The cross river state government establishes a chicken processing factory, Music, hello and thanks for tuning in to the show that goes around the continent, to bring you stories near and far im. Joking rogers at channels television here in lagos and im joined by vincent macquarie from the voice of america in washington, thanks im, vincent macquarie of the voice of america, happy to be with you again for another edition of africa. 54. lets start off with the latest from nigeria channels. Television in lagos brings you that story. The cross river state government in south south nigeria has established a chicken processing factory with production capacity of 24 000 birds per day in kalabar, the state capital. This is in line with the industrialization agenda of the state government and in support of the federal government governor ben ayade says his ambition is to see nigeria become a prime exporter of frozen chicken across the world by the end of the second quarter of next year. He hopes this gesture will receive the necessary financial support from from relevant authorities and urges other states to replicate same in the country. Its an inspection tour by delegates from the house of representatives and the central bank of nigeria to the poultry projects of the crossroads state government. The chicken processing factory, which has a capacity of 24 000 births per day, is one of the numerous agro based industries established by the government of cross river state to create job opportunities and make money for the state.

The aim of the tour is to evaluate the activities of both the poultry farm and that of the processing factory and possibly provide assistance when necessary. We hope this thing will be supported by government, both the federal government and this any financial institution, and also will back it by law. Well, raise it as a matter of urgent public importance. We have seen wonders, and we hope all the governors of the sixth 36th state should emulate what ied is doing, because its a noble development and for the special advisor on development finance to the cbn governor, the vision of governor yaday should be celebrated. As the factory is a huge achievement, im going back to tell my governor to say this program has started, and we will need to do much more everything that we need to turn around or allow this project to run successfully is available in cross civil and that For me is under a good point that we see that so at the end, crossfire becomes a chicken hub. You know in the southeast and south south being able to feed potato pig to feed a bar beat the video nature begin to export. Governor ben ayade is excited about the chicken processing factory which he says is experiencing an increase in demand for the yuletide season. We are processing 24, 000 beds per day. We have others across the country and we are doing 24 hours production because we are struggling to meet the demand by the close of second quarter of next year.

Nigeria will be a net exporter of frozen chicken and thats. The ambition once we do, that we create a densification of the strength of the naira and thats how we will gradually begin to stabilize this country. The state government is positive. It will receive the necessary assistance from the federal government and finance institutions to boost the production capacity of farm and factory joining us to discuss. This is an agropreneur, mr ulua femi salami glad to have you today on africa. 54.. Thank you for having me. So what do you make of cross river state governments? Industrial drive, it cuts across. You know many of the agricultural sector, its laudable. This is what we should do to diversify our economy and is something that is every state. Every subnational shoe investing the country is blessed with arable land. The climatic factors supports agriculture and we have the good population. More importantly, its also a very good venture to solve some of the social economic problems in the country. Uh agriculture is one of the major factors i mean sector that can sort the unemployment issue in the country when people are fixed up and in livelihood, they wont think of any form of atrocities or security challenges will be at the low end. So thats one of the things we should comment and i want to salute what is happening in that state. It cuts across various value chain, as he puts it, the uh his signature projects we heard about the cocoa, i mean icon, you know, chocolate, the bakassi, dipsy pots, the rice, farms and the big one, which is the the chicken the kala cheetah.

You know, which is very logical and the beauty about it, is it cuts across a lot of value chain. This is a processing factory and you can have processing factory without having backward integration, integration into the poultry farm and also the fish stock, the portuguese to eat, and when you are trusting out 24 000 birds per day. That means you have a large. You know you know workforce from the farmers to the uh people that will be engaged on the poultry farm onto the processing line, its commendable, and you should salute the governor. The aim according to uh governor ayade, is to you know: have nigeria be a major exporter of frozen chicken by uh the end of the i think, first quarter of 2022 thats what how he puts it? How large do you think this? This can be? This ambitious is, you know, thats a thats thats, a governor with big dreams and thats. What i always want in this country, other climbs do it. What really comes to my mind is the revolution in vietnam. Vietnam was around nigeria in terms of some crops, its especially like cassava, vietnam, as a todays exporting 1 billion watt, 1 billion dollars worth of cassava products. So if a governor in nigeria can have these lofty ideas, it should be celebrated, and i want it to also. We we need to i i have seen various stake governors. You know embark on projects like this: the cabbage state governor, the equity state government, the organ state governor, understand governor many other states, but i want them to take it as a signature, something that is not a spare tire we dont have any alternative.

