Now, as you can see, i have the drone here and here’s the remote and it looks very complicated, doesn’t it and then here’s the box. So with the pronunciation three here it shows you can put in videos and video videos, and here you can see you can put the phone right on top of here and it’s supposed to have a case. So you can because so like you can see through the camera, as you can see so the chronic um mechanical air um can probably connect with wi fi, cable, press cable in heidi photos. Aerial live streaming, hi, hd, video, audio launch, hover land there’s, also um, 360. Flip and bang turn flick, bang turns and lately three seconds speed: three vel veltes. So right now you see is this um? Is the drone now notice how it’s kind of aerodynamic by having these now um over uh over here here is like where the chip is? Okay, now i’m gon na show you a chip. The trip just one moment here, so the chip has probably older videos and pictures here is the tip the 4gb here you know this is supposed to hold all the pictures and it already goes right over here now. Let me put it in now: here’s also what could help with the wires and stuff so like? Let me show you so like you can like um charge it here. So, like you here’s, where you charge it and um let’s see here’s an on and off button and then so.

This is actually a really cool drawing you see and um now we’re going to show you the remote. So when you get this you’re going to see the instruction of how to use this there’s, also um ways of putting on speed or not here are um the controllers now um um. Now how you started is that um first thing: first, with both hands you with both of these. You go like that so um. So let me show you so first thing: first, to make it um hover up. You’Ll have to um. Do this to make it go up and – and here notice how there is a button where you can do the flip 360, a flip 360 and there’s a speed where you can put the speed up or down and here’s the on button. Now, when it’s on you’ll see this red light, the red light will be flashing because it will be loading after the let after the red light start flashing, it will be able to move the drone. If i open the drone here so yeah and the on button for the drone would – and i showed you the on button for the drone – so then here when you open it um, okay, i might have not charged it but like when it opens like a car. There will be two lights on front, so here are two lights and on the back will be a red one. So you can see there’s a back light here and here and oh yeah on the remote how to take videos and photos on here.

You will see a button that says video and then here’s a button that says photo here are two more buttons. That means you take off landing and here’s a calibration, and this is also a political, new york and let’s, see here’s here and and there’s supposed to be something to put on here. So you bend this down, so you can see a screen of where you’re moving the drone and okay here’s, where you put the batteries and you’re not supposed to put it in the garbage or recycling. This was made in china and and then okay. So, as you can see here, the crown of them three is a pretty interesting um drone it’s one of the biggest drones you see here and i’m sure this is it so i’ll see you next time.