. theyve, made it themselves. Ill, try my best. So guys. The travel partner of this video is gt. Holidays. Ill tell you about them. In brief, at the end of the video., Hey hello, Irfans view. Weve come to hotel called Lapita in Dubai.. Its not technically Dubai were in a resort thats about 55 60kms on the way to Abu Dhabi from Dubai, So Lapita.. Whats. The reason this is located here Its because there are 3 parks just beside this., Legoland Bollywood and then the Motiongate.. So this is like an amusement park and its a place where you can spend their vacation with kids. To visit. Those parks and rides youll definitely need 2 3 days., So people stay here. and this place called laptia belongs to Marriott.. You guys know marriott right Its that huge hotel company from US., So Lapita belongs to them. and now were going to stay here for two days.. I came here day before yesterday and I went to the park and made lots of videos. and then the people from Laptia are providing us Royal suite.. They said they have something called the Royal suite and you can cover it. If you want., I thought.. well, I could it would be different., So we can see how an expensive room looks in a expensive hotel.. So were heading in to see the hotel, food and everything here. First lets go check in to our room.. Guys were going to the room with Shafiq brother.

.. All point of contact for us here is Shafiq bro. Cant we footboard in this. I think it will tilt if we do it.., So this is Mati Mati..Hows with mati kooki kooka. All those are flower names. Before it used to have a picture of the flower… They changed it later. As guest dont understand it. They changed it.. So lets go to our room guys.. Such a huge room.. Wheres, the bed Guys Ive, never stayed in such a huge room, its my first time. Once we enter the room theres a bathroom here on the left.. So this is for our nature, calls. and then there a place for hand wash here.., and this place here is to sit down and use our laptop or do some office work. and theres, something like cupboard, here. Its superb., and they have these beautiful things on it. And it looks good. – and this is the seating area.. 4 seats around a table. and there a huge sofa here. – and this is a massive TV.., its a TV thats, bigger than 50 inches.. And now this is the humungous dining table.. We havent come to the room. Yet.. thats the hall – and this is the room. and theres a cupboard here.. And if you look at this cupboard.., it has all the usual stuffs.. Damn Look its done with the real roses and its the same thing from the room last night., Those flowers and everything., and you can go out here and there are chairs you can lay on here.

Ill. Show you the bathroom. It looks amazing. Look at this. Its such a huge bath tub here., We can just lay down like this.., and this place is to wash our hands. Bathing place.., and here is the commode and hand wash.. Its really clean and the bathroom looks awesome. Its all wooden flooring.. This is where well be. Staying today. So guys we checked in and weve freshened up and the time now is exactly 343. We thought. Okay, well, have lunch now because were kind of hungry now.. There are two restaurants here: one is Kalia and the other one is Ari. and were in Ari now.. This is just beside the pool. The swimming pool.. This place primarily serves burgers pizza and mocktails and stuff. There. A tall burger here called the skyscraper burger and Ive ordered that.. Let it come well eat full and leave happily. Guys. Weve got 5 dishes now.. This is Chicken Empanada… This is a chicken item that they eat here.. This kind of look likes badusha or chandrakala. From back home., But this is made from chicken its a Empanada. Lets. Try. The chicken inside is shredded well.. More than shredded… You cannotice it here.. Its like a powder and it smells of capsicum and its light and subtle. Its a fun starter.. Its Nachos served with guacamole and that sauce. I actually really like this guacamole. From the Avocado. This is the original one… This isnt, like a paste theyve, made it themselves.

Its really fresh.. I ate this when I got here and as they make the Nachos themselves, its really fresh. Its like… What can I say? I has a very original taste.. These particular wedges are awesome. Its crispy and theyve added a lot of spice., Its really good. Guys. This is Cheese Burrata., Its garlic, bread in the bottom and burrata cheese on top., and then it has strawberry and everything. Its so beautiful to look at. Wow So that the Creamy Burrata is out… Shall we eat it now, Wow? What a rich cream this is.. Its! So damn rich. Wow Wow WowWow Im eating garlic, bread and burrata.. If youre someone who likes cream or if youre, a cheese lover… If you eat a dish like this youll go wow, This burger is actually calling out to me… This is burger called skyscraper… It has double patty and the bacon is veal bacon., So even that is beef.. and the patty is also beef, angus beef.. It has cheese, omelette and sausage and its actually a pretty tall burger. Tall burger, meaning its not an insanely tall burger that we cant eat., But its perfect.. Cant call it perfect its actually pretty huge but Ill. Try my best. OMG That patty.. I initially got that bacon taste but as I bite it more that patty.. OMG Its not too juicy, but it has enough fat. and that aroma.. that aroma of beef.. Damn and it has all that onion and tomatoes.

