Before we begin, dont forget to leave a like and subscribe, i vlog my entire trip to costa rica and well have those videos up shortly were going to start off with some drone footage of the pool which is the real highlight of crocs. It is equipped with a water slide, bridges, fountains and a basketball hoop. These shots were filmed in the middle of the day and you can see that we had no problem. Finding extra chairs on the pool area to sit down. Music youll see all sorts of wildlife by the pool, and we saw iguanas two cans. Parrots and more. You can see the beach right past the pool, theres easy access from the pool area and it takes less than a minute to get onto the sand. The surf was pretty rough and the riptide made it not the safest for swimming, but i think that the pool makes up for it. You can walk either way on the beach and also play beach volleyball at the little court. They have set up Music walking back towards the pool area. You can see the beach from the sitting area, Music, Applause, Music, theres, also, a pool bar that serves drinks and lunch. Music Applause here is the menu. As of june 2022. I got the fish tacos when we had lunch there, Music heading inside ill show our room before the lobby and the rest of the indoor sites. We had a mountain view room on the seventh floor with two queen beds, Music.

I had a standard, bathroom closet, fridge and dresser Music Applause, Music Applause. There was also a weird sliding glass door to a balcony that you couldnt step out onto because of a guardrail a few inches from the wall, but it was okay because we could still see the view from the window. Here is the reception lobby area youll see when you first walk inside in the lobby. There was a concierge corner where you could speak with an agent to book travel plans or get recommendations, Applause, Music Applause. If you walk past the lobby, youll arrive at the main area, i dont really know what to call it, but theres a gift shop, a bar and a few restaurants. Here, Applause heading into the gift shop, you can see their souvenirs snacks or anything else that you might need sold there. I would say that its pretty reasonably priced compared to what you might see at other resort gift stores. Music here is the mexican restaurant. The other restaurant is where breakfast is in the morning, but it becomes an international restaurant at night for dinner. The resort has a few more restaurants on property, but these were the only two that were open when we were there – and here is the breakfast menu Music, but there was also a little coffee shop cafe open that had quick food too Music. Here are a few examples of the food i got during our stay, which ill talk more about in the review portion of this video Music were going to head up to the second floor quickly to see the gym Applause, Music, Applause, Music.

There is also a spa right down the hall, but it wasnt open during our stay either Music. You can also walk down the hall the other way and overlook the bar and restaurant area on a balcony Music facing the other way. On that same balcony, youll see the casino. The back on the first floor is where you enter it. The entrance is right by the restaurant area. It looked like they had most of the machines put away in the corner and turned off, but there were a bunch of slot machines and a few poker tables that were open Applause, Music Applause, Music. So now its time for the review, obviously im home and in my bedroom, but as we were staying there, i made a few notes on my phone that im going to share. I just want to say quickly that this video, obviously isnt sponsored im making this video just to help people out and also for myself to remember where we stayed during our trip and for memories in general. I want to start off by saying that we didnt have a bad time there at all its a nice resort that was safe. It was pretty, it was fine id say that it was just mediocre there, not bad, but not really. Amazing. The food was definitely mediocre. At best, we didnt have a bad meal, but none of them were the best meals that we had during our trip. So we ate at the mexican restaurant one night and we were actually the only ones there like the only ones in the restaurant.

Just us, and it kind of took a while and the food was kind of cold for all four of us all of our dishes. It wasnt bad, but just not that great weve had better mexican food at home and the mexican restaurant and the one other international restaurant, like i said earlier, were the only ones open in the entire property. There wasnt really that much to choose from food wise and it didnt really look like that. There were that many other restaurants in the area close by the hotel, so thats, definitely something to think about. But i do have to say we had this one waiter for most of our meals. I dont remember his name, sorry, but he was great. He was so kind and always checking in on us and coming by to see if we needed any drinks or if we liked the food. So the service was pretty good, even though that it did take a while to get dinner. So back to the restaurant thing and how theyre only two open, it was probably because the resort was pretty empty. Like youd see in all of the clips from the tour, there was pretty much nobody around and that was kind of how it was our entire stay. We were there like two and a half days. I think we really only saw probably only 40 other people total. It was kind of weird to have it deserted, but also kind of nice, because we had the place to ourselves.

It was great to be in the pool, and i have to deal with like tons of little kids screaming and people all over the place and kind of in your way, but also kind of weird to not see other people but thats. Definitely a positive or a negative, depending on how you look at it, but also on the negative side, with the resort being pretty empty that they didnt have most of their services. Open. Most of the restaurants were closed. They didnt even have the spa open. We couldnt get our nails done as we wanted to, and there was something else i forget what it was. There was one other thing that wasnt open that we wanted to do so i think that they just had to close it down because they probably didnt have enough business to keep it up and running. Oh yeah, it was the casino i think my dad wanted to play poker one night, but there werent even enough people to get a game going and they also didnt have any entertainment either they had a dj one of the days by the pool, but it was Just kind of music playing like they kind of had it through a speaker, so it wasnt really anything. I heard that theres a club upstairs, but that wasnt even open, but all of that aside, i really liked the pool it was definitely the nicest pool and the biggest pool at a hotel that we stayed at during our trip and it was really nice to swim Around and have all that space, but the beach was a little bit disappointing.

The waves were very rough. The water was kind of cold, not freezing, though i mean im used to water off in new england, so definitely not unbearable, but a little bit colder than i would expect it to be, especially in june, and also there was driftwood everywhere on the beach. Couldnt really sit down or walk somewhere without having to watch where you were stepping. Finally, this isnt in crocs control, but i think its worth mentioning that there isnt much to do in hako at all there werent many restaurants nearby. There werent really many attractions very close that you wouldnt have to drive to so i think thats definitely worth noting, but dont. Let that hold you back from staying there. I think that it would be a nice place to stay for a night or two at most and just relax, but if youre looking to stay at a resort and kind of just stay there for a full week, you might be a little bit bored honestly. Thats. All i have to say so thanks for watching, i am making three other tours of hotels that we stayed at in manuel antonio, monteverde and la fortuna. So if youre looking for places to stay in other parts of the country definitely go check those out – and i also vlogged our entire 10 day trip to costa rica and well have those videos out shortly.