Everybody weve got the ufo sightings and this is coming out of south korea. Mobis watch closely. So if you blink, you may have missed it, but were adding some brightness contrast to highlight the display of lights, doing something peculiar in the sky watch again, two orbs in opposite directions; they appear for moments and then just disappear in the clouds. This is incredible footage that were receiving right now, its a split second of time, but once again, two orbs just hanging up there for some reason: thats the big question: what are they doing up? There weve got the report from the person himself. Jason spirados allowed us to share this with you and hes saying he was staring at the front window and hes waiting to get his truck to be loaded. I guess hes a truck driver and he said he saw these little orbs dancing in the clouds he got. His phone out – and he just started to record as they were reappearing and disappearing anyways. He said it happened real fast. He doesnt care that it was only a split second hes, just happy that he got what he did right now were watching the raw video to see if we can see any more orb activity watch closely. So we just ran the raw video coming in from the submitter, and we didnt see any more orb activity besides this couple seconds of footage that he was lucky enough to capture and by all means, i think, thats enough right, whats your thoughts here yeah.

Definitely this highlight, and the contrast brings out what were looking at here, and it was only a moment in time that jason captured this. But what were looking at is the phenomenon we dont know what it is. Look at these things they kind of come into uh fruition right there, and then they take a left bank and one takes one uh to the right. This is interesting. It seems like theyre uh repelling against each other, and then they kind of just blink out its curious. I, like the acceleration of the craft as well, these two craft, much faster acceleration than a typical commercial drone, if indeed these are drones, i just like the way they appear and then just take off at incredible rates of speeds. Speaking of drones, we have a submitter weve, got permission granted from a amazing youtuber speaking of drones. We have a submission from a youtuber out of the uk. He goes by the secret vault. He does a lot of exploring under underground bunkers and a lots of crazy videos guys. I want you to go check out the secret vault, but recently he was taking footage of the pete daughtry old house with his drone. He captured something that he cant explain. Whats amazing, is he didnt realize what he captured until he got home and was go? He was going over the footage and realized something happened. Well, right now, weve gained permission from the secret vault to share this footage with you were going to be supplying the original link, but guys i want to get your thoughts and the secret vault wants to get your thoughts as well.

He does analysis of his own video. This is whats, quite amazing. The public are doing the hard work, capturing the ufo videos and providing their own opinions of what they captured watch this guys by the secret fault. So here we go. This is the bizarre footage and uh. I cannot see it being um a balloon, although it looks like something being held up in the air, but theres no balloon present, as you can see, spread up 300 percent. That was showing that there was a bit of uh wind moving in the direction from where were looking now so coming towards us from that direction. Is the wind? You can see that by the fact that i was standing still now. I will replay this footage and i will boost it up because its very dark there and ill zoom in so you can see theres nothing flying in that direction. That looks like a balloon and then i stop the camera and i restarted it again with the iso turned up, so i could see a little bit into the darker shadowy areas because it was, as you can see, just about sunset. So as we come along its at 31 seconds and then this object, pops out from near the bonds in the distance pops out, jumps up to the height that im at and then comes towards me at great speed, now its quite common for birds to do there. It is there we are so its quite common for birds to come directly at a drone, but ive never seen anything like this.

So lets have a look again so here you can see theres, nothing really shining like a balloon or anything that would be holding up a piece of string that i can see and were zoomed in now, and i cannot see anything down in that area. That would be glinting and youve got the sun in the distance so with it would hopefully show up something reflective like a mylar balloon, but i cannot see a thing so now we zoom it back into that area and its above top left of the barn in Where the tree is and it sort of pops out in less than 10 seconds so um its very hard to see. But if you know where youre looking there, it is there it is, and then it comes and whoosh so yeah lets have a look at it again comes up, jumps up and comes straight at us, so slow down now. Looking into that area – and this is at 20 speed theres the object coming up slowly to the near the tree and then comes up very close. This unusual shape, which looks like a very thin line and then something twisted below it and a hoop some sort of circle or a hoop so lets have another look and this time zoomed in a little bit more im going to do another analysis of this. Where im going to try and noise clean some of this digital noise out and see whether it gives us a better view of that area, theres the object, heres the objective.

