Today we are playing drawing home its a full person family game Music. This was actually really easy to put together, because this is a full play. Family game im gon na be playing all four colors to see which one is the luckiest color im gon na start with the orange aliens ive got my first one in the second one was a bit of a funny start thats. The third. I have got to have three on the orange aliens now its time to move on to the purple. I hope i get all three in because the purple is my favorite color, so i hope this wins. What the first one is. Let me miss the second one: lets try the third one i didnt actually get that running because it kind of went like that. So would you say that candidate? No, i dont know lets go on to the right. Ive got the second red one Music and i got one out of three of the red ones. Now, its time to move onto the green, i missed the first one see if i can get the second Music im going to show you how the drone works with the winning color, as you can see its the orange Music.