gon na, be a good experience. At the same time, i had a battery warning, even though i just charged the battery, so i was thinking. Maybe there is something wrong with the battery or maybe the drone drained the battery very fast i dont know. The good thing is that i waited some days in order to not get that much wind and i tried to fly it again and the experience was different this time with no wind at all, the drone actually flies smoothly and you can go around and check and Cruise without that much problem, or without that much shakiness in the camera battery thing seems to be also a user problem and not drone related because i charged them again and i had a couple of them and i could fly without getting the warning or i went Out and i could fly like regularly as expected with the drone, the drone is using one of these batteries and, as i said, you cant expect that much out of it, because the way these batteries behaves are more to give energy during long time and not give Energy in punches, so these kind of batteries are good if you are just flying like if you are just cruising around and going between trees and these kind of things, but you are not supposed to use these kind of batteries.

Lyon, batteries, when you are wanting to go up and do tricks and flips, and that kind of things, but something that i realized directly with my test, is that there is no power on this drone to fight wind at all. The second point that i wanted to test is the gps. There are different kind of gps in the market for drones and a lot of concern around. How long does the gps take in order to get satellite lock? You need satellite block in order to start flying with a reference to home, so the drone can come back or can try to do gps rescue if you want to use it that way in the case of the gps, that comes with this drone. The first time that i tried to get some satellites, it took me up to seven minutes, which i thought it was quite a lot of time, the second and the third time, which were very close to the first time. It was much faster and thats also expect, because the gps can save some kind of information in order to reduce the time that it takes to get gps lock. Dont ask me why, but the next time that i tried to fly – and i was expecting it to be again – 7 8 minutes. It only took two minutes to get gps lock. The weather was kind of similar, no clouds, no anything, but it took much less time. The next time that i tried to fly, the gps took again, like seven eight minutes to get locked so here.

The conclusion of the story is that the gps is not that reliable um. I didnt really realize what was the difference between the first try. The second and the third, but they gave me totally different times from the same place, with the same gps and similar weather. So this i guess this gps is not super extra good quality thats only. I guess, but something that i have to say and to be glad off is that i was flying and in the middle of the fly i lost connectivity, the gps rescue started without any problem and took the drone back to the point where i could get back Control and land without any problem that says that the gps, even if not very reliable, when locking the satellites at the beginning, it saved my life or it saved my drone. So its working its well configured out of the box, i didnt do anything else than change. The altitude at which the drone will come back if he got into gps rescue mode, so it works and thats a good point. I was actually planning to do a control test of the gps rescue, but i guess i got locked inside my unlock and things happen. Gps worked, and i still have my drone so thats pretty good lets talk about the battery. One of the selling points of this drone is that, with one of this battery, you get around 15 to 20 minutes of flight time.

In my tests i never got over 12 minutes. Sometimes i got 10. Sometimes i got 11 and around that number i would say which is not bad if you think about it to fly and cruise and just go around with the drone for 10 12 minutes. You might even get bored before that time comes, but its not even close to what marketing is saying about 15 or 20 minutes of flight time if i had different conditions of what they used to test most, probably yes, as i said, there is a lot of Wind around this area, but those day that i went out flying, i chose no wind where i i waited for no wind, because i know that the drone doesnt fly well under those conditions. One important point to talk about when it comes the battery, and this drone is that this kind of battery, if you look at it, doesnt, have any physical difference between the plus and the minus sign, which makes also the fact that the drone itself in the battery Tray doesnt have any physical difference between plus and minus, and you can very very easily insert the battery with the round polarity. If you do so, you burn the drone. There is nothing protecting the drone in another kind of drone. You have the xt30 or xt60, which they fit only in one way and that kind of physically protect the polarity of the battery when youre connecting to the drone.

But in this case there is nothing protecting you. There is a little tpu mark with a plus sign inside the tray, but beside that, nothing so be very careful. When you get one of these drones, you have to make sure that you are placing the battery with the right polarity. Otherwise, you burn that fc and in this case that fc has everything the receiver, the vtx, the esc and everything. So you lose kind of the drone completely if youve been following my channel. You know that im, a big fan of express lrs and one point that i like quite a lot from this drone, is that it has express lrs integrated in the flight controller. That means this flight controller has an spi based express rs receiver, but it was the first time that i got to configure or buy an express solaris spi receiver, and it was not straightforward for me. It took some reading and it took some trial and error not complicated, but as everything new it takes a little bit of effort. If you dont know how to do that, i have another video through the whole process that you can use im going to put it on the description of this video. So you can check it out if you are thinking to have this drone or any other drone that has express lrs integrated on the fly controller. So do i recommend this drone? I have to say like this.

If you are looking just to fly around for 10 12 minutes without having to carry a lot in your suitcase, this drone could be the right drone. It flies okay smoothly. As long as there is not much wind, its small and will fit almost anywhere. It uses leon batteries that sometimes is easier to handle than lipos and its something interesting to have interesting to test. So you might want to have one fly around cruise check out some areas explore a little bit and come back home. Why not? For me, its just cool to know that technology has gotten to a point where, in one card you have expressive arrays, you have escs, you have flight controller, you have almost everything you just have to add four motors, one camera and a gps, and you are good To go and fly in this small form factor we do only one cell, with only one battery that its for me amazing. I think thats everything that i have for today.