Aerial camera bundle from costco all right. Before we get started. I have to throw a little disclaimer. I know nothing about this kind of stuff. Like i have a friend who owns a drone, dude theres, an organ hes got this girlfriend melissa. I dont think melissa likes is hanging out very much uh, so im kind of have to go solo on this one. I got it at costco and i really dont want to do the walk of shame, doing the math on how much it costs compared to how many minutes of video footage i make of this its like 45 dollars a minute. So if you get a chance that subscribe button down, there would be great. I only need my 42 million 322 people to watch this video. You can help me out. Uh tell me how to use it. I give this drone, maybe like a 72 hour life span. If i can hurt myself, probably gon na hurt the cat lets learn together. All right, dji mini 2 costco bundle. I am not an expert, so i brought two extras along. I got my nieces theyre blonde and they both can read yep, and i got a phone like that, whether out there all right, jenna go ahead and open it up: okay, ill open it now, wheres the open thing: okay, jeff! Are you gon na read yeah shes gon na read all right? How do you even open this theres, a spider, we thought of a spider ew? Can i read half of it? No scissors werent a good idea, go get a stupid knife.

All right then, come back and tell you whats in there when you put these out, you got ta say so. This is a very large container with a lunch box thats what it looks like and whatever this thing is: okay, whatever that okay, you wan na open it there we go. Someone found my drone yeah its a drone, nothing else, theres like five pockets on this thing. Also up south yeah, whatever he said: okay, okay, this. I think this is for the drone. So these are the um quick start guide that my um lovely sister is going to be reading. Um thats what i said it looks like a tape recorder and then a charger. Okay. Is there anything okay paper, so okay, yeah theres, so theres a little. It goes deeper, yeah theres, nothing else in it, but then theres. Another pocket is that five pockets? Okay? Well, its almost five pockets. No, it only dips that much theres a bunch of different languages on here, but just look at that. English just check battery level press once stop laughing power on and off no youre supposed to fall. Youre supposed to like take the fit here: okay, ill, take the drone, whatever this doesnt, even look like drum, but we are here for you, thats fine, oh god, its a lovely um. Whatever drone it looks like it has a handle on, it show them the handle. Its not a handle, but it looks like a handle, its a propeller yeah, whatever whatever that means okay fold the front arms forward.

Okay, really short, let me do this unfold, the rear, arms and downwards wow. Oh, i thought she broke it. I thought she broke. It probably did charge to activate the battery before first time used. Okay, so thats. When this thing comes in use, okay, um here, can you get the scissors from stinky here? Get the scissors. You can just pull it off honey? Okay! These look like extra things. If those break okay, these are screws which scott probably might break, because hes very rough um, so im pretty sure hell be using all of this, probably two more. What do you say? Youre gon na break the drone on the cat. He probably is gon na break the drone on the cat and then hes gon na put those things on break it again and then hes gon na have to order more on amazon. Pride only fly in environments that are clear of magnetic or radio interference, buildings and other obstacles do not. Can we get a charger? Please we need a charger. Yeah Music yeah, i already go, go, get a charger. Okay, keep going do not fly above or near large crowds, but only fly below 4 000 meters above sea level. Only fly in moderate weather conditions, with temperatures between zero degrees to 40 degrees celsius. Only fly in authorized areas refer to the regulations and flight restrictions section for more information, be careful while flying indoors, because the aircraft stabilization features may be interfered with.

Yes, who wants to plug it in me? Is this not the charger thats the battery dude thats? So bad, okay, give me this one dont use the charger and youre gon na put it in okay were gon na put the in the on now. You dont use two comes with two batteries: yeah for extra storage. All right were gon na go ahead and im gon na charge. This puppy up so ready come back tomorrow, Music officially charge it up. I read the first page or two of the manual, so i think youre ready to go. You press this button once to get the blank to your batterys charge.