The new version features dual frequency: gps, which claims to provide faster and better signal strength and can talk to gps glonass, galileo, qzss and be do satellite systems. It also has a 20 faster chipset that can provide a noticeable speed increase in the ui and benefits the new onboard maps feature for navigation and offline location. Finding also has a bigger higher resolution screen an ecg to hrv sensor and finally, some stout battery life updates. Now, extending to a claimed 140 hours of standard, full gps, tracking and 60 days of normal use. That has some big claims for this little gps watt, but does it deliver on those claims and at 699 bucks is the vertex 2 worth it hopefully well find out in todays review lets dive in Music. What is up everybody ethan newberry, the ginger runner here for another ginger runner review im excited about this one uh, because ive had this product for months, ive actually had it long beyond. When i was supposed to send it back its the koros vertex 2., so korros. I apologize i i still have it, but youve been updating it almost every week, so i wanted to make sure that we tested everything uh before i drop this review here we are with the review so much to talk about a couple of things before we dive Into the review, first ginger miss its just around the corner. We are, of course, in the holiday season, and it has been our annual event where we just give back to the viewers, the community, the gr crew.

It is free. All the information is in the description of this video for you, if you would like to register for ginger miss this year, a lot of great stuff to give away. Secondly, as with all of my reviews, i have to point out that the vertex 2 was provided for review by poros im under no obligation to say anything, positive or negative about the vertex 2. im not financially compensated for anything. I say in this review: all opinions are my own. No one has to approve this review before it goes, live youre the first to see it. Thirdly, obviously were still building the set im pretty excited about it. Well, hopefully, debut everything in its full glory in 2022, but uh for now you just get to look at a ladder and some empty shelves whats happening. And finally, i like to point out with any sort of tech based reviews that i do that. I definitely come from a very specific perspective on these products. I by no means im uh. You know an elite mountaineer thats scaling 14ers on a daily basis. I come at it from a trail running ultra running perspective, and that is where i base most of my opinions and my overall experiences with the product so just get that disclaimer out of the way uh. I always like to talk about the things i like and dislike about a product. The vertex 2 is no different, were going to start todays review with the things that i like and actually im just going to take it off my wrist so im not just pointing at it the whole time.

First like battery, i think coros is doing something magical. I talk about this in all of my reviews, of course watches they somehow managed to squeeze out all of the battery juice in these watches, and they just last for a very long time now. This watch comes with a claim of 140 hours of standard gps mode availability, 60 days of standby or just regular use. I have not been using the watch in that manner. I basically turned on every feature: dual frequency, gps, heart rate tracking. I just want to turn everything on use. All of the features of the watch that i would use on a regular basis track everything. What i found is that it is just below the predicted or stated values so, with everything turned on coro, says: youll get about 50 hours of usage out of this watch, which is a lot im getting around 42 to 43 hours out of like full usage on This watch so again, dual frequency heart rate, monitor on full tracking, all that good stuff, and it is a great standard to set so coros, continues to push the battery envelope uh. If you do put this watch just in standard gps mode, thats going to nearly double your battery, life youll get closer to like 90 plus hours in this thing, which is still a lot second maps and navigation. So this is actually a huge update, not just to the vertix 2. The vertex 2 was sort of the first coros watch to come out with this feature, but it has now sort of trickled down to additional models in the coros line, but having offline maps and being able to navigate on this watch is a really nice benefit.

So, if youre off on a trail somewhere and you get to a turn where you need to figure out which way to go, you dont know you dont have your phone with you. That is a really nice feature to be able to plug. In turn on the map see kind of where youre at you can turn on the hybrid map mode. You can turn on just the topo map mode. It gives you a decent look at where you are its not perfect, but having it on the watch and available to you is a nice feature and im glad to see korros diving into that realm. I can only imagine how much work it was just to get the maps in there. This is a great feature for those of you who do not like to bring your phone with you. I do tend to run with my phone. I do still tend to use offline maps on a map when needed, but there have been a couple of times where i dont have my phone with me, where i do use the watch feature and it works. It works bigger screen. So this is a subtle change. It goes from a 1.2 inch screen to a 1.4 inch screen a little bit higher resolution as well. It is a small but noticeable difference. I personally like to display as much information on a single screen as possible with this new screen size. The new resolution im able to get eight data sets on a typical trail, run screen so im having to scroll through a bunch of stuff.

I can you know, design that screen to look how i want have the data that i need and with eight data sets displayed at once, i dont have to switch screens. I dont have to switch modes, its great improved, ui, so user interface. This is something that i think coros is constantly working on. It is very similar to garmin those of you who are garmin lovers. You will notice the similarities. Uh and the new versions of the ui are certainly no different than that. There are a lot of different data sets that you can kind of scroll through. You can kind of see your daily tracking heart rate steps stuff like that, its all very easily accessible. It also is very snappy. I think that new processor, they claim a 20 increase in speed and efficiency, and that sort of thing it is noticeable. I think, youre able to get through the menus. Much quicker uh, ive called them out on that in the past, where youre having to press buttons or use the scroll wheel and theres lag uh the inputs not great so now it just feels quicker its cleaner. I i do think it works well, and you also have to take into account the app you know its, not just the watch and the hardware here, its the firmware as well as the app integration. I think coros does a decently good job of that. Most of the interaction you do with the watch in my experience is through the app you know whether youre designing workouts and stuff, like that it all seems to work fairly seamlessly.

