2.0 drone. I picked this guy up at costco. Um 49 bucks thought it’d be kind of fun. You can connect your phone to it and wirelessly watch your drone record video. While you fly, if you get the app uses, a couple: double a batteries or aaa batteries in the bottom, two on each side comes with the lipo battery and the recharger, so that’s everything that comes in the box. I wanted to do this video today because i wanted to see if for 50 dollars, if this is a good entry line drone and if you guys will enjoy its capabilities um after a month of ownership, i’d say yes, so let’s take it out and let’s show You what it can do, okay, so for the startup. All you have to do is hit the power button. Turn the drone on you’ll, see the red light flashing, uh you’ll turn the power button on the remote and you’ll see the flash go from fast to slow. All you have to do to sync: the controllers: push up down and now it’s synced. Now the light went to solid to start it. You go down on the controller, with both joysticks and slightly out. Can i try and then there’s even a launch button? If you want to launch it, you just hit the up and it’ll take off right by itself, then you can hit the land button and it will land but i’m not going to be able to record while flying it.

So let me get my son out here to give me a hand now propel propel recommends with this that you don’t fly in the house. I fly in the house quite a bit that’s why i put these little blade protectors on it. Otherwise, if you didn’t have the blade protectors on you can easily fold it up for storage, but with the blade protectors on you. Of course, can’t do that flight time. I get about six to eight minutes of flight time outside, depending on how i’m, using it. As far as on the controller you’ve got this speed button, if you want to go faster, you click that and when it’s flying it’ll increase the speed by like twice, if you have it up high enough there’s, also a stunt button. If you push that and then push a button to the side, it’ll do a barrel roll pretty cool. As far as lights, you’ve got the white leds in the the front with the camera the camera is, you can aim the angle of the camera and the rear brake light. You ready here we go hahaha, so let’s hit the fast button. There you go, you can see it really take off let’s, bring it back and then let’s do a barrel roll barrel roll that was good, keep losing it it’s hard to follow it. When it’s zoomed in hey julie, you ready i’m gon na find a drone. Today, i’ve never flied, you’re gon na fly one okay, so julia’s gon na give it a try.

Um before we take off let’s uh let’s get a little more space. Okay, you remember how to do it. You push the up. No, not the power hit the up button right here. This push up there you go here. It goes so i’ve got the propel app synced i’m going to go ahead and sync this to the uh, the phone and we’re going to take a little bit of video. So we can show what it looks like and really. The biggest shortcoming of this drone is the camera quality. It is claimed to be 1080p, but the frame rate is only like what six to eight frames a second it looks like, and the video quality is just really not very good at all um. But this is a cool feature to kind of get you used to recording video while flying a drone, but with that other than that uh flying the drone is fun. My kids, like it it’s a fun. Fifty dollar investment it’s a cool little toy, well guys that’s gon na end today’s video on the uh flex, 2.0 propel miniature drone. If you guys are considering getting a drone, and you want to kind of learn how to fly one, i think a 50 investment is a good place to start before you go out and you buy like a dji maverick and spend you know the lowest price. One is around four 450 to 800 bucks going all the way up to two grand.

So i think this is a good starting point, but uh anyway, if you guys, like the video, give me thumbs up i’ll, put a link in the description down below of where you can order. This and uh like share comment.