I hope you guys are doing so much great uh as for me, my head is awesome so far, but today i did something really really stupid, but i want you guys to avoid this at all times. Okay, what happened? I damaged? My drone it was in the morning i was at this event im still unveiling at personae in south africa. Then thats me im flying my drone. Everything is going very nicely. Im actually shooting this nice dolly effect short the way im revealing the whole place, and there was that guys, theyre just chilling there and they actually saw the drug, and it was so much like my brain by the drone leg. I could see theyre extremely excited about the drone i dont know it was first time see them seeing a drone, but i was like. Ah let me play some stunts and now it was me there on spot mode on high speed. I forgot my drone has a battery problem, because my drone is uh plus 400 charges, so it has reached that limit got stolen. Let me show you right now: it was glue there because it was actually opening up and tried to do it together and every time when i was flying it was start to crack. I dont know if you can see very well. Let me focus yeah. You can see that track there, so the bedroom could get quite hot. Every time i was flying it. I was supposed to replace this battery to get a new battery, but, like i know i was procrastinating and yes, you know this batteries can be expensive.

So thats me there flying the drone for in a drone. I didnt get any notification of the veteran getting hurt, or maybe failing and maybe did he try to warn me. Maybe i didnt see because i was actually trying to impress those guys there and im flying the drone, and the drone was in the ground from 25 feet just down there. Uh it broke and see this antenna receivers. Legs are broken also to this side. Here broken, you can see the back side here is quite damaged, so i dont know if uh the gimbal here is still working or not because it feels really really loose so lets try to see if its working im gon na plug the battery yeah baby. Okay, i think i saw some movement there. Then let me see chondy remote right now, low battery warning, okay, so the app can actually recognize the battery that is there. So the battery is not quite damaged, as i thought uh it just failed. So thats. What im concerned with the battery failed, but without warning me so thats the problem miss my vk should have warned me that the battery is gon na die. At least i could have landed safely, but its just like. Well, maybe its my fault, i dont know hey everything is on now im just gon na try to tilt the cam and see if its working, okay down ah tilting up, tilting down. Okay, whoa uh, the gimbal is working.

If you dont know what im using im using im using this uh dial here, just up just like that, so i can see you could see that uh. My gamble is working very perfectly fine, but uh. One thing that i can actually try out flying is because the antennas receivers here legs are broken, so that means i cannot actually control this drone with my remote here. So i dont want to take that risk. So so this could have not happened. If i only bought a new battery on my drone and right now, i will have to send it for repair. It will cost me more money than the reminder could have bought up a new battery, so tribal on means to make sure your battery must always be on good condition and must always have at least two or three batteries. So you can always cycle out of the battery, so you dont have to actually damage the battery, because the more you check the battery, the more it reaches the maximum charging uh charging rate, then the battery is likely to actually fail all the time. So make sure your battery is always in good condition. Number two also make sure your propellers are also in good condition. Small tracks or small breaks on your propellers will also make your drone to fail while flying it. So travel means not to fry your drone until you replace your purple ass and and number three make sure your app is always updated to avoid any failures and number four do not try to impress do not try to impress most of the time its either.

Maybe playing a drone or using a camera or a gimbal every time when youre trying to actually impress friends or people around you, because, yes, people can actually get excited to see that new tech and everything but try to always stay true to what youre actually doing. Do not try to impress in one because these things that are really really expensive. So if you do that, you always got ta trash or if you try to do something that youre not used to. I dont really feel comfortable doing that, but youre just doing it. Just to show off my friend this these things they will turn back to you and you want to be losing and that time so try one means to make sure all the accelerates of your drones or anything that youre using that is expensive. Its always in a good condition. This is a mistake that i actually did so for you to avoid it stay to those rules and make sure you fly safe and respect all the rules. What i did im not proud of, i should have pretty sure everything is good, because imagine if you could have fell on someones face thats going to be really really bad. So tribal means my friends to stay safe and fly very nicely this year safe and enjoy your drone, and if you maybe you have ever damaged your drones, you went beyond repair, please let me know in the comment section i would like to read all those stories And without any waste of time, please subscribe.

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