I havent really had many issues with that, so the improved ui, both here and on the app is welcome. Speaking of firmware the firmware updates, so i have got to give koros credit uh. They are constantly updating and improving, not only the experience with their watches on a regular basis, uh, but through their app as well. Since getting this watch a couple of months ago and using it on a daily basis, it has improved six seven eight times through firmware, updates, theres been new features that have been added. That are surprising and quite welcome. So now strava routes, you can actually incorporate routes that you create on strava directly to the watch. Its a great interactive feature that uh will allow you to design your runs and put them on the watch without having to figure it out through a gpx, downloaded file and stuff. Like that, another new feature: you can control your gopro from your watch. You can start and end recording that sort of thing, its really great, if youre putting a gopro somewhere, and you want to step away from it and control it. There is distance limitations to that, but it is a nice additional feature and really one of my favorite updates that they incorporated into the firmware is a new quick access button. So now, if you click the light button and you hold it down, itll activate a cool new feature and you can choose from a variety of features that it will activate.

I immediately set this to backlight on. One thing i find is that the screen of this is tends to be a bit dark, no matter what, time of day that im running with the watch i like to have a bit of backlight on so now hold that light button down it activates a dim Backlight, so you can read your watch through pretty much all conditions, including the night, but youre also able to click that backlight button again activate the full backlight brightness and then turn it back off and you can hold it down to deactivate it its a really cool Feature very easy to incorporate im glad they did it and it has been a welcome feature so youre not having to dig through multiple menus to turn on backlight or turn on night mode. Now you can just do it with a quick hotkey button press. I love it and just a quick note on those likes. Many of them are not specific to the vertex 2, so some of those trickle down to other watch models in the chorus line just wanted to point that out before i get to the dislikes. Yes, my friends, it is not all jolly old, saint nicks and hot chocolate parties. There are a couple of things that i dislike about. The chorus vertix 2. lets get to those now music. So this is a new feature that theyre highlighting with the vertex 2. They have now incorporated a 32 gig music player on the watch um.

The reason im, including this in a dislike, because i have asked for music players in the past on watches its nice to not have to carry your phone. If you like, to listen to music on the run uh, the incorporation of it works so using bluetooth headphones little buds. Anything like that, its actually pretty dialed in the problem is that i think, using mp3s or considering this an mp3 player is dated only mp3s that i find that i have on my computer are the music that i make that i have to upload to itunes or Spotify that sort of thing cause i make all the music for this channel and for the videos and stuff. So those are the only mp3 files that i have on the watch. I can only imagine how difficult it is for them to try to incorporate with products like spotify or apple music or youtube music, the licensing, the paperwork. I just dont think that koros is a big enough company to be able to have those relationships uh. So it does not work with those platforms you just basically have to plug it into your computer, drag over the mp3s, and then you can listen to them on the watch. If that is your thing, if you are still using that type of technology, then hey, this is a great feature for you and it incorporates quite well with bluetooth, so bluetooth headsets, that sort of thing and it works its quick, its fun.

But for me i just dont use it. I usually have spotify with me on the phone. That is how i listen to music. The heart rate monitor specifically the ecg hrv feature, so theyre touting it as a really cool benefit. Having that ecg capabilities within the watch, the hrv, which is heart rate variability so with hrv, the vertex 2, gives you a number somewhere between 0 and 100. That sort of tells you how stressed out you are, or how stressed your body is. That number is really only comparable to that number, so you have to do those hrv checks on a regular basis to sort of compare the number its just, not really a feature that im seeing as beneficial the spo2 max stuff im, not recording that data im, not At altitude on a regular basis, so its not something that i really need to track, the hrv is a very similar number to me: limiting workouts to 20.. So this is a minor dislike, but honestly, with 32 gigs in this watch, just set aside for music. Give me one of those gigs for workouts, because id like to program as many workouts as i want and be able to upload them to the watch and use them its limited right now to 20, and i have many more than that. You know theres ladder. Workouts of varying length, theres hill, repeat, workouts of varying length and outputs like theres, all these different variabilities within the workouts that i have i have more than 20, and i would like to import them into the watch and not have to worry about deleting some or Reprogramming some give me more than 20.

the navigation, the maps. So, as i mentioned, it is a nice new feature. It does trickle down to a couple of other models. I dont think that the map itself is quick or interactive enough. You you are having to scroll around a bit and having to let things load dial in you have to zoom in let things load zoom out, let things load because theres no labels right so youre having to sort of interact with the map in a way that Shows you, where you are kind of get your bearings thats, a difficult uh wall to overcome when youre trying to find your way in the mountains. The other thing that i have a problem with specifically on the 50k, no 50k, that i ran. I programmed in the route i wanted to just test. Some of these features, navigation features and it just kept. Turning me around. One of the main problems i had was that the arrow kept telling me that the route was behind me rather than ahead of me. I can only imagine it was just some minor way. I was wearing the watch or what way i was oriented or the fact that maybe i missed a checkpoint or something along the route. It was annoying, so i ended up turning the feature off and just not using it, because it just kept telling me the wrong way to go, and i again i think that may be easily improved with firmware updates.

