It just came in moments ago and i uh heres the case uh. I put my mini 2 in there and i want to show you some nifty little things here. One of the things i always worried about were the the handles the sticks and they give you this little protective bar that all you do. Is you just put it right on top of the um sticks and it limits how far back they can be? Uh turned lets, put that on there like so and so, and then it if anything, hits it from the top it its protected. It would hit the the plastic cover first and then once thats put in there, you just take it and you just plop it in the case. And so when you put the lid down – and if you hit this, the pressure is going to go on those protectors and not downward on the gimbal. All right, then they give you these two theyre sort of like rubber bands like so, and they go over the propellers, because one of the things its always been a hassle is how do you keep those things from flopping around? So you know they give you two of these one for the two top and then on the other side. You can see that well push this over here down anyway, so that that holds the propellers in place and again it just you just see it just plops right in there now.

I currently dont have any spare batteries but theres room for two spare batteries here and then theres this zippered pouch over here to put more stuff. If you need to there and then that flops over. Let me get it in the camera that just flops over and then you have your zippers on the back about this one handed and you got your carrying handle. So some im very happy with this, its pretty tough. I i think its its not a its a semi, hard shell. You can hear how it sounds so its not super hard but its reasonably rigid. So this would protect it im, pretty sure if you dropped it on uh, the sidewalk or if you threw it against the wall, it would probably be fine, but i wouldnt jump on it and i wouldnt drive my car over it because its not gon na hold Up for that but um, otherwise, i think its fine, its its gon na suit my purposes and uh. You know it was its currently going for 18.99 on amazon, which is on a relatively low cost side. For these type of cases, you can get them from. Maybe a dollar to less and and a whole lot more depending on which model you get but uh. You know i im real happy with it im, especially happy about the the propeller uh rubber band things that that secure them in place and the guard for the gimbals uh to protect that i was wondering how they were, how how the case would work to do That and it looks like theyve got a a good solution for that hope.