I think that our long dependence on oil had shifted our focus from what we should be. You know pursuing the vietnamese, the the thai people in thailand and they dont have any other alternative, but agriculture, and that is what our president and every other political officeholder should be looking at. We have all that it takes. We should look at it as no other alternative and we can do it. Okay, so you talked about other states. You know how. How do you think this gesture uh can be replicated in other states? You mentioned a few states. I know that ekt they have no father. Okay, apart from rice, theyre doing cattle cattle ranches yeah yeah yeah, i think they call it the um dairy farm, yes, yeah, where they they are milking. The some hybrid cartoon you know into milk yeah. It is laudable, as i i mentioned earlier, on, the governments or some of the leaders at the national and the national level should look at agriculture as they are. You know you know el dorado. The only way out the chinese said if we cannot feed ourselves lets remain hungry, deto, the indian, that should be the clarion core everything the income from oil is drinking and if you need to engage the teaming population, i just read this statistic: the poverty level is 40 in nigeria, you know, unemployment is 3 percent. You can imagine over 66 million are out of job and we can do agriculture, so each state government state governor at different levels should take areas that we have comparative and advantage.

You know different states. Have that candlestick is saying. Look i want to run chicago. I have you know a big. You know expanse of land to reside to do cattle ranching. So also you know kevin state, equity, state, governor organ state, governor and cassava. You know they are coming up with them. You know um aggro, processing zones, those are the things we should encourage and also encourage the private sector. You know im a private sector and ive seen where the shoe pinches. I lost over 23 million worth of farm to hexmen. I want to believe in cross river. They are doing a lot of ppp emo use it. You know with various private sector what issues back them up right. Thank you so much for your thoughts today, agropreneur mr oluwafemi salami, thank you for stopping by today on africa. 54.. Thank you very much for having me. In the past year, ethiopia has gone from a stable and prosperous anchor in the horn of africa to a country where a fractured civil war and famine now loom as a real possibility. The view is united nations. Correspondent margaret bashir looks at developments this past year. Political tensions in ethiopia boiled over in november 2020 between the government of prime minister abi ahmed and the tigray peoples liberation, front or tplf. Tigre forces attacked a federal military base in their northern stronghold and tried to steal the armys weapons saying they feared an offensive. Prime minister abi struck back launching what he said would be a quick military offensive against the rebels, but 13 months later, the fighting continues.

What became clear quickly in the course of the conflict is that theres unlikely to be any uh, definitive military solution, and this has been the case uh throughout the course of 2021, and i dont see that changing in the future. The parties have ignored international calls to stop fighting and talk. Our concern is for a ceasefire that absolutely must happen. Humanitarian aid needs to reach all those that have suffered from this conflict and we absolutely need to resolve these problems through political discussions and through dialogue. The african union has appointed former nigerian president ole segun obasanjo as a mediator. The united states has also tried to facilitate a settlement sending special envoy jeffrey feltman to the country three times. The positions are very, very entrenched. Um, the struggle is an existential one, but unless those types of shifts are made and those sorts of concessionary conciliatory approaches are taken, then it could lead to some absolutely terrible outcomes. The un fears this country of more than 110 million people is on a disastrous trajectory. What is certain is that the risk of ethiopia descending into a widening civil war is only to real that would bring about a humanitarian catastrophe and consume the future of such an important country. Nearly 26 million people across ethiopia need humanitarian assistance. I think next year is going to be a year of drought, of famine of the the collision of climate and crisis um that we have not seen these many years.

The convergence of crises makes it all the more imperative to find a peaceful settlement to the tigray conflict. I dont think that the world has a choice but to continue urgently and fervently to to pursue diplomacy aimed at getting the parties to stop fighting move. A settlement of their outstanding disputes to a political track, but as ethiopia enters the new year, analysts and diplomats alike, warn that the trend lines are going in the wrong direction. Margaret beshear voa news, the united nations its time for a short break as we do. We remind you to visit our website for news and programming around the clock. You can also find us at forward slash channels web still to come on the program, as omicron prompts zimbabwe to introduce mandatory quarantine for rivals many zimbabweans cancel or alter their holiday travel plans. Music ugandas infectious diseases institute is test running a drone modified for the delivery of medications to islands with difficult terrains in lake victoria. If the trial is successful, it may be adopted on a larger scale, to help to improve delivery of medicines for ugandas public health care sector, which faces understaffing and shortages of basic medical supplies such as vaccines. The trial of ugandas drone program is funded by a pharmacy school company, johnson and johnson and run by the government run infectious diseases institute. It delivers hiv drugs from a hospital to patients in rural hamlets in kalangala and 84 island archipelago.