It may have already been improved. I just havent really used that particular feature since because it was such a bad experience. So just making note of that, i dont think the navigation or the maps are dialed in to the point where they are fully usable and make you happy when you use them dual frequency, gps. So uh, i have not necessarily had the experience where this is a huge benefit over standard gps in specific testing, where im running single track out and backs just so. I can track exactly where the line is in one direction and where that gps line is in the opposite direction, where the variability in real world experience is less than two feet. What i have found is that the lines arent as close as i would have expected in a dual frequency watch that is supposedly faster, more accurate and just better at tracking overall gps positioning uh. It is not to the standard that i would expect for uh, something that is claiming to be. You know all of this tech and so great, at being able to track your position. What i do think is that standard gps is still pretty damn good. I dont necessarily think that dual frequency gps is that big of an improvement to justify the cost is this something that they can improve in the future im, absolutely positive that they will. I can only imagine the coros is consistently trying to improve this feature, so this watch does become the standard in gps tracking, but for now uh.

I still think that standard gps is the way to go. It also again improves the battery life on this watch exponentially. So consider that uh, when youre shopping for this watch, but that also takes me to my final dislike, which is just overall price, 699 bucks, its a lot to spend. There are other watches out there that are at that price point that deliver a lot of the same features. I just dont think it justifies that cost, because i dont think the features that its claiming are going to be revolutionary and breakthrough are as great as one would hope. But looking at this watch at a 100 or 200 less price point, it would be a different story even looking within the coros line, its something like the apex pro, which only has a couple of features different than the vertex 2, its a 200 less watch, and I think you get still a fantastic experience out of that one uh, so the price point is just its a bit too steep, but that is it for my dislikes so uh. I normally in a review. Well, talk about the uh breakdown, where we kind of talk about uh, build quality comfort, fit uh price and style, and all that sort of stuff um. I wont be doing that with this, just purely because its a watch, it doesnt really quantify in any of those categories, but what i will do is give you my overall conclusion and whether or not the vertex 2 is a buy.

Try roi the koros vertix 2 is the companys new flagship model. However, i dont think it flies its flag high enough or justifies the high cost. I think there are other watches within the coros line, specifically the apex pro, which give you as many of the features that you would need in this watch for 200. Less. I think some of the advanced features in the vertex 2 may not necessarily be worth the investment at this point in time. These additional features being the ecg or hrv rating music and the dual satellite function. Those three things alone, i dont necessarily think, are worth the 200 upgrade to the vertex 2 over something like the apex pro and ive. Come to that conclusion purely by looking at what do i use on a day to day basis? What would a typical runner trail? Runner or ultrarunner use on a day to day basis and what are some of those advanced features that they might use occasionally as long as what im wearing can track the data that i want to look at or read later thats pretty much. The experience that i want to get out of it, i love what koros is trying to do, and i do really appreciate a company that is extremely responsive with firmware, updates and feature set updates. Its just theyre always pushing the envelope of what they can cram into these little things uh and compared to other much larger companies that tend to be much slower and sluggish in their firmware updates.

I think coros is very responsive. I think that is an exciting aspect to this company uh. Just in the few months that ive been wearing this watch day to day the number of features that theyve added to it, uh have been wonderful and again, i cannot emphasize enough how nice it is to wear a watch with a battery that just lasts for a Month, if not more, depending on what mode that youre using to watch in so that is coross claim to fame, at least in my opinion at this point, is that their battery life is just through the roof, and this model continues to improve upon that. I do think that the apex pro or even the pace, 2 are better options at lower price points that still get you an incredible feature set, maybe just not as many features as the vertix 2.. So bringing me to my final criteria is the vertex 2. A buy try or a y uh. I will say this specific watch may be more of a why. But a coros watch in general is definitely a try if you are a cinto user or a garmin user, or polar or wahoo, even uh youre, probably using a watch going. What is the point of upgrading, but you may be curious about trying other models, and i would encourage you to check out chorus if you havent already purely for that battery life. Again, that tends to be their big selling point that i cant overemphasize enough.

Bringing us to our final question. Have you tried the vertex 2? Is it a watch that excites you or does it have features that you want in a watch um and im curious? If there is a feature that you do not see in any watches today that you do want to see in the comments of this video, let me know lets get that dialogue going, and i appreciate you watching this review. If you liked it make sure you like favorite, subscribe to the channel click, the notification bell, you know, do all that stuff, the more interacting youre doing with the video, the better youtubes algorithm likes it. So you know do that social media links uh all that good stuff. If you want to join our gr crew and join our daily live streams. Uh we have like a book club and a trivia night. All that good stuff. You can go to the ginger runner. All tiers get really fun perks, uh. We really put a lot of effort into that, make sure that everyone gets what they can out of it uh so join the gr crew. Wed love to have you that my friends is it we hope youre getting out there, training hard racing harder and party the hardest.