Will i buy it again and now its turned into one year later crashing my drone into a lake and now its remembering dji fpv system, Music. All right, you guys so today marks one year of me actually owning the dji fpv unit and today were going to be going on a little bit of an adventure and im just going to be doing a little bit of recap of what ive thought my pros And cons, and is it worth it to get a dji fpv drone in 2022., if you guys are ready, come along with me and yeah lets get on the road Music Music alrighty, so we made it to the spot right here in squamish were just in time For sunset and uh, yeah were gon na make a fire, hopefully some of the clouds roll in. So i can get some fpv shots through the clouds but well see about that now. Uh now we just got ta head down somehow its kind of a sketchy way down, but uh thats thats, why its fun Music Music. So while coming here, there was a really really beautiful sunset, just behind me over there of the mountains. So i took my drone up and i was flying. It was so so beautiful the mountain was dead in the center. I cant even show it because i dont have any footage. It was so beautiful. There was like a golden crisp sunset going around it, and then my drone kept giving me these errors of that it just stopped going into manual mode and then kept going back into normal mode.

So i kept switching it on and off and it kept giving me these errors, and so i was like okay. Second battery done, i got ta, go and take it home. So i can, you know, do a third round of this. It was so beautiful and then all of a sudden im going down and the height meter goes from. You know 160 meters to that to that to 7.8, and then it was just black. But i was, i was 4 000 meters away and it was fine and then i was like 2000 meters away, and it gave me this error thing. So i tried to return it back to home and its gone so rip to drone number one. After a year of having it, so i guess i can do the review portion of uh of this video, then huh, but first first we make a fire Music, so yeah, im just gon na stick with the plan and just keep on reviewing the drone. Just because i dont have it doesnt mean i cant give it a review right, pretty much yeah yeah so buying it again if im buying, again um but anyways yeah. So earlier today i crashed it into the ocean just behind us, the pacific ocean, and that was really really awesome. That was crazy. I love that um such a great moment such a great feeling crashing a drone um. I spent five minutes thinking about it and then i was like im: okay ill just get a new one, but its just a drone.

Its just a drone so just wanted to talk about my whole year with the dji fpv system and like where ive flown it. What ive done with it? What i think of it, the pros and the cons and will be buying it again um, so i got the drone pretty much exactly a year ago, when i s when i first bought it uh. I just did a bunch of tick. Tock unboxing tick, tock unboxing, videos on there and didnt actually fly the drone, because i was too scared, even though i had the analog system, but the analog system was so sketchy that i smashed up multiple gopros trying to fly it. So i was like you know: im just not going to touch it im just going to fly in the simulator for now and leave it be hes been mudslide flying. I spent months not flying it. So when i finally got the chance to fly it, i think it was around some of the mountain ranges out here in squamish bc, the very very first time i took it out. I was immediately impressed with what it could do. Not only did i smack it into a glacier lake and it bounced up and just returned back to home to me, but the image quality the way i could control the drone. What i saw on the goggles. It was just next level to anything that my analog could offer me yeah over this whole year, ive flown it in desert tropical environments, ive flown it in glacier mountains in snow in fog, not quite in rain, yet obviously yeah its been a really really solid system And talking about just the pros and the advantages of what this camera can offer, everyone knows the cookie cutter stuff of you know.

The battery life is like 11 minutes long and like everything, charges and like uh, it can return to home all super great. The number one thing that i love about this drone is that its so durable, i have smacked it into lakes. I have bounced it off of like the pavement while flying it and trying to descend. I have crashed it into snow and have had it just like. Literally, just bounce up and be totally fine and we even took it on a seven day. Backpacking trip yeah. We even took it on a seven day, backpacking trip yeah on really rugged trails, and i had it crushed in my backpack and it was totally fine yeah. I had high diets too yeah. It survived high tides too high tides and other other camera equipment, just didnt survive, but uh yeah super super super super rugged piece of equipment and super durable, so thats the number one thing that i love about it. Of course, the battery life, the image quality super super great stuff. You know everybody knows the standard stuff that the drone can offer, but now im going to talk about the cons and the little disadvantages with the camera, which i think theres not too many. The number one thing the number one problem that i had most of the time wasnt connecting the drone wasnt, the responsiveness of it wasnt anything wasnt, the gimbal stabilization. It was purely just the camera quality and the camera quality that im talking about still shoots.

4K. Still all that, but the sensor on it is so small – is just not so great, with uh, with low light. If you go anything above 200, iso youre gon na get unusable grain and then, if youre flying in the daytime, the sky is going to be blown out even if youre at a hundred eye. So so youre gon na need nd filters and the nd filters. Dont come with the drones youre getting to buy extra, and i would highly highly recommend nd filters um, but really really the only con about this drone is the camera and thats why people strap on the gopros and they uh. They fly with gopro hero9s hero8s, whatever, on top of it, just to capture that extra extra crisp image and now, with the hyper smooth that gopro has its actu its actually just so so worth it to just do that. On top of the drone, yeah put a gopro on top of the drone. They have these 3d printed mounts and they just yeah. Will that not increase like the weight or something it will increase the weight? But these gopros are so so light that its just like id use those tiny dji ones. The small square ones just put two of those on each side and make it vr, maybe yeah, maybe thats. A good idea, maybe were on to something pros: super durable cons, camera image, isnt that great, even if youre flying like, even if you got an nd filter on theres, still going to be some unusable grain and like yeah, but uh, flying with gopro strapped on top Of it highly recommended thats what ill be doing with my next drone um and so, which brings me to the final portion of the video, which is, will i be buying this again, and the answer is yes, because the drone is in the pacific ocean right behind Me and b dji hasnt released anything since and i think the dji fpv air system too.

The second version of it is going to be just totally blowing it out of the water with all the features and the battery life and everything that it can do in the image quality. I think thats a major thing that theyre upgrading and obviously the design and the look of it dji log d, log, yeah, dji log – maybe they were putting that in the system, but i will be purchasing the dji fpv air unit again, and i look forward to You know flying it again, im going to strap a gopro on there and just be you know a great time with it just like, as i did this whole year, um flying it in so many different places, and i cant wait to take it into all the Places that im gon na be flying it in in 2022, so yeah, if you guys enjoyed this video, make sure to leave a like and subscribe, and you know tell me about your drone experiences.