Other african countries, like ghana and rwanda are already using drones to improve healthcare delivery. If the trial is successful, it may be adopted on a larger scale, to help to improve delivery of drugs and medical supplies for ugandas public health care system, which faces understaffing and shortages of basic medicines such as vaccines and other drugs, as well as medical supplies. I personally have also been here in kalanigarh, for the last four years had also faced a lot of challenges to the point of almost drowning in water, so the drones project was actually brought to kalangala to overcome the geographical challenges that are faced by the health workers. Together with the patients, mostly hiv positive patients, kalangalas soaring hiv rate, estimated as about 27 percent of the population on the islands, is partly because of nomadic fishermen who move from one island to another. Deliveries of hiv. Medicines to the islands by boat are often disrupted by storms. We have been facing a challenge of wind storms. As a result, the medical teams would not make it over here, and some people would end up not getting their much needed. Medical supplies. However, since the coming of the infectious disease institute and the drone project that they brought, things have gotten better, the drones can fly in winds of up to 15 meters per second and heavy rain. Although the research team is restricting this to 5 meters per second and light to medium rain to be safe, the drones also speed up delivery time, so it is easier to find windows of calm weather.

When we are starting the mission, we have to ensure that we have the correct location or the correct mission that we have fed into. The controller corresponds to the mission that the drone has accepted. The trial program, which for now is delivering only antiretrovirals will last until june when it will be assessed. Welcome back to africa, 54 im vincent mccrory in washington, a documentary about the impact of climate change in africa was a highlight at the annual french film festival in los angeles this year. The festival city of light city of angels or kolkoa draws filmmakers from paris and fans from los angeles, michael sullivan reports on the documentary marcie solo, released in english as above water, which is causing a buzz, a los angeles gathering of french actors and filmmakers along with Americans who love international film among the annual french film festivals offerings this year, a story of survival amid climate change in the ozawa valley in northwestern nigeria and the children must specifically have to do 10, kilometers back and forth several times a day to go. Get water for the whole village taking time away from schooling filmed over the course of a year. The french filmmakers returned to the village five times and were supposed to go six times, but then kobe hit and everything would lock down. So we had to cancel this last visit. The film marks the directorial debut of aisa myega, a french actress who was born in senegal.

She and the filmmakers worked with a non profit group. Amani man whose name means water is life in the regions, language, chronicling. The struggle to have a well dug in the village, its a story now playing out in many other communities, its really about the emotion of the people there, their life and through emotion. We think we can actually access a change of awareness along with raising that awareness. The filmmakers urge viewers to support the expansion of the network of village wells, the festival, offers exposure and possible distribution deals for french films and television shows which have a new audience because of streaming platforms like netflix and amazon, of course, that theyre able actually to to Create an audience for foreign programs, its not only french, film or european theme, as you know, its also asean and its its really a big change in the american culture. As film becomes globalized, he says it is increasingly addressing global problems, mike osullivan voa news los angeles. The emergence of the new coronavirus omicron is prompting zimbabwe to introduce mandatory quarantine for arrivals, forcing many zimbabweans to cancel their travel plans for the christmas and new year holidays. Many are determined to make these trips despite the quarantine mandate for the local bus drivers. The last two years have been extremely difficult for their businesses due to the pandemic and quarantine costs. On a normal christmas, the undercarriage of augustine, chibias boss, would be packed with the belongings of zimbabweans looking to make the at least 15 hour trip home from neighboring south africa to see their families.

Instead, its empty bus drivers, like chibaya, had been hoping for a bumper festive season to help their businesses reliant on a steady stream of travelers between the two nations recover from curvy 19.. However, the emergence of omicron prompted zimbabwe to introduce mandatory quarantine for rivals forcing many to cancel their plans since our property, starting we dont have any business. You look as you see its very quietly on the boat, no business. It says this uh. This is coffee killing our business, so people are scared when theyre going to zimbabwe, they are getting current day. So no one views well its compared another year this year, theres more business for albert malware, a local bus driver. The last two years have been extremely difficult. Having last seen his family and children in 2018, due to financial constraints, hes determined to travel despite the quarantine mandate, when himself and his wife arrive in zimbabwe, they had to also borrow money in order to afford their quarantine costs im going to travel three days, you See – and you see as they say that uh when they quarantine us, we must use our own. Oh you see. Yeah man is easy yeah. We are prepared to do that. You see because we stayed long time here in south africa, so we must see our parents also yeah, augustin chibias firm would normally send four bosses per day with up to 60 passengers during december. Now it sends one sometimes with as few as five people on board.

He and all the drivers at central, jerezberg bus station say the loss of business has affected their ability to support their families. Macron sages affected business, a lot because quite a quite quite a number of people are no longer able to travel and also on our side. We cannot be able to make plans for the holiday, considering that we have to especially the issues of quarantine. If you get into quarantine now its going to take about 14 days and then the holiday is already over. Unfortunately, the help of these drivers for a bumper festive season has been deemed and they wonder when things will change back to normal, well thats our show for today you can find all the continents top news and wild news online at im vincent macquarie in washington, Chinas television has our last word from lagos. We look forward to bringing you another show next week to remember that channel is your source for news and other programming im joking rogers.