. its really really. Nice guys., I just bite the bun at the bottom, a bit..But I ate most of the things in the middle and its really good.. If someone is ravenous, they can finish this burger., But they have to be ravenous.., Gosh, …, Mouthful. Dont, except a lot of spices. Its full of that meat, taste. and you can slightly taste some cheese., But I can taste that meat more and its, not too salty, as well. Its not like a slap in your face and, as I said, its not too fatty as well. Its perfect guys.. Next one more bite of this hot dog.. – I love hot dog and you guys know that. So lets see how the hot dog here tastes.. its not served with mayonnaise here., But not the… I dont think it has mustard..Sorry its mustard and mayonnaise together. Its mixed together… Its perfectly made. That sausage, and that mayonnaise and mustard are mixed together and added on top. Thats perfect., Its not more of mayo or mustard.. if it has more mustard, its more hot. and when it has more mayo, its not good. So theyve perfectly mixed it.. And if we want, we can slightly add some ketchup on top. Its on another league.. I love it. and also some cocktail.. I dont know what this is, but Im gon na eat it.. This is a room with breakfast… You can ask them for such rooms. If youre in Royal, suite or VIP suite theyll definitely do it.

Its a good orange juice.. Oh yes, Thats perfectly made… It could have been …. I think it could have been cooked a little more but its oozing., Its oozing… Its a oozing benedict with some bacon inside., Its in between the bread and the benedict., Its good. Lets, see how the idly taste here Idly with.. they poured sambar with with beautifully. Sambar is like Sambar.. Jolly. We can taste the lentils well..Its a huge deal if sambar tastes like sambar here.. The next thing is our vada. Good vada.. Now, both these things taste just like what we find in a expensive hotel back, home., Guys brinjal… Is it eggplant or brinjal Its almost from the same family.., So its either a eggplant or brinjal.? They said theyll soak it for a year with walnut and garlic inside., With some olive oil.. Im, not sure about which oil. Ill just take a bite… I dont know how this will be. Have you eaten this before You havent, Okay experience it with me for the first time. Take the big one.. Okay.. Its for digestion.. Many people are missing their digestion. Yeah thats. Why the digestion. Cheers Theres walnut inside.. OMG? We never would have excepted a texture like this when we bite it. Its so tangy. Its doing something on the side of my mouth. Wow Theyve even place chillies inside it, but after soaking all that time its lost its spice. and the walnuts are still crispy and Its fun to bite that.

, We can bite it nicely. Its …, I dont know … Something traditional. Yeah.., You dont like this, No, its something different. I like it.. You know what this is: Its ful. Ive had ful before… You can just eat bread with ful and leave.. It would be a great breakfast., Its actually good, for you. Scrambled egg with cheese.. How can we leave without eating this hash brown? I like hash brown manakish Its made with cheese and zaatar… I had this the other day, so I thought of skipping it.. This must be fresh. Hummus.. Pan cake is on another league.. I love the pan, cake. Whats, that other thing there Nice.. Hello, hello, Hello, say hello… Why are you shy? Guys were leaving.. So guys were leaving from here.. We stayed for 2 days in this Royal suite.. I stayed here for an entire day.., Their food. I went to their spa and everything.. This is a superb place.. I went to Dubai expo the other day., So I spent an entire day there.. It was an superb stay. Here.. This place will be like a vacation for the people from Dubai. Itself. ad, not just their Royal suite their normal rooms itself are pretty huge.. You would have seen it in the previous video. Ill. Give you the link of that in the description below.. So you can check it out. They have bigger rooms… Even the normal rooms are bigger., So you can stay here and visit all those parks.

Like I said… The motiongate bollywood and all that., If youve stayed here before, tell me how this place was.. Its Lapita in Dubai., Its a very nice place, and my favourite thing here: was..I still didnt use the swimming pool here.. But what I liked here was their service. Everything was great and everyone was super sweet. and the comfortness in the room was in another league. Yes.. Its hard to leave this place., But still Im, not leaving Dubai yet. Im going to Dubai., As this is 50kms from Dubai Im saying Im going to Dubai.. So lets go to Dubai. And.. Have fun.. Shabiq bhai.., bye, bye.. Thank you were leaving., See you soon.., Yes, yes.. and uncle is also here… Uncle is very happy… He even got a massage.. Hes like. Why are you irritating me Something else? Okay, bro take care.., Bye, bro, see you bro.. Thank you. Bro. Bye see you. Come to nagercoil.. Definitely. Ill come.., So guys when I traveled to Dubai this time. My travel partner was gt, holidays. Theyre arranging customized tour and trips like this.. So if youre planning to go on tours or trips, you can avail the customized plans from them. Ive, given their link in my description. When were going out on a tour, well have to get our own visa or tickets.. We might not know about a lot of things.. These kinds of tour operators will know everything and it will be easier for you when they assist you.

Even on this trip. I didnt know how to reschedule my tickets, but they helped me out on this.. Obviously, there are charges for that, but theyll assist you to do things easily.. I recommend you guys gt holidays Ive, given their link in the description.. You can definitely use it if youre traveling.