It comes up past the hedge line, Music up to the height of the tree and then comes past us at speed. So lets have another look, and this is in reverse, so you can see where it disappears to so this gives you a better idea of where the object is going back into Music, Music, and here you have stabilized so ive – put the object in the center of The screen and keep it there and slow it down, so you can see the strange shape and well have one more look a little bit more contrast on the image here. This is at five percent five percent now um. What could lift something like that in the air, with no balloon present so more analysis to come on this, where well clean the footage up a bit more, so the secret vault definitely captured something thats kind of amazing, and i really like his breakdown of the footage That he captured and were watching it once again were gon na leave our opinions here in just a moment, but according to the secret vault hes, actually doing more enhancements of this video, as he stated hes gon na remove the noise so guys what is going on Were seeing it again coming to frame here, is this some kind of biological organism? It almost looks like thread just kind of bundled up, but watching it again in reverse. I, like again it does seem that it comes from a great distance and into frame next to the drone, its not like in close proximity to the drone itself.

This thing was by the tree line as secret vault stated whats your thoughts here. This ones got me stumped yeah, this ones wild. I really appreciate the the heads up on this secret vault and look whats happening here. I just looked at the time clock as it went in reverse. This only takes place in like one to two seconds: whatevers coming from the trees is accelerating at tremendous speeds. Lets get another look at this thing here. It comes. We see it in frame and this takes place again within seconds. You can tell this just zooms by with propulsion that were not familiar with look at the speed it picks up. This again is in slow motion two seconds of framing right here and it just whips by what is this thing, its wild yeah? We got a still photograph of it right. There obviously is blurred out, but again there is no explanation to what this is and im glad that the secret vault was uh able to get this footage out to us and again were going to be supplying the original link below its important that the public from Around the world share the phenomenon and thats what were doing were, in collaboration with thousands of tens of thousands of people across this planet, giving us the information on a daily basis, and i really like the intensity of his passion in regards to trying to dissect this Video and right now, hes hes stumped.

He cant give us an explanation, and neither can we right here at third phase moon guys. I want to get your thoughts. Obviously it has this threatish string like characteristics to it. Could it be again, biological in nature, some kind of life form that drifts at incredible amounts of speeds, biological, unknown propulsion, unknown thats? Why were putting out these videos? We even have more videos coming up in just a sec, but guys im going over your comments. Right now in this live premiere, i want to get your thoughts brent, yeah, welcome everybody in the chat room. You guys are awesome there again uh. We need to see the fast motion we pointed out in the beginning of the video, where you see the speed of this thing. It really shows the acceleration and thats what blows me away this things coming from. It looks like two football fields, to say the least. Maybe even three and it just catches up to the drone in in basically seconds absolutely heres. The pause frame on the image itself were asking the big questions. What is it more mysterious? Ufo videos guys take a look at this Music Music, Music Music. So here we go again a broad daylight sighting of what looks to be some kind of disc shaped object. Could it be simply a balloon just drifting in the wind thats a possibility, no doubt about it, but the characteristics of its shape is kind of interesting and it seems very stable.

You would think that maybe other people on the ground within that city would have more video of this anomalous object right, whats your thoughts yeah its quite some distance, but were looking at this thing in it. You can tell its got some size its. Not your typical party balloon, this things uh, i would say, probably about 30 to 40 feet a size of maybe a a truck, a cement truck, so this things pretty massive heres, a good close up of it right there. It almost has this diamond shaped uh formation of it. You can see its a peeking more white at the top and its almost a little grayish. Underneath i like what were looking at here. The person who shot this did a good job from this distance. His vantage point, we still see something unidentified floating through the city uh skyline here. Looking at this close up, uh really gives again a good size to this uh craft. Whatever were looking at a ufo, most likely youre correct on your dimensions, there, brian im, agreeing the size of a cement truck, now appreciate it. These are the ufo videos thats coming in from the public from around the world. You guys are really important. Getting the information out thats what its all about, and it really helps you guys, keeping your eyes on the skies and it also helps supporting this channel by picking up the merch. You know we spend a lot of time getting these designs out and these cool looks and the quality and right now mixtees is doing a really good job, helping out third phase of the moon coming up with new concepts and guys pick up the merch support.

Third phase of moon wear with pride, take a picture of yourself. Some video smiling and send it to us were gon na put it up on third phase of moon. Wed appreciate that again, my email is in the description so guys if youve captured a ufo sighting out there or if you want to look cool in the merch. The swag upload those videos to youtube and copy paste that link to my email, its in the description below who knows you might see your ufo video or yourself supporting some cool swag right here at third phase. Moon guys be safe out there and weve got this music. Video that we dropped last night were getting requests to play it again. So here it is meta propulsion enjoy everybody well, see you next time. Music injections needed, but not from this world of research, is what they will call it, and never let you see any results Music, but i cant find the energy now theres no viable way to lift up the ground. Show me the stars. Music show me the stars. Music. We know fuel is on its way out. Free energy, for all citizens gathered from this world of disclosure is what